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  1. Good evening everyone, Naga I'm not very present on CC for lack of interest, motivation for the apartments of RLC in general and Barça in particular even if I look at Ulyana and Ginger and my great surprise Kylie. Yes I find it interesting ........ I had a renewed motivation. reading your post and I agree with you except for Monica, but all the taste is in nature...😉....I think that the arrival of Angelina (second in my ranking) will do good, to those who do not know her she is a sexy girl, funny, kind, smiling, pleasant to look at and clumsy fun. in any case for me it's a good new .... Welcome Angelina ......
  2. Sparkles thank you for your answer, meanwhile VH replied that they will solve the problem quickly without giving the reason for the problem, thank you again for your answer
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question I connected to the apartment Lyubava and the apartment is gone and I notice that other apartments disappeared someone has an answer? I have a premium registration for about 2 years.I was absent a week I thank you in advance for your answers
  4. Hi Naga, I remember that night because I made a joke at the time of the kind that Kylie wanted to take the role of Pamela Anderson in baywatch.Otherly I hope everything is fine for you.
  5. hello to all, irony of history Kylie is the girl who had a quarrel with Stella.I have a nice memory in mind, Kylie not only drunk..😉.. lying in the living room was not alone in his head.I remember a blonde girl with a Serafima style body, sometimes boring but with potential.
  6. Hello everyone not a big fan of SERA, but I must say that I appreciated his bath of the morning.A you she received instructions? But she returned from nightclub (bracelet on her wrist) with tights torn and had a conversation in English on the phone can be a BF ?, she seemed drunk but not that. I wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to seeing you again in 2019. A thought for Ulyana, who was my favorite in recent months, a hope to see her again soon
  7. Bonjour à tous pas un grand fan de SERUMS, mais je dois dire que j'ai apprécié son bain de morning.A vous a reçu des instructions? Mais son retour de boîte de nuit (bracelet sur son poignet) avec des collants déchirés et a eu une conversation en anglais sur le téléphone peut être un BF?, Elle semblait ivre , mais pas. Je souhaite à tous une bonne année et nous nous réjouissons de vous revoir en 2019. Une pensée pour Ulyana, qui était mon préféré ces derniers mois, l'espoir de la revoir bientôt
  8. hello to all, a post to wish AMIRA a good trip and a long happy life in your private and professional life, I'm sad that you leave, like Valeria ..: ... I put you in my top 10, which means that I would like to see you on RLC, but with better conditions.You have anyway a fan me.Au goodbye and see you soon, I hope ...:
  9. bonjour à tous, un poste pour souhaiter à AMIRA un bon voyage et une longue vie heureuse dans votre vie privée et professionnelle , je suis triste que tu pars, comme Valeria .. ... Je vous mets dans mon top 10, ce qui signifie que Je voudrais vous voir sur RLC, mais avec de meilleurs conditions.You ont en tout cas un fan me.Au au revoir et à bientôt , je l' espère ...
  10. hello to all, hello Rider I think Sara and White were not the worst, at least in the beginning, For Sara pretty girl, (drink and smoke in bed) (fucked under the covers with dreadlocks man) .For White Waterbate and fuck under the covers, just to say they were not the worst, and I was not a fan especially of Blanc.For me the worst occupants was a girl in a couple who showered in a swimsuit and who fucked dressed and under the covers I do not remember her name she had Karina's current room just before B1 closed .... I know I will disappoint some but I like Amira it makes me think of Valeria that I also liked before the arrival of his BF
  11. Hello everyone, normally I refrain from criticizing RLC as a whole (participants, cameras, u / m, loading, replay etc ...) and when I criticize I do it with humor in all its forms.But this morning probably because I'm in a bad mood I do not understand the arrival of Leia, I read on CC that some were happy with his return, but it seems to me that apart from imitating the alarm siren to perfection and some funny moment I do not remember a moment of voyeurism. My post is not a charge against Leia, but against the general behavior of the participants (couples included) Leia is just a victim by ricochet (take it with humor) .I do not ask to see girls naked all day and or masturbate 20 times a day, I do not want to change their behavior depending on cameras.I understand shyness for new girls but it is rare that I'm wrong and when I'm wrong then I'm happy.I would like to talk about new angles of cams (incomprehensible) Erin's room in particular but also the bathroom C19.To finish my post I do not understand this mode of cams zoom that hides 25% of the image (example cam 10) but more obvious in the rooms of Serafima B1, Laima B4, Daisy B4, Kaley 3K, Ulyana cam10, etc. I'm aware that RLC can not satisfy everyone, but if RLC thought like a voyeur everyone would turn into some
  12. Good evening everyone, I'm waiting to see how Sera is going to get rid of girls, for me three solutions: the first all girls go to night club, the second one or two girls sleep in the bed of Sera and others at living room.The third Serafima asks Karina to lend her room.Just to see the reaction of Karina and Amira I hope that Sera opts for the third...
  13. hello to all.I do not want to make polemics, but for me Mila was interesting only solo, his coming to B2 to see Naomi I remember a sudden friendship did not give anything, just caresses, kiss, and when Mila wanted to lick Naomi's pussy her hair hidden action, which is the hallmark of the girls of Barcelona.This night was the first time I saw Mila really in action as a couple, unfortunately her partner (Oksi ) is clumsy, aggressive, possessive. I think Mila will take advantage of Oksi and Oksi will have to calm down if she does not want to make the same mistake as with Anita And as always it is only my opinion.I wish a merry Christmas to all CC fans of the apartments of Barça.by the way RLC removed B2 from its list
  14. Hello everyone, I do not usually thank couples for their participation, but I have to make an exception for Amanda and Pablo and I share the words of Naga & Charlie.Amanda is a funny girl, sexy, beautiful, I have also appreciated the attitude of Pablo a big thank you to both, I wish you the best in your professional and private life...
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