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  1. What you quoted was part of a 1 trillion dollar blueprint for the US infrastructure. It was not a bill which would be passed into law, but a proposal. So who needs to learn about government --and who appears to be the ignorant one that needs to GTFO??? I think you are talking about yourself again
  2. This article is dated 3/7/ 2018 and the one I posted was 3/11/2019. The Dems did not save anything because it was never passed. You need to get your facts straight yet again.
  3. Since this is the impeach Trump thread, I guess we can blame Trump ???? LOL
  4. Now we see your real affiliation---the KKK were predominately Democrats in US Politics and radical left wing members as well
  5. Budget Prioritizes Improvements to Critical Park Infrastructure while Saving Tax Dollars - Office of Communications (U.S. National Park Service) WWW.NPS.GOV You better get your facts straight again!!!!! Read the entire article by the NPS itself. Just a highlight---The park system has needed between 10-11 billion dollars for maintenance since 2010--so what happened during the 6 years with Obama budget for 6 years before Trump even got elected. So I guess it is your turn to leave and be stupid somewhere else
  6. He posts so much rubbish--it would take me too much of my time to fact check all of his posts and He is just not worth it
  7. Since you are not a premium CC member--ask StnCld to delete the ones you want deleted or pay $20.00 --become premium then delete them yourself as northguy advised
  8. The only problem for him is--he is not a premium CC member--that delete function is only available to premium
  9. In the survey, 85 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of independents said the Senate should call new witnesses. Among Republicans surveyed, 43 percent said the Senate should not call new witnesses, while 35 percent said witnesses should be called and 22 percent indicated they were unsure on the question. Surveys can all be skewed depending on the sampling. Obviously, this is skewed in favor of Democrats.
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