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  1. If that every happens, and for no matter what cost, I want a video of that so I can spread it around like wild fire!!
  2. It would be best for Vivian to avoid those two drunk skanks!! Hoeever, I guess they will all be carted off by Mooch tomorrow for his own quality personal time with them.
  3. With all I was told about this guy you all call Fior, I really think his name needs to be Mooch!! Is it true that the guy only has 2 changes of clothes? Is the guy as weird as my source says he is? Do any of you care that you are seeing so much of his Mouching arse? The guy is thought to be homeless and thanks to N&B he's not anymore. What are you all's thoughts on the this guy?
  4. I guess I just read posters words differently than you do JM. Is sensitive and emotional the same thing? I love you JM keep up the great posts which always bring banter and discussion to the forum. Above all...Have a Great Day!!
  5. It sounds like to me that they know how to get the most out of that "special" time of the month!
  6. Has anybody told Kitty thank you for having her mom over which subsequently led to her showing her boobs? If not, how rude of you all LMAO.
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