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  1. Seems they arrived with big bags.. and they are all still there
  2. Empty.. but i don't know if they do the same like their partners.. from camarads I know they totally fake the thumbs
  3. she is living their with them on camarads
  4. @Kingbanks https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/2019-09-03?&realm=realm34 https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/2019-09-05?&realm=realm34
  5. Bianca - Bianca Housewife1 - Iza Housewife2 - extra
  6. No idea.. just remember them being there . Probably on archive there is something
  7. yes.. some months ago. I read their topic at camarads and seems the argue are constant lately
  8. yes.. this couple also visited raul for cb shows
  9. Iza&Peter from camarads.. plus the girl that is there with them for CB in the last days
  10. Here it's a quite common name, specially on the old generations
  11. I would prefer at this time doesn't have to "choose" 😁
  12. But the typical "old century" cams supported on tripods from george places
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