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  1. Only thing that happened yesterday was in the shower room last night. The guy with the beard tried to have sex with the brunette. Got her top off
  2. I left VH for about a year but came back about a month ago. I let my RLC account expire because they have no interest in rebuilding true couples apartments
  3. This place is only really interesting when the guy in the threesome is there. This is his 2nd and 3rd different girl he’s had sex with in the last 8 hours
  4. Melissa did something to her foot while horsing around with Sergio.. She's wearing some kind of bandage .. Check 7:44 in the bathroom for the injury
  5. back online.. Monica is there in the bath.. also another guy and the couple who only makeout
  6. Yep. Saw it live. It was kind of strange now that I think about it. They just removed their clothes and started banging with no emotion They were on the floor for most of it out of camera shot so it wouldn’t have made for a good archive
  7. Actually they had sex in the first floor bathroom yesterday before she had sex with the big muscular guy
  8. Well they’ve completely been removed from the site.
  9. One of the guests brought a toddler with them. Instead of letting VH know, he chose to blast it on camcaps. Anyway, they went out.
  10. How much longer they going to work on Edward Scissorhands?
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