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  1. Nop, the replacements arrived
  2. Sparkles

    Dana & Chris (2019) Part #1

    Not that Alice 😉 The Alice from Alice&Spartak
  3. Have fun and enjoy your new life 🙂 All the best ❤️ It was a pleasure having you here for almost 7 months
  4. Sparkles

    Juliet (2019) Part #1

    Yes, all left together
  5. This ropes stuff is always a party killer because it takes too long. Even Melissa was almost sleeping there. But as long as some of them have fun 😉
  6. Sparkles

    Dana & Chris (2019) Part #1

    For sure it won't be with the visit she received today
  7. Not so much because they wasn't alone in the house. they had the BJ side by side (the wild thing talking in couples thing)
  8. First the teasing Dimi left