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  1. She scratched during this night.. but don't know if was like she was before or softly (was with two hands).. But already doing on first moments means something Probably she is allergic to him... 😁
  2. I believe this house/people/guests is part of his business like the other was.. so he won't leave and will have "privileges" here
  3. Bedroom have 3 cams.. the other is placed but not connected yet to VH.. Yesterday was listed but was on the floor not working (probably fall off) We can see the nightvision light
  4. The couple on the pics is new. don't know if there are now other persons in the house
  5. Don't know about that.. Probably he is still telling lies, unless all the archive will be erased loool
  6. What happened with Ruby and Selma was Zack fault, he was the manager... not blondie.. not tattoo
  7. Surprise surprise.. Stephan is back and
  8. Realm59.. the fraud & ex-jade @StnCld316 do the thing
  9. And considering the media you are being quite generous
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