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  1. LOL Dire Straits "Money ain't for nothing"
  2. Sorry Rob, I got lucky once in my life but I may be wrong and you might get another chance 😬
  3. OK I had to look this one up and I think I have it but we will see. Artist: Black Label Society Song: Funeral Bell?
  4. you got me on this one!! i don't have a clue lol.....how about a clue?
  5. until I post lyrics that are in approximately 90 songs lmao.....i had no idea. you are semi-right about one thing though, I do tend to lean towards rock and that does not mean it can't be soft which is not hard rock :). Here is more lyrics from the song: "when the church bells rang"
  6. Good job guys!! Here's one: "long way to go" Clue: not hard 🙂
  7. I used to think a long time ago that that was a good idea. I have since learned that that is a very bad idea. What they (RLC) really need to do is find girls that are actually looking for a place to live, girls that don't have an apartment or girls that are living with mom or dad or both parents and they want to get out on their own. Local girls will always be able to leave the RLC apartment and go to their own homes anytime they want to and that is not a good thing IMO..
  8. UFO...who'd a thunk it lol.....very good Naga!!
  9. i know the name of the song but I don't know who sings it. song name "where do we go from here" good one Naga!
  10. Here's one... "days got worse and worse"
  11. LOL by some of the posts he makes, I could see where you would think that but he is truly genuine and means well with everything he posts!!
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