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  1. The cleaning lady is going to be in for a surprise if she shows up soon
  2. Cam 3 is too low. It’s one thing if they are lying on the couch but if they stand up all you see is knees
  3. I would have kept the wide angle from behind the table though. Much easier to track movement when you can see if they went to the kitchen, the hall or the bathroom
  4. The living room cams are one of a wide room from over the couch. Other 2 are focused on the couch. The small bathroom cam was shifted for a much better view. The other new bedroom cam is focused on the bed
  5. Megan must not be feeling well. Anabella and Damira are watching her and giving her a cold towel for her head
  6. They’re getting ready to go out to a club
  7. Drinking game with shots time
  8. Well she awoke, brushed her teeth, made her bed and now has been hiding away in the uncammed bathroom for the last 20 minutes
  9. Masha’s friend is bating in the tub Too bad about the tattoo’s because she has a better body than Masha IMO
  10. Naomi isn’t exactly in a hurry to go into Karina’s room if she’s moving in
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