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  1. Leave the girl alone you creeps
  2. I would really like to know what Lana tells her female guests about the cameras. Whatever it is, it sucks. The girl who showered in a bikini this week is back. The blonde who slept over last week gave us nothing. Her usual two girlfriends never do anything.
  3. Loraine is having some discussion with Grace in front of all the other girls
  4. That girl has been a longtime friend of both Nelly and Dasha. She’s stayed over at Dasha’s old apartment, Nelly’s and this apartment before
  5. So... just got home. These 3 work at the same strip club?
  6. I have to say as much as I like Chloe I was hoping to see new friends over there
  7. She’s going to take awhile to relax. Trying to cover her boobs in the bath
  8. Asya and Artem. Think they are friends of Chloe and Tyler. They covered their vacation not too long ago
  9. Hi Diane’s BF ..you sit here with your back to the topless girl with the nice tits
  10. Rus live has gotten to see 8 of these girls either topless or nude in the last 3 days not counting Kylie. What a life
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