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  1. Yeah I compared her first shower with one from June 20 , you know for research, . I determined she was the same sexy girl.
  2. I;m not sure why anyone complains whether they smoke in the yard or on the balcony. When they are in the yard I feel like I'm looking at ants. And their cameras suck
  3. Until now. i see that Ivy is over in between frozen frames
  4. I submitted a ticket for this earlier, but none of their cams have been loading correctly all day
  5. Fairly slow morning. Artur, Lena, Peter and Phil all went out early. Rose is lounging around. Katie just got up. Silvia and Josh are sleeping until 4pm,, Eric and Layla were out by the pool earlier and just had sex as I type this. Anyone know if we going to see the new couple who were given the tour the other day move in?
  6. Might need to shift camera 4 a bit
  7. I'm not that upset if they want to smoke there once in a while. They've been the best tenants in that complex and I don't want to change their behavior in any way
  8. The maid is making up the fold out bed in the living room.
  9. I've been fine with chrome. Puffin browser on iPhone is another story. I submitted a ticket because it hasn't been running since a Big VH update that was done. VH team's response was to have me contact puffin, which I'm not exactly thrillled about telling them my voyeur site's not working
  10. I just noticed that KPLP went into the curtained side room of the living room. It looks like it leads to a outside rooftop deck from the brightness. If they are going to use that more can we see a cam out there?
  11. Then Katie and Phil came back and Lena and Peter ran downstairs
  12. Now they are having sex next to each other katie and Phil ran downstairs after a short time
  13. Something is about to go down. They tied the ladies hands behind their backs. Katie has cloth stuffed in her mouth
  14. They toured the LPKP apartment
  15. Pretty sure the brunette girl in the dark t-shirt has been there visiting the first two nights