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  1. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    Caught up.....same shit, different day. Keep wasting your money instead of doing something to make it better!! Goodnight all...
  2. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of Anna and Rose showing up in B1 with suitcases was??? Noldus...oh knowing one. What was the purpose of them showing up? Does RLC have a big brothel where all these girls stay in Barcelona for when they are not on RLC or traveling?? Enquiring minds want to know!!
  3. Noldus knows a lot about what goes on but he doesn't know as much as you think he does!
  4. Seriously.....does anything ever happen with any of the them!!! This apartment has got to be the worst apartment RLC ever brought online. The only reason it isn't closed is because of the hard up voyeurs on this forum and those that don't know this forum exist. CC needs to put out an Ad campaign to draw in more dysfunctional people to help spread the word.....the true word of what RLC is about and spare people from being caught up in the glorified cam girl business!!
  5. Lord please help me understand the mentality of the people on this forum. I read where people are wondering what Irma was doing out of camera view. I read where the cam placement of the new refurbished B1 was excellent. I read and I read but none of it makes any sense. Apparently Irma is a cam girl....go figure. Apparently the cam placement isn't any better than it used to be.....go figure. Apparently the people on this forum are still as gullible as they always have been......go figure. B1 is a great apartment for voyeurs but the cast sucks!!
  6. HarleyFatboy

    Juke Box Split #6

    On the cover of the Rolling Stone! Classic and great.....thx Mic 🙂
  7. HarleyFatboy

    Juke Box Split #6

    Excellent Mic....just excellent! Glad to see that you are still trying to keep this thread alive!! Good job man.
  8. HarleyFatboy

    Health Matters

    LOL no sir, but I appreciate it......carry on with your bad self!!
  9. HarleyFatboy

    Health Matters

    I don't know what bet you lost, but that is why you shouldn't ever bet 🙂 Update on my left foot......I am feeling 90% better and should be able to start walking on it after I get my stitches out. It is a major relief from the suffering I was in before the surgery. I go tomorrow for a change of dressings and for my Dr. to check the healing and stitches. With any luck I should get my stitches out this coming Friday. Sorry you lost your bet Joey 😞
  10. Let me get this straight, Tina was naked in the kitchen with Megan and porn stud and now the apartment is under maintenance? RLC viewers are getting the shaft again!! Gotta love the way RLC fucks over their paying customers!!
  11. HarleyFatboy

    B-1 General Topic September #1

    doesn't read to be a very exciting apartment with the three old maids back. Maybe they will turn it on for you if and when Irma is either through spotting or her period is over. At any rate, you all want repeats and with repeats you get this kind of stuff..........a boring read!
  12. Sounds like Megan's soul purpose in the Hotel Barcelona is to parade girls around in front of her trial boyfriend. Sounds like she organizes these get togethers when he is there just so he can see the girls in some form of undress. What a waste of time and money from the sounds of it.
  13. I'm sure they were just finalizing the spectacle that you are going to see tonight!