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  1. all i have to say is some of these girls better get the most out of their youth because they won't make it that long in their life at the rate they are going!!
  2. after that ranking you showed, you need to hope they make it to next year!
  3. Maybe Sofie's replacement? If so, she will be ruined by the time Sofie is done with her, no matter if you approved of her finest hour last night or not 🙂
  4. i don't think you are the only one Sergio, i think there are others as well but they are not vocal about it.
  5. i think after 6 years you should not only be tired, but also a bit fed up with a lot of what you have seen. sure, you get to see new girls on occasion but all in all it's the same thing month after month.....year after year and not two many years from now it will be decade after decade. you are right with one thing, something does need to change and rather quickly i would think!
  6. and as well as it must have went for you and others watching, it seemed like an eternity for those of us that don't watch. she like others seemed to have gotten attached to what was on the outside more than the inside in the last few weeks of her stay which caused her to kind of shutdown in the big house. all and all though from what i have read, she was a good tenant for RLC and the viewer, but by no means would i like to read where she ever comes back!
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