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  1. Sparkles

    Darren & Roberta

    Sorry ... Roberta, Darren 😁
  2. Sparkles

    Darren & Roberta

    Yes.. saw now.. the guy with back left side tattoo when henry entered to "attack" roberta
  3. Sparkles

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    and when it happens and all is watch.. caput.. come the next sex from different tenants... that have to have "friends" to do orgies or renting the house for sex
  4. Sparkles

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    It's like that since the last weeks/days on first house.. that get worst on 2nd one... But still can't understand the problem of having orgies here... the bedroom is better they the have (seems to have more space..) 4 people can eat comfortably at kitchen and then do something in LR... they can hire all that groups they get on last house.. but some orgies with a couple like they did many times (if they want) it's totally possible... or maybe that "awesome" threesomes with the other dude that always make ella to smile a lot
  5. Sparkles

    Julya & Raul

    Watching the new opened house with their sex cam workers ... don't know if they will come back in another house or became now only sub-managers/managers .. Yes this one could be archived and wait for other news
  6. Sparkles

    Darren & Roberta

    That tattoo guy wasn't the same from the first day ?? sorry didn't know that toys also counts.. so how may # for toys?? 😁
  7. Sparkles

    Mike & Kiki, Anna

    Guess they will "pass here" to "collect the money"
  8. Sparkles

    Darren & Roberta

    Saw 3... her boss, her sex colleague and the other guy that the guest refused to had sex.. for her level will be very easy to have guys at vh
  9. Sparkles

    Darren & Roberta

    bye bye
  10. Sparkles

    Julya & Raul

    I would say they are now managers or if preferable "sub-managers"
  11. Sparkles

    Grace & Jacob

    I think it was some kind of role play.. what type, can't tell 😁 Believe he was just asked to be there waiting that it ends
  12. Sparkles

    Grace & Jacob

    The scene itself was weird.. but was interesting because was out of context and not expected.. With the girls i thing It was more like just fooling around more freely.. the teasing scene but more "hardcore" then before
  13. Sparkles

    Grace & Jacob

    Not quite near the record.. and well Grace&Jacob normally only have sex there.. Very rarely on living room where normally only guests couples uses that couch for sex.. The most interesting thing with the kid there was when they close his eyes and had sex in bed and we was just there sit lool. But agree with you, his presence is weird.. But last days have been interesting with the 2 female friends getting more wild.. Even the one that take shower in bikini she already lost all that shyness. They had a naked shower yesterday and then went to play to bedroom
  14. Sparkles

    Cleo & Axel

    Agree with you here.. Guess he was just relaxing a little bit.. They are now the three together sleeping
  15. Sparkles

    Romeo & Gloria

    3rd round now!! guess they take so long to arrive because was busy fucking in any other place lool