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  1. Listen to the tape--and it seems that Trudea and Marcon are spearheading the gathering (of course they are both liberals)-- and BTW--5 people do not make the world
  2. The floor got saturated again and Milena only one cleaning it up. Floor is ruined so UM should be coming soon. But who in their right mind would put a wood or laminate floor in an bathroom where water is present--it should have been tiled. IMO
  3. I think he meant to post in the Climate Change thread. 😏
  4. here are several to choose for next time 😏 https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=chess+matches
  5. But in being a voyeur--if you watch someone doing something that you personally do not like or would do yourself, then you stop watching or you are no longer excited by such actions.
  6. Not according to you and some others that the girls keep their private life outside of RLC--so she would never have been in RLC to see her 😏
  7. There is always a picture of a guest who showers and there is none of Kate---in any archive. Most of us would know a RLC mole if we saw one 😏
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