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  1. Voyeur-House.tv

    I’d prefer to have camcaps tell me how to learn to mute all the gay apartment threads from the all activity feed. I’m not against having the apartments, I’m just not interested in watching or reading about them and they are taking up more and more of the feed lately.
  2. A&V are back. Both drunk. Victoria went right in the bathroom to throw up and may have passed out in there. Angelika cooking food is in better shape but stumbling a little
  3. Leora is an unbelievable girl to look at but otherwise socially she’s a dud. Giving her Nita was a mistake because it allowed her to have a companion to just stay home with instead of socializing in Barca. The two of them are in bed by 11pm every night which sucks if you want to see them after work on the East Coast live . They hardly drink if at all. They seem to have nothing in common with Victoria and Angelika. They do tend to wear very little to no clothing a lot of the day which you wish would wear off on Angelika.
  4. We saw Amy. She never got alll that comfortable. By the end of Amy’s stay she bathed nude with Megan and Lola. She had influence and came out of the shell somewhat The problem is that the other three tenants are ill equipped to make Angelika more comfortable. Leora and Nita are in their own world. And even though Victoria has gotten more comfortable bathing and being naked in her room, she’s not roaming around the house topless yet.
  5. Angelika is more like Miss X with her name on the apartment.
  6. Mira & Henry

    Could they do this in a worse corner?
  7. It's entertaining. Far better than them sitting around watching TV. The offline cameras needs to stop. Beyond that , I think they could have an orgy and someone would complain that one of them didn't get it up.
  8. There are 2 female guests at the apartment tonight. Average looking girls but more girls than guys for once. Nyusha has run the bath.
  9. Bree and friends are going out. Why tweet about them if they are going out anyway?
  10. These are the same 2 girls who visited the night they played that long shots game. Alex and Anna are home
  11. blonde guy put his jacket on .. looks like they are all headed out except Adam and Nyusha.
  12. The redhead is sitting on the blonde hair guy’s lap. I think she was one of the two drunk girls Jack and the blonde guy brought back that they left the apartment to have sex with. She looks ready to go now but the blonde guy would rather get her drunk.
  13. Ok we have 2 girls but too many random guys .whats with the random guy in the high school letterman jacket? Nyusha looks enthused
  14. No wonder Adam showered today