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  1. Maybe not, I did not see it nor do I have replay 😏
  2. I am still learning something new every day!!!
  3. Hey stranger----Naga and I were just thinking about you---knowing that you have some medical heart issues, etc---hope you are well and kicking-- With this stay at home scenario, it can be awfully lonely at times when you are single---Stop by and chat more often--and stay safe.
  4. Actually I print all the tweets, and quotes by Pelosi on paper--so I can tear them up and use them for TP. 😏
  5. Right now with everyone being more or less told to stay at home, customers have had to resort to online orders and home deliveries. The workers cannot keep up with the demand placed on them. It was recently announced that UPS and FedEx will merge--the new company will be called FedUP 😏
  6. Hakeem is in guest room--wonder if he is working at home?? While she is in the kitchen and LR watching tv
  7. Chat starts when 30 pages are filled in March
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