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  1. Was hoping the passerby with the dog was going to look up to Karina’s room
  2. No way. After the last couple days RLC will have a name fir this girl to stay soon just like Anita
  3. Sofie’s guest must be on a tryout. She’s using the showerhead to bate
  4. Female guest in Sofie’s Room.. brought luggage
  5. In 9 apartments there’s a total of 4 people home
  6. That was something. Megan tried to put a strawberry in Damira’s ass. They broke down in hysterical laughter before it went any further
  7. They have guests 2 guys and a girl over. The girl was reviewing the 2019 Calendar that was shots of Linda in various clothes. The guest girl was fairly close to the guest room cam so we got to see them up close. Most of the shots are ones they took in the living room.
  8. The one girl in the white t-shirt has covered for N&B on vacation before
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