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  1. I'm sure everyone would be waiting with BATEd breath to see that 🙂
  2. I apologize Robert, I totally read that wrong!
  3. I don't know what you posted but I'm sure it was innocent except to this forum. You should know better by now!
  4. One was all I wanted but I like the way you think!!
  5. Come on Robert, I'm not kissing ass to see them. I'm really happy for those that pay, that they finally got to see something worth watching. From the sound of it, everything was in open view of the cameras and that's all I wanted when I was a member. It's nice that the girls gave something to the viewer and even though I didn't get to see it, I'm happy for everyone that did!!
  6. Good morning/evening/afternoon/night or whatever time it is for where you are at. Last night I had a wonderful time celebrating my daughters 30th birthday....my kids and grandkids and a lot of friends and family at the event....good times had by all!!! I've caught up and I must say that even though I missed Ginger Snaps tongue buried deep inside Amalia Earharts pussy as someone posted, I am happy to read where there was something worth watching for a change........sorry I missed it but glad it happened!! Now, I said that to ask this....if this event were to happen again, what one thing could they do to make it that much better for the viewing audience? My hat is off to Ginger & Amalia and I hope that it wasn't all because of alcohol or any other mind altering substances!! Way to Go girls, you had the forum lit up with appreciation from the subscribers!!!!
  7. you don't owe me anything Don't. I'm glad you fired up the grill and had a good dinner. the girls can always wait........it's not like they don't make you wait forever!! sounds like a good meal my Texas brother!! tonight, my son and I and a buddy i've known since the 6th grade went to San Leon to eat the best raw oysters on the planet.......what a freaking great meal we had as well!!
  8. so suck the viewers out of a few hundreds first and then let the show begin!! nothing but Chaturbate pros!!!
  9. anytime is the right time to fire up the grill...
  10. I like seeing women naked but when you get all their freckles and imperfections memorized, it's not that big a deal anymore.
  11. i would suspect that after seeing her a few times naked, then it isn't no big deal anymore!
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