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  1. Has been saved and also replied to your request there at vh foruns
  2. And as far as been notice with her visits here, she still is. Don't forget that Elliot appeared in her apartment long time ago
  3. Lexa, from Lexa&Waverley The predecessors of Realm22
  4. Yes, she was in bed with a dude when the phone rang. The rest is explained and could be the reason IF (and it's a big IF) something could have happened outside
  5. It may helps if Moonlight translation posts from 15 July get read
  6. With colors and with an extra "burglar" https://www.analvids.com/watch/218293/dp_2on1_two_black_guys_robbed_the_house_and_took_the_anal_virginity_of_aura_sin_flx005?aff=SK9SZJ8D9Z____ Poor girl lost her anal virginity after all this years on porno 😁
  7. Well looks like the agency called Romeo to do nothing with his agency colleague in bedroom and in sofa..
  8. I understood what you meant and agree It was just a "joke" because if there is something that scott is know, surely isn't by the intense sex
  9. Well was how she won an apt the first time.. just with another sub-manager.. Maybe she wants to run all of them 😂
  10. He came from there to here to talk with Barbie 😁
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