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  1. He will sit there like a toad on a log until the others get home then wait for Christy to make him dinner and not say a word to her. Then ignore her some more all the time staring and dancing with his one true love. Messa!! That is unless the others bring some alcohol back and then he may grunt or giggle at her two or three times before he goes in his room and pukes out the window. All of this in the two or three seconds his snout is not stuffed in his phone. This toad has to go.
  2. This chick is f'n crazy!!! She just broke the bedroom door going after Messa. She might be a little bi-polar. Better hide the knives.
  3. I dont think it is the guys not liking the girls. I think it is the other way around. These two dumb dumbs would rather dance with each other and play dress up than pay any attention to either of these ladies.
  4. I get it and realize everything is done for viewers. I'm just saying that while her prancing around half nude does draw viewers I think if the girls interacted with the guys would draw more. I just don't think phil and this new guys have the game to seal the deal with either of these girls unless they are told to. Where Ivo is all about the game. Don't hate the player hate the game. I hope I'm wrong. Also i think the new guys is afraid of water. Has to be smelling pretty ripe by now or wears a lot of cologne. This could another reason Dizi keeps pushing him away.
  5. Why would she not go over there he can at least maintain a normal conversation with someone. It may be all a ploy to get in her panties again but it has to be better than dumb and dumber sitting there laughing at each other and not paying any attention to her. She pranced around topless in a pair of heals and all these two idiots could do was grunt every once in a while like a couple of cavemen. This is my first time posting on here but I had to. i think her feelings were hurt that no one paid her any attention earlier in the day so she went somewhere someone will pay attention to her. Eve
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