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  1. Violet & Jeff

    It's above.. few posts i think.
  2. Violet & Jeff

    Check my edit in the last post
  3. Anastasia

    Don't know if you remember/saw, but polina is the girl that had sex in jacuzzi at old house of Anastasia&Rock, where they cover (on purpose) the cam on top of bathroom door but forget to cover the cam above the jacuzzi
  4. Violet & Jeff

    I also believed that in past and it had some logic to me, but (and once again not totally sure because didn't remember in witch post it was) James said it doesn't count. (will try to find the post) Edit: @pahman
  5. Violet & Jeff

    If i'm not wrong, according to VH/James nop, the free cams doesn't count even if watched by subscribers
  6. Violet & Jeff

    In the end it's the tenants that pay the rent (directly or indirectly). So if no money .. cheaper the house the better to survive or to try to collect some money (like ella and isaac - but don't think they are getting much)
  7. Violet & Jeff

    Sex later in bedroom.. In shower didn't notice if anything happen
  8. Violet & Jeff

    There is no business model.. Vh don't choose/care about the houses tenants/managers choose... guess they (houses) are chosen according with the money the tenants have/want to spend
  9. Violet & Jeff

    And if it's the same that i saw in afternoon.. the photo on laptop cover is also very good
  10. Violet & Jeff

    The craziest fathers of VH are back
  11. Anastasia

    Maybe nyusha and ronny will do the same like lexy and pete... get reinforcements from russia to have 'parties"
  12. In your case i think could be same like english (US) and english (UK).. Ukrania till "few" years ago belongs to Russia (ex-cccp) . don't know about the language "evolution" after that For me not also.. But well Groomy understand them because knows a lot from them.. so if they are ukranians or he speaks both language or both languages are similar
  13. Don't know where they are from, but they are at russia .. And i guess russian and ukranian must be very similar (sorry, hope it's not an offense to locals )
  14. Foxy, Kira - Part 2

    Could also means that ... It's like also bitch... "son of a bitch" = " filho da puta" = "hijo de puta" We also use the word "cabra" to bitch. ... In english direct translation cabra = goat