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  1. Kkru394

    Becca & Ben

    They should have just called this apartment “Ben” . He just might be the male Misty
  2. Kkru394

    Grace & Jacob

    I also agree that is Jada
  3. Watching Malina and Mila side by side is like night and day. I criticized Adri for always seeming to never join the others for nudity. Now she’s amazing. Now maybe Malina could loosen up soon. When Malina takes a bath it’s always facing the window so you can’t see much and when she grabs the towel she covers up with her hand. Yeah they sunbathe topless but it’s always by the pool where you need binoculars to see them. Today they went by the terrace but made sure to never turn over. And a lot of changing away from the camera
  4. Kkru394

    NHL Stanley Cup Final

    It’s amazing that in the Stanley Cup final that we have one city built by greed, lies and corruption versus Las Vegas
  5. Chris had to hug Stephan while both were naked as a dare Record_2018_05_24_05_30_37_589.mp4
  6. Kkru394

    Becca & Ben

    Yay. Another apartment to dilute the tenant views but no permanent fixes to the bugs plaguing the system.
  7. I get a good laugh at those who get upset at guys coming over. I look at it the other way. I get to see girls like Aria or Jasmin who I never thought I’d get to see have sex get some. It’s too bad Candy lost so much weight or I’d have more of an interest. As long as they don’t stay more than a week I don’t see what the big deal is. Thats a big suitcase he brought. Perhaps they move to B3.
  8. There’s a couple cats who come from the neighboring houses that roam outside. They visit the girls and if a door is left open they walk in to the house. I’ve seen Anita and Karol even give the cats some milk.
  9. To me the issue isn't having a box at that angle, it's the size of that box. Just too big. If they took just a sliver off the left side and some off the top so the entire tub is seen and maybe their heads if they sit down that would be better