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  1. Hi, I used to be able to watch some screen captures on hotscopes. But lately their pop ups are unstopable. What do others use to view that content?
  2. The white haired guest is dressed up nicely. I hope someone has fun unwrapping that and finding such nice lingerie....
  3. I saw her start dismantling the apartment, and leave to go to her sister's apartment. I was sure this was over. I was a way for a few days, and am delighted to discover it is still open. Maybe she will stay in the project 🙂
  4. Is there a chance Marat broke it off with her, for something she did?
  5. yeah, she was sure upset. I did not see what started it, whether it was a phone call or she read something. Anyway, it is over. I will miss her.
  6. OK, thanks. That makes some sense. I would not be surprised if was seeing another woman.
  7. She was beautiful, passionate, unabashed. And yes, fresh, uncontrived.
  8. Dogmycat: I read Alokin's understood post as being about another girl, but thought the hooker separate. I didn't realize Alokin spoke their language. I will defer to him. Ulyana seems to ave gone off pretty strongly over just deciding she did not believe Marat. She can come and stay with me if she likes.
  9. Something upset her. It didn't seem planned I didn't see it start, but she was crying, sobbing, for quite a while, then went and tore up the living room. Even cutting cables.
  10. dogmycat, you really think she read about the hooker just now? Or is that just a guess?
  11. That is safe bet dogmycat, but any idea what he did? She didn't seem to mind him screwing the hooker
  12. I am sure you are right Noldus, although Kitty sometime throws tantrums, I have not seen her smash thing up like this. So sad, I loved watching Ulyana. She is so very sexy. Any idea what set her off?
  13. Damn, She is relly tearing the place up. Smashing things, cutting stuff up....
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