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  1. She has already left--but she left for the real world--wasn't quite ready for show business 😐
  2. I see a problem with that--if you did show up--that would require an UM and would piss a lot of people off 😏
  3. Yeah, he really shouldn't joke around--could be a serious sore throat
  4. Amalia was with Pam not too long ago, and Amalia lives with Kelly--so maybe Kelly got it from Amalia--maybe Amalia and Ginger will get one also 😐
  5. Not to step on anyone's toes--but like I said yesterday--you overreacted--she only had a severe sore throat like I said last night. But I am glad it was not something serious.
  6. So, I hope that you are not blaming the US for this statement----Other world countries should be taking a more active role--but mostly the countries that fund and harbor terrorists. Sri Lanka was warned, but took no action.
  7. Guess you missed the long shower that the guest staying in Angie"s room took--really nice.
  8. I certainly would not want the people around me when I am sick not to joke, laugh, and be themselves- Why make them miserable also, because I already know they are probably concerned anyway.
  9. Some of us are trying to keep it light--someone just attacks us When I am sick, I want to be happy, smile, and laugh --and I want to die the same way.
  10. If it was something serious, of course I would not be joking about it--but she has a pain in the throat I think you over reacted IMO
  11. Maybe just a tongue cramp---cause I didn't see her deep throat a dildo while it was on high speed 😏
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