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  1. If what you say is true, I'm sure she's done enough drugs in those 8 days that she hasn't had to drink
  2. How much time has it been hidden in your opinion? To me, based on what I know, this theory has all kinds of holes in it.
  3. I totally respect your opinion of me and I'm glad you found the ignore button. Not everyone can take what I'm dealing out and that's OK. We all have our reasons for being here and I just want it to be enjoyable for you and if putting me on the ignore list accomplishes you being more enjoyable, then I'm happy for you!! Have a great day and tell Peg I said hello!!
  4. Alberto and Bogdan don't treat it like anything because they know why they are doing it in the first place. Now, could it develop into some kind of mutual love for each other, sure it could but the bottom line is it's to help the overall ratings and numbers that RLC views each month, if not weekly. In your last paragraph you asked a question....."But what about Nelly & Martina? The answer is simple, Martina is detached from B4 in a separate apartment. Therefore it makes more sense for Nelly to hook up with another girl than to shit where she eats. Don't you find it strange how jus
  5. P.S. Also, it's for them to be able to wear T-Shirts that say "Porno" or "Lazy But Rich".....you have to admit, if your willing to plaster your naked body all over the internet by choice, your bank account is not going to suffer!!
  6. I thought you were a pretty smart lady but I can see that you still don't have this whole RLC concept figured out yet. Yes, I'm sure what M&N are doing looks real and probably full of passion considering N is one of the biggest showboats on RLC.....everything to extreme drama with her no doubt. You have to realize that regardless of what numbers any website shows for RLC, they're hurting big time. These two are doing what they are doing, trying to save a sinking ship. Don't be fooled into believing for one second that it is "real" love or lust. By now, just from what I've read of
  7. From what I've read over the years.....I think you are spot on!!
  8. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply but I felt like I had to poot and I wasn't sure about it and didn't want it to turn out to be more prudent, so I had to rush to the bathroom LOL. First off, who will never go out? Who will be friends with those you have already seen? As for being accompanied by a veteran girl, that's absolutely the worst thing that could happen. They need new girls with fresh new ideas or just girls that really want to just be themselves. The RLC shows are repetitive, monotonous, and stupidly fake for the most part. Haven't you seen enough BS massages to last you
  9. RLC is dead regardless of what time they turn into bed. It's like you meeting a woman for the first time and due to your lucky shirt, you hit it off big time. Does that mean you should wear the same shirt for the next 5, 6, or 7 meet ups? Hopefully not LMAO....it's the same with RLC when it comes to all these repeats. There is not one person on this forum that can be totally honest and tell me that what I'm saying isn't true. It's like passing the same billboard with the same drawing or message on it, dad after day after freaking day. These girls are stale and they need the whole site to
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