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  1. Y'all have a good day. I'm out to eat lunch with my grandkids!!
  2. You can think all you want to Noldy. No sub for me my friend. I have people that keep me filled in with emails, PM's, video clips, on what is or is not happening. I'm done with RLC or at least giving RLC my money!
  3. Are you sure she has a BF? From what I've read and been shown, I wouldn't be to sure. From the few toy bate clips I've seen of her, she has never even penetrated herself. Everything is clitorial stimulation. I'm not so sure she is not a virgin. You all watch it everyday and please correct me if I'm wrong but from the clips of her I've seen there has never been any actual, provable penetration. There is absolutely no telling what she gets up to outside the apartment, but I'm willing to bet there are no guys involved........but hey, I've been wrong many times before :)
  4. Hello all, I've been in the country for the past 4 days and just wanted to say hi. From the last 15 to 20 pages it appears that not much has gone on......the same ole, same ole. At any rate, I'm caught up now and going to bed. Have a great night and a pleasant tomorrow!! Night all............Harley
  5. Goodnight to all, I'm fixing to rustle me up some dinner and get ready to watch the baseball game. Everyone, have a great night, happy viewing, and I will catch you all later...........Harley
  6. I'm sure a good night sleep is what we both could use!
  7. Hi Legrand and Hello to the rest of the forum. I have just come on to catch up on the forum before the Yankee's & Indian's game starts. Legrand, I'm sorry to hear all the troubles you are going through. I will put you and your doctors in my prayers!! You can make it Legrand, just keep a positive attitude and let the doctors do what they know how to do. I'm pulling for you buddy!!!
  8. Goodnight everyone.....see you all tomorrow!!
  9. What do you drive?

    I understand A.S. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!!
  10. What do you drive?

    I hate to hear this A.S. I didn't know that you have been having any kind of troubles.
  11. Can you explain this a little better Sergio??
  12. That would be nice now wouldn't it :)