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  1. Sparkles

    Alice & Spartak

    Didn't understand what was that.. if he cum or not 😁 If he did, was just a small load
  2. Sparkles

    Alice & Spartak

    This one already was auditioned with oral skills when the other still "exist" the other blonde would be more interesting
  3. Sparkles

    Alice & Spartak

    And if you press it get bigget 😁
  4. Sparkles

    Alice & Spartak

  5. Sparkles

    Darcie & Stifler

    They have had some guests (it's also the only time - when check thumbs) that i change to them.. one night they had two couples.. last night a "couple" .. and today the girl is back.. but till now.. this was the "hotter" stuff .. don't know if the plan was just the girl being there looking of if she get afraid
  6. Sparkles

    Sina & Jules

    Yes.. at nina&alan some weeks before she get a house at VH
  7. Sparkles

    Darcie & Stifler

    Till now nothing real "special" happened (ok, it's a step)... and the girl get clothes on.. don't know if will take them off again It's the girl from yesterday that was with a guy.. but i don't think they was a couple
  8. Sparkles

    Valerie & Glen