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  1. They are actually dad gum good!!
  2. LOL...people are so afraid to say anything these days! Could you imagine if 83,505 members actually said something, how good this forum could be LMAO....pathetic, simply pathetic!
  3. LOL I wouldn't hire anyone from RLC and especially not the girls!! I read the PM's and it choked me up quite a bit. I'm a very sentimental person and I really appreciate the thoughts and kind words!! Thank you both!!!
  4. Yes sir, but it hasn't been easy!! I still enjoy most of the posts but that's changing more and more each day. Stay safe and healthy and stay away from that virus!!
  5. I appreciate that H1 and Naga...I really do. Right now in my life I'm looking at some very healthy expenses in the form of a new breaker panel which I paid $3,400 for today and a new A/C unit. I am one of those people that if I catch the Covid-19 virus, it will surely kill me and I'm doing everything that I possibly can to prevent that from happening. My benefits rely on me seeing my doctors on a regular schedule and due to this hidden death virus, the last thing i'm gong to do is visit my doctors offices. I have been at my oldest brothers house during the heat of the day for the past week. I was told that replacing my breaker panel with a new and up to date panel would fix my A/C issue but that didn't happen, so tomorrow I have the A/C guy coming back to my house to troubleshoot further what my A/C problem is....I'm depressed and stressed out about it but what can I do lol. I'm at his mercy and what will be...will be. I'm 95% done with chatting on the forum anymore. I don't get the same amount of pleasure out of it that I once did. I will still read the posts to catch up but in all fairness, what i've been reading lately is downright disgusting to me so that being the case, it's driving me more and more away from the forum and way far away from RLC. You and yours take care of yourselves and heed the lockdowns in place.....it ain't worth the risks!!
  6. Unfortunately I agree but it's still fucking SAD!!
  7. the mask does absolutely nothing for the people that aren't infected other than give them hope that it does any good. the virus is less than 2 microns and the best the masks will filter is 3 microns. it's better if the person that has the virus wears it than those that don't!!
  8. last but not least...one for all the drug headed tenants of RLC!!
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