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  1. Biden didn't write the bill--so Pelosi just has to pass the bill so we can know what is in it. 🤣
  2. then you aren't living in reality--some of his immigration policies did work---If they didn't Biden would not be reinstituting some of them.
  3. And when the media doesn't do the Democrat's bidden--they get scolded. 🤣 Pelosi hilariously scolds media for not 'selling' $3.5T spending bill: 'Do a better job' WWW.MSN.COM The president needs to do what his old boss, Obama, did: Get out and sell the hell out of this bill.
  4. No Biden should have never decided to eliminate it in the first place--which among other things made the border crisis worse.
  5. Funnnnnnnny No more hidin', we're paging Biden: Nowhere is safe from the Biden meme WWW.MSN.COM Paging the president?
  6. More on the bad actor--Harris How Vice President Kamala Harris' appearance on a kids' YouTube special backfired WWW.MSN.COM The video with Kamala Harris and a group of child actors is the second time recently that she's had a seemingly innocuous appearance turn troublesome.
  7. Bernie’s Tax the Rich Bluff Just Got Called by His Fellow Dems WWW.MSN.COM The Democratic party has been tearing itself to pieces debating whether its latest reconciliation bill should spend $3.5 trillion or $2 trillion or even $1.5 trillion. Less noticed, but perhaps more important...
  8. Way to go Joe!!! Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Falls to Second-Lowest Since 2011 WWW.MSN.COM (Bloomberg) -- U.S. consumer sentiment fell unexpectedly in early October to the second-lowest level since 2011, as Americans grew more concerned about both current conditions and the economic outlook...
  9. Biden Agenda: Struggling as polls sink WWW.MSN.COM When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to a temporary increase in the debt ceiling, he was skewered from some quarters of the GOP for opening the door to the passage of the Democrats' 3.5 trillion...
  10. Kamala Harris is clearly in 'over her head': Concha WWW.MSN.COM 'Outnumbered' panel discusses Vice President Harris' string of missteps and gaffes
  11. Democrats' reconciliation bill breaks Biden's middle class tax pledge WWW.MSN.COM Working families will see fewer jobs, higher prices, lower wages and reduced life savings under the Democrats' tax hike plan. Rather than raising taxes on corporations so that they have a higher rate in USA than in other countries, which in the past has led to corporations moving their offices abroad--repatriation under Trump reversed some of that, loopholes should be closed so that all profitable corporations pay taxes. Raising corporate taxes may not result in job losses or lower wages, but certainly in higher prices to consumers as no business is going to absorb higher costs without passing them along. Stick to raising taxes on the millionaires, closing loopholes in the tax code which will result in more tax revenue--but doing so would piss off the high dollar donors--so that is political suicide.
  12. Out-of-touch Biden threatens private sector companies as polls nosedive WWW.MSN.COM Biden is stuck in the 1950s, sure that private corporations are the enemy and Big Labor is the solution.
  13. Biden's incompetence bites him in the rear on immigration WWW.MSN.COM President Joe Biden is once again facing the consequences of his incompetence.
  14. Out-of-touch Biden threatens private sector companies as polls nosedive WWW.MSN.COM Biden is stuck in the 1950s, sure that private corporations are the enemy and Big Labor is the solution.
  15. How the global supply chain crisis is posing a political problem for President Biden WWW.MSN.COM The port of Los Angeles is severely backlogged as a result of a snarled global supply chain, creating long waits for goods, higher prices, a potential political headache for Biden.
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