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  1. He is a friend of Parasite1, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him!!
  2. Shorter, sharper posts would do you a world of good!!
  3. Always Moos, I value your opinion like gold bouillon!!
  4. 2 things.....#1, keep your posts shorter and sharper! #2, just don't be a dickhead, we all have different views but to some there is only one view and that's theirs!!
  5. I was called a hypocrite by one of your loyal followers over the whole Leora/Malia thing that I was all in favor of from the beginning. After I started receiving what looked like the exact same videos of their shows, I changed my mind about them yet that makes me a hypocrite? I asked the very loyal fan of them to not send me anymore videos and that is exactly what he did, yet that makes me a hypocrite? By now you should all understand why I like this forum so much, there are so many people that are off their rockers!!
  6. Yee of little brains, I can fucking read and I've read that she has rubbed one out on numerous occasions in the bath tub and I am saying that is more for RLC obligations and, more than that for a 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th call back from RLC and has absolutely nothing to do with her horniness. So pull your head out of your ass and don't be a dickhead!!
  7. Making a new topic page every 30 posts is just ridiculous! What purpose does it serve? Go back to the general topics and be done with it!! If a new CC member comes on and see's that the apartment just opened a couple of weeks ago and see's that there is 9 Luna&Zac topics that contain at least 30 pages each, that new CC member is going to "WTF" and probably won't go back and read anything past topic 8. If it does anything, it probably turns the new members off to the forum!! At least in the general threads everything was there together and you only had to traverse one topic. I ask aga
  8. Sorry, have to disagree again, what she does in the bathroom, she only does to fulfill an obligation to her cam job with RLC. She is taking care of her horniness outside the apartment just like so many do!!
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