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  1. Dressing Dory up in Disney costumes isn't exactly what we have in mind.
  2. Misty

    Nice to see him actually sitting upright
  3. It's also bad that for the third Saturday night in a row they are nowhere to be found. They'll come home at 2am and go to sleep. They'll do some silly show tomorrow. They'll wear the same lingerie for an hour and VH will put that in the archives.
  4. Katie & Phil, Lena & Peter

    Lena must have snuck back in the last couple hours
  5. Voyeur-House.tv

    Keep trying VH. I hope they work out. PS which one is Stacy and which is Xenia
  6. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    Maya Boris and Dasha are over at Nelly's today
  7. On the apartment map it shows where the five cams are going. Two on two separate loggias- One outside Anna and Alex's room and one outside the living room. The other three cams are going in the living room, Drew and Bree's room and the hallway. I wonder if Lisa is going to be staying at Anna and Alex's for a couple days. I'd prefer her at Misty's but maybe they are sending James there.. If he brings his sister, at least she cant use the shower curtain
  8. hopefully they are summoning the sex demon
  9. Tonight's tease involves both blondes putting on lingerie. Gary and Leo are in the other room. Guessing sexy dance but no sex. By the way I think the additional cam makes me think they are here for at least another month
  10. Chloe & James

    So what happened? I saw VH's tweet
  11. Chloe & James

    VH or the landlord? The cams are now not loading
  12. Misty

    Yeah but if she's going to an apartment with James this will be temporary. I dont think she'll be running around that apartment naked. I'm starting to think if the new place for James is 2 bedrooms maybe Misty and Lisa go there and James can move to Misty's place. Hopefully the new place is within this apartment complex with a another loggia.
  13. Misty

    It's amazing how much foot and car traffic below there is while Lisa sits naked in the loggia smoking a cigarette.
  14. OT- Zoya with her 3rd annual just been away a month. Lev's not home- think I'll bate session
  15. Misty

    The shots are flying fast and furious. Misty is wasted. she's passed out on the bathroom floor