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  1. happyone

    Nicole´s Bra

    I'm sure he is Sorry 😏
  2. at first I thought I read we could use a good scotch shot now katya 😏
  3. Actually, she has a chauffeur that takes her around in her Rolls Royce we all bought for her. 😏 (just kidding)
  4. Cheesy, I think you are still reading the posts in here, even though you yourself are no longer posting. I just want to say God Bless and God Speed on your path to your final destination.
  5. I think you would be much happier not paying for RLC and go watch the free stuff 😏 But on another note, your post about Cheesy indicates that you can be a nice guy. --Thanks
  6. Very impressive--1 lone person holding up a sign protesting border wall security
  7. She only had to run warm water in the tub--when she got in it got warmer 🙂
  8. She has gotten better with age 😜
  9. Wow--Angelina joins Sera as the mature girls in the apartment. Finally, now us oldsters won't feel like we are watching kiddie porn 😏
  10. happyone

    Olivia & Nick Chat Topic 2019 #1

    yes, Will was the 2nd time and he was the one who cheated--no abuse from him that I could tell.
  11. happyone

    Olivia & Nick Chat Topic 2019 #1

    He is not making it up--in Taya's first appearance on RLC she was abused and the apartment was shut down. Then she reappeared and the 2nd guy she was with cheated on her.
  12. She sends so many mixed signals IMO, She pulled away from him 2 times--he got on top missionary--and finally she pushed him off
  13. There was plenty to eat on the couch and neither one partook 😏