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  1. It helped me visualize it more clearly......thank you!!
  2. I've found Nora to be quite intriguing over the years with a decent body and a mind for games and business, but she is still a Queen Bitch! So far in catching up with what went down last night, the Queen and her "WORKER" bees all got together to bring hope and cheer to the viewing audience but once again, and unless you are from the "old school", it was ANOTHER total letdown of a night which seems to occur quite more frequently these days it seems. RLC brings nothing to the table anymore except a squirrel shot from time to time or a butt pat or boob squeeze!!! The girls work for the Queen Bee on the outside and suck it up on the inside!! Sorry.....that is just the way it is!! By the way........if my figgers are correct, the maximum amount of time it should ever take B2 to get to B4 is 40 minutes or less. There is no 1.5 to 2 hour drive inbetween!! So, like I said how it sounds to me is that place has been with RLC for a long long time and that place is the VIP entertainment center. I was told in an email that Nora knows her way around that place like the back of her hand. Anyway, have a good day!! LMAO.....Kust had nothing to do with it I'm sure. That is just how RLC operates today, a little something with a whole lot of nothing!!!
  3. LOL so that's what we are calling it now.........nice play on words LMAO
  4. I rest my case.......I could see another lame, teasing show coming a mile away. So predictable!!!
  5. You laugh but that is probably exactly why they went UM, and not only that.......I'm sure Neia needed a good douching after her escapades last night! Also I was told that Victoria took Dominica to a bondage fest yesterday and she liked it. You can probably settle in for seeing less an less of these girls now, but when you do get to see them I'm sure they will put on the same (we've been away from the apartment so much) lame shows!! What a slap in the face to you people!! RLC allows it to happen because they are working girls for RLC outside the apartment as well !!!!
  6. Visa yes, other cards bug off

    You obviously don't comprehend what you read if you read this forum at all. Good luck with your premium subscription, I'm sure you will be just as disappointed as everybody else!
  7. Amen brother!!! You are correct....that is exactly the way RLC believes, and trust me when I say this, it will come back to haunt them!!
  8. Ed, I think you're a hell of a guy on this forum and give more credence to you than 98% of the people on this forum. This forum is suffering and I personally understand where you are coming from!! You are not an outsider, but considered a threat to those on this forum that think blowing smoke up these girls asses is actually going to get them somewhere with them. These girls primary agenda revolves around what happens outside the doors of RLC. RLC is just a resting place for these girls (and I use the term "these girls" very lightly as I can't say anything else about them without being banned from the forum) and always will be. I believe their (RLC's) business base is a far more older crowd, that as long as they see a girl naked, they are OK. There is much more to it than that........you get it and I get but very few others do. I will support you until the day I die, with the way you see it and comment on the happenings with RLC. You are not alone, there are more people like you than you could even imagine. A lot of the people that are like you and I are not willing to come forth for fear of being bashed or singled out by the extreme supporters of RLC. I hope you never feel alone my friend!!! I have come to the realization that it's just not fun to post anything on this forum anymore and due to that realization, my participation with this forum is coming to an end. This will make a lot of people happy and some people sad.......that's just the way it is!!! YOUR NOT ALONE ED, I will continue to check in with the forum but participation will strongly be lacking!!
  9. That is 100% correct Misc....RLC is the blame for a piss poor forum and all the secretive groups that go along with it. I truly and personally believe that RLC continues to sink and one day it will be sunk!! RLC's way of thinking is to add more apartments and everything will be OK, and that is simply not the case for the masses. They (themselves), RLC, admitted to bringing an apartment online when they were not ready. You have or should ask yourself why. The reason being is that they are hurting and the dressings on their wounds are starting to bleed through. They never put money into the company from a quality standpoint, they simply add more apartments (quantity) with more people and far too many couples in my opinion, thinking that everything will be alright (that is simply not true) and now that there are other players in the game. RLC continues to show their greed and lack of consumers wants. It's just a matter of time before they fold and I for one will be glad to see it. How they have made it this long surprises me. Caught up and I will be making another post as to why I have finally had my feel of this forum when I get everything I want to say written down and proof read. Have a good night!!
  10. Juke Box Split #6

    The RLC part of the forum reads as being totally dead. I decided to spend a little time in here just piddling around. These next few songs are nothing special but I really like them. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas. As for Amy and her taste in music, it's not my first choice of music but I can see why her and others like Pirate & SC, all have their own choices!! Have a good night!! I'm tired......hope you all enjoy at least one or two to these few songs!! Goodnight!!
  11. She is just there to check on her investments!!