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  1. I rephrased my post--it did seem like I was the one getting the surgery 😏
  2. I have to agree especially since I have seen what the results can do--My daughter went from an A minus to a D cup and her self esteem went from a D to an A.
  3. happyone

    New girl Serena

    I did too, but she just did not belong in the project. IMO
  4. happyone

    New girl Serena

    OK , we think we heard enough --we know what you think -- 😣
  5. I just have to laugh when someone predicts something that is false and gets everyone all worked up in agreeing with it 😏 Posted this before happyman88 posted above.--but still holds true in other cases as well
  6. she justified it in her own mind (with perhaps advice from her sister Carol)--don't show, just take the money 😏
  7. last song for Serena and her performance right now
  8. Aria and Alexa both showering in both bathrooms seperate
  9. 2 of them have shirts written Russia--and other one with white shirt written team on sleeve .are they from the soccer team??
  10. just hold on until Serena and Darina leave it could get more silly 😏
  11. Glasha and Sam just ran up the stairs outside of apartment