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  1. Reassuring that in this historic crisis, the media is focusing like a laser on the dangerous threat of naming the virus after its origin.
  2. I'm in New Jersey. 80% of the schools are already closed and the colleges all closed up last week. The governor will by tomorrow close all the schools in New Jersey, In one town in Hoboken, which is one of the largest bar towns In New Jersey, the mayor has shut down alcohol sales in all bars and if you sell food it must be carryout only. Also closed the gyms, churches and public parks and playgrounds. The mayor also instituted a curfew from 10pm to 5am. This is probably going to be copied in a lot of towns and cities with liberal mayors over the next couple days. DiBlasio is expected to close all the schools in NYC by tomorrow
  3. You’d wish they had more tests out there, but all countries were screwed from the start because China tried to hide this . Could have shut down all travel from China if we knew. Trump tried right away and was called a racist for it. But the minute one person got out of China with it, this was the inevitable result. Most of what Trump is doing now is probably prudent but too late.
  4. I think the reason I get annoyed with Amelie and Assol is that now seeing Amelie naked in the light her body is amazing. Just want to see them more
  5. Will the tourists ever learn to turn on the damn lights at night? And another thing burn those robes
  6. I’m going off base. Will seems to get very attractive girls. Not sure Ginger fits that. I say he goes for Monica. Or really take a flyer and say Amelie 🤣
  7. The hill and politico are not facts.. They are left leaning sites who only poll Democrats, Prepare for a big .loss in November
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