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  1. tampax goes into the vagina--it is not a pad
  2. No big deal as he never seems to be in a hurry to do anything--just slothing around.
  3. Nothing will happen except Chris aka Tantra getting blue balls--because at 9:04am this morning while packing, Karma put her box of tampax in her overnite bag for the trip to B2.
  4. The human animals aka Sara and Massi are still fucking. 😏
  5. Greater Understanding of Relative Uselessness
  6. The guy is a clean freak--washed tub and and sink faucet before shower, and wiping down night stand--Milena or Esmi brother???? lol And so far, she is cam shy.--stays fully dressed.
  7. In fact all 3 girls in this apartment are doing a great job in sharing their intimate moments with us. Thanks to Octavia, Tessa and Brooke. !!
  8. Tessa just broke the spell in that room and just lit it up with her sharing an erotic moment with us. Thank you Tessa!!!!!
  9. click on the underlined part of the post- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5073620/
  10. Since you didn't say it was Brooke, I was hoping it was Tessa, but alas so far, she is just another telecommunications and computer enthusiast.
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