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  1. Basically .. all the other bedrooms in the site.. with more room then the space where only a person fit to walk .. and basically with space only for a very small closet inside
  2. that why i said normal.. hope you don't give also as example the tokyo bedrooms chambers lol
  3. But why you are comparing with something quite ridiculous like that was the normal setup at VH?? Still i don't like the tenants only because they have sex or they have a closeup pussy cam If that guys from colombia have the same cam setup from the normal places they wouldn't have a lot of difference. for sure i would watch them the same amount of time that i'm watching now
  4. And what about normal bedrooms like almost all houses have And no.. the "problem" is where cams are put in that cases, and you had the latest example of nicki&jaime. The bedroom was gigantic when compared with the normal bedrooms the places have and they did a shitty job there with cams
  5. Sorry but at least should have minimum conditions of space.. worse then this only when they put a bed in the floor and call bedroom (examples of zelma and lina&dominica) Not to say about putiing someone having as "bedroom" a couch If you remember the porno movies there.. it was a big mess that you most of the time unable to identify who was changing fluids with who Perhaps people like to feel that if they touch the screen are fingering them 😎
  6. They "did so well" that after one month they had to call for serena.. Wasn't serena (IMO) arriving and they had been replaced in the end of that year at max. Don't believe everybody liked her (i had a lot more people "in front" of her). and for sure isn't because what is done inside that bedroom. In that total nonsense NOBODY "survive".. even if was the top popular tenants
  7. It's the only bedroom like that because it's smaller then a matchbox If he put his employees sleeping in containers will be even better 😎
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