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  1. Sara & Jeka

    Maybe first he have to do some tests to see the quality, it seems new equipment and being at his home allow him to check everything in a quick time if there are some failures. I guess with time and budget he will start to replace the bad equipment
  2. Edda & Joe

    Too bad for Edda :( It's the second visit of the guy, hope now he will be more comfortable with the cams
  3. Arnie & Karla

    Just wondering how do you know if they will do well on cameras before seeing them on cameras... Groomy already said also some reasons
  4. Mira & Henry

    Have fun
  5. Nina & Alan & Serena - Part #2

    VH really need to hire someone that speaks english
  6. Mira & Henry

    Yes I know. I was looking for her because VH said Betty will be at the party
  7. Misty - Part #2

    Doing fruit kebabs
  8. Mira & Henry

    Yes.. I remember she arrived first and then the guy
  9. Mira & Henry

    And i think Betty is that blonde girl (not the first) that was also there (at least i remember one betty, but could not be the same)
  10. Linda & Carrie

  11. Mira & Henry

    If that happens in first place lose Mira&Henry and the guests... and then the viewers It's just stupid and really bad judging (in a wrong way) someone because they are fat/skinny, blonde/brunette , short/tall, black/white, gay/straight.... We can judge behaviors.. but even that wasn't given the opportunity for but i don't think it have nothing to do with the comments...
  12. Normal Candy behaviour at that house.. Lets see in the morning
  13. Guess if she really wants that she already was 'living' at CC...