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  1. That is ridiculous, if you are not infected why act like you are????
  2. So, Costa, you should be more careful who you choose for your bedfellow --😏
  3. Principals and ideas are fine, but if the facts do not substantiate the principal, then it is worthless.
  4. I think that they all belong to the same dance group or similar---How do you both know that in their situation, that they have not all been tested for COVID and therefore are safe to be together without wearing masks???? IMO you should know all the facts before you condemn someone for the way they act. .
  5. Be very careful what you wish for others---- because there is a saying " it might just turn around and bite you in your ass". 😏
  6. I have learned that patience is not a virtue for many in this forum
  7. Chat #53 is set up and ready to go---time to move to the next thread.
  8. She has maid this apartment enjoyable to watch and has proven she could have the ability to nurse.(her breasts are beautiful and natural) 😏
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