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  1. i'm sure she will, she's well versed on the forum!!
  2. Take care Raul and stop in and say hi from time to time! Good luck in your endeavors!!
  3. I hope this means that you are just going on vacation from the forum! You're a good man Raul, the forum needs you!!
  4. You're right, point taken. I'll just be the silent reader from now on lol.
  5. LOL it doesn't appear that that mood happens to often anymore from what i've been reading.
  6. They were certainly never popular with me when i used to watch and that's for damn sure! Yes they really have Max.
  7. i hope you are right, i was really enjoying the development between the two girls!!
  8. i have to respectfully disagree only for the fact that i believe RLC is really pushing for all these parties now days and everybody sharing each other and it's been said that Bogdan knows Carla and Yani and he's been to their apartment and scoped things out. with Nelly and Bogdan in the picture now it will only go from bad to worse!
  9. LOL that's the way i see it anyway. who knows, i could be really wrong so i guess we will just have to sit back and see what happens
  10. you have to admit, RLC just isn't the same anymore and getting worse by the day or should i say weekends if you know what i mean
  11. definitely not my cup of tea either Max but i know there are plenty of guys on this forum that would literally eat that shit up lol
  12. LMAO it's ridiculous isn't it? I mean, i'm all for them having parties but the BS that goes along with them on this forum is absolute craziness!!
  13. just when i was really getting into liking and reading this thread, it appears to have gone dead. let me try to explain, when i was a subscriber years ago i didn't follow Leora because she had Paul with her. Nothing against Paul, it's just that i wanted to see girls and girls only. now i start getting into the Leora thread again because there is no Paul or any other guy hanging around for that matter. then comes Malia, i like to refer to her as Cleo...short for Cleopatra :). things were doing good and the thread was a buzz until Leora found herself someone else that peaked her interest and so now what is left is really on the slow side to nonexistent. please, nobody take this personal and think i'm hating on anyone, not the tenants or the fans, it's just something that i've noticed.
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