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  1. Are you going to take your own advise also??? And BTW--we have known about you using 2 different CC names for a long time---John Terry is how you like yourself
  2. Of course you would, -just to -call him another name
  3. If you had read the forum before the insults he was talking about were properly deleted by the mods--you would have known that it was not about hiding under the covers. And they were disparaging remarks by certain CC members.
  4. I really do not think Sergio wants to make any valid point sometimes--he just wants more likes from his buddy John Terry 😏
  5. I personally do not see how finding out what the girls are doing outside the apartment or how they are supposedly bringing back all that money is important to discuss in the forum. That is what Mauri wanted to know from sources he felt actually knew. And of course Harley could just love to find out as well. Now let's suppose that someone somehow found out that a girl from RLC got paid by someone for a night's worth of sexual enjoyment. Divulging that information has no redeeming value and can in fact cause repercussions toward the girl--and open her up to further harassment and bullying because of some people's narrow minded social values. Can you just imagine what that information in the wrong hand could do?? It does not matter that some people argue that they are here on RLC to be on cam to share their life and they should know what to expect. They are here to be on cam inside the apartment--nothing else and not to have their entire personal life outside of the apartments (regardless of how irritating it is to some) exposed for everyone. If any one follows VHTV, I believe that one of the apartments is forbidding video or pics because of blackmail--and this type of information could well lead to that exact same thing or similar.
  6. Fiby's exercise is sexy--but no cams with the right angle looking at the mirror so we see what she does.
  7. Oh mauri---Harley and some other non subscribers would be pissed if they did not know what was going on. They wouldn't be able to troll and inflame everyone in here if they didn't know something to use it for their own glorious agenda. 😏
  8. And thank you for cleaning up all the prior posts talking about outside the apartment
  9. Since you do not even watch RLC--who do you keep trying to convince with posts like these??? Putting you on ignore, certainly is not going to improve this forum because you will continually troll. inflame, and turn this into a bullshit forum. Just my opinion, but I think there are a lot of other CC members that just do not like your kind of rhetoric most of the time.
  10. Yes Lyree, he is the one some people who stoop to name calling are referring to him as homeless, troll, or human stain.
  11. COV=couples on vacation GOV=girls on vacation These are the abbreviations for the stupid categories given the apartments by RLC, IMO of course.
  12. Mauri, This is for you and some others---- Global Rules (Applicable to all Forums and Boards Unless Otherwise Noted) 1)Topics are Created in Each Apartment and Anything Posted in those Topics should Pertain as to what goes on Inside the Confines of the Apartments. Once the Tenants Step Outside the Apartment that is Their Own Personal Lives and What They do in Their Own Personal Lives Outside of the Apartment Confines Shall Not be Discussed in Open Forum Boards of any Apartment.
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