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  1. There is also the possibility that they are doing it together like other couples from this manager group or just her alone with bates&showers
  2. So possibly she uses the clothes for IG and the remaining for the other xxx pages cause unless she censors her body, that (for IG) wasn't the type of photos that Rene was taking neither the mobile cam show to someone (or group) in the bathroom 😉
  3. Reese couch fuck on 11 April here. There are also some at Stifler place (4 April)
  4. Wasn't #3, was a different dude, that is also regular guest
  5. I know, she doesn't have an associated name yet.. The reference was cause she had undercover sex there with the 3rd dude of Reese
  6. She has been "missing" in both places since last episode with Connor and #3. And the fridge already was like that in that day when they was doing something in the microwave
  7. IG don't allow that type of photos.. That photos and the mobile show she did in the shower it's content more for sex/porno pages like Onlyfans/Chaturbates,
  8. Not yet.. We don't have the police yet 😂
  9. It's the toilet, next to wardrobe
  10. And they keep them like their life depends on it 🤣
  11. Probably that explains why i stop watching them 😂😂
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