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  1. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    caught up again and need to get some sleep, heading back to the country in the morning for more hunting adventures with HFB and his sidekicks.....the brothers! I will see you all late Friday night or Saturday. Have a good rest of the week everybody!!
  2. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    I'm caught up and said what I wanted to say.......you all have a nice evening!
  3. So sex is only legit if you are married? It's not porn no matter how much they show if you are married? Only married people have anal sex?
  4. I can't believe you people are still arguing about this apartment. The best thing you can do is to stop watching it if it's not what you want to see. There are people out there that feel the same way as each of you do and for those that want to watch it....watch it and for those that don't want to watch...then quit watching it. If you don't quit watching it then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Beldonn1, as for you thinking that RLC is not a porn site in the beginning, well I hate to tell you but it has always been a porn site. I remember watching Kickstand give anal to Nora in their old apartment and not to mention the sex that was in full view. Soft core porn shows no BJ's, no penetration, and certainly no anal. RLC is a porn site and yes it has ramped up lately from what I've read but their hands were tied if it didn't!
  5. Noldus, please keep up a good timeline for how long B2 is out of service. It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to fix the hot water heater. The electrical is a totally different issue and unless they plan on keeping the apartment offline for quite some time, it won't be fixed.
  6. and don't forget her little spotlight part on Game of Thrones where she had a brief showing of her boobs. Leona is another setback for RLC!!
  7. LOL I could care less if she was even there but it sounds like she knew better than to stay to make the girls look all innocent. I'm sure she knows all about what her daughter does and gets up to when she is not around and being the mom she is, apparently she left so her daughter could show her true colors! If it's "like mother, like daughter" she probably going to JZ's hotel room to chill with him since we all know he's probably there now awaiting is grand entrance!
  8. HarleyFatboy

    Emma and Julio

    I have one question for anybody that watches this apartment.....has Emma ever had an open bate? I have seen 2 pictures of her and one of them she was dressed and the other one she was on her bed in poor lighting so the picture was very grainy, but it looked like she has a Nora type pussy. Just curious if she has ever had an open bate where she was alone and in good light.
  9. I figured as much.....thx oh curious one 🙂
  10. I'm sure their bates are deBATEable!!
  11. HarleyFatboy

    Veterans Day

    Thank you all !!
  12. probably peach!! hehe, and I only say this as from what I can remember of her, she takes good care of herself and she doesn't smoke from what I remember either and that's a HUGE plus as far as I'm concerned! later Naga, going for a drive with a girlfriend of mine....see yah and enjoy the lovebirds!!
  13. good for him.....i bet her's don't smell like fish!!