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  1. Viki & Kate

    An older guy is over. Could be Kate’s Dad?
  2. Viki & Kate

  3. They also installed dark shades for the windows. Hopefully those are so RLC can install the yard and pool cams without shutting down the apartment.
  4. Did anyone get the Izzy waxing and the strip poker from their first night?
  5. Viki & Kate

    So they’re getting hot and heavy. And just when it seems Kate is going to be stripped, she gets up, goes to the kitchen and makes a coffee. Now a smoke break
  6. Viki & Kate

    Izzy getting her pussy waxed
  7. Viki & Kate

    They were on about this time 2 years ago in the apartment before Vanessa and Thomas lived there
  8. Viki & Kate

    RLC had a another lesbian pair Katka and Lenka. They lasted about a month before they broke up.
  9. Kinda interesting tonight. There’s a cute girl who has been topless in the jacuzzi area a couple times She may have had sex with one of the guys in the bathroom near the guest room. Efim is the biggest culprit for ignoring locks there.
  10. You must be getting ripped off. It’s 44.95 (plus 30 if you want replay)
  11. Seriously. If I was Luci he’d be sleeping on the couch.
  12. Sex under cover. Luci totally wants to be above cover.