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  1. Then why would you say something like that in the first place!!!!
  2. Earn the big room? She will never be a leader and she will never step up and drive anything!! There is not enough time except when she comes back for her 20th time.....maybe by then there will be a sufficient amount of time. I love reading posts where you obviously see and can weed out the people on this forum that have blinders on. Apparently the girls were out the entire day, only to come home and feed you dogs a sour bone. Wake up people, this is RLC and the script never changes!!! I don't even watch and I can tell you that Rose is the leader!! I thought you were a smart one Emmett!!!
  3. I'm Done!

    Dear ooopel, I am not all that familiar with you on CC and for that I am sorry! I appreciate the kind words and thank you for the compliment. I really don't want to leave but the mods of this forum and some of the members leave me no choice. It isn't worth the banning, it isn't worth the headache, and anymore the posts from the guys that are controlling this forum is for sure not worth reading. None of the real things can, nor are, ever discussed. It's a one way street and that streets name is "Praise The Girls"! Sorry, but that's just plain sad and quite frankly, very boring. People want to hear the truth and it goes unspoken here!!! I think the RLC Replay feature has hurt this forum in more ways than one. To the point that none of the strange things that happen with the Barca apartments or KK&K for that matter ever get reported......NOTICE, that is only 3 apartments I'm talking about. Not to mention it has changed the way people used to view RLC 24/7. Now people leave and actually get out more because from the sound of it, Replay is pretty reliable except for a few glitches every now and then so they just catch up on replay instead of sitting at their computers all day. Replay is good for the forum when times are posted of events and it's bad for the forum because people are just not watching RLC live as much or if a certain euro person doesn't want to blow off a date because he thought he was going to miss something, he doesn't have to. Just my opinion.....worth what you payed for it LOL. Thanks for the kind words, Harley
  4. I'm Done!

    Joey, You and I have shared many things but UNFORTUNATELY is was never with a fine cigar or an exquisite brandy! You always new how to keep me grounded and I appreciate that very much!! I know I say things on this forum that tends to tick people off, but it's the only way I know how to be. You know that and you get me and thank you for that!! "The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving." You know me and you know that these words could never be more true. I appreciate your wisdom and forethought and always being there when I needed to vent! You've always gone out of your way to provide some great and interesting videos to this forum that should make people want to say hmmmmmmmm........as if they were never something to have been thought about!! Your time alone in making those videos, should be highly praised!! Keep picking them up and putting them down my friend!!! Your friend, Harley
  5. I'm Done!

    Amy, I don't know you like I know some of the others on this forum but just wanted to say thank you. So, THANK YOU and I enjoyed your posts!!
  6. I'm Done!

    I'm a straight up kind of guy Ed. There are no gray areas with me Ed and some people have a hard time dealing with that but they will always know where they stand with me!! A lot of the posts that I have made to this forum, had to be toned way done because of the sensitivity of the members and where they stand with girls that most of them will never meet in person. I know that some have met some of these girls and if that's what puts lead in their pencils then more power to them! I don't have a diplomatic bone in my body unfortunately but it hasn't hindered me from making a ton of friends throughout my life. Thanks for the compliment with you not leaving CC and sticking around!! I consider you a friend and I can take the good with the bad things that people say about me on here so no worries there. We did have some good conversations and I appreciate you for that!! It's going to take me some time to get all that I want to keep from my PM folders so I will be here for a while yet until that gets done. I don't live on CC anymore like I used to and have other things pulling me in different directions.......hell, I just spent over 4 hours at doctors offices lol. I do want to say thank you for always being honest with me and telling me goodbye!! Take Care, Harley
  7. I'm Done!

    Hello All, I have given this much thought and I have decided to leave this "BS" forum. The mods and the people that suck up to them have ruined what once was a good forum. Unless you are a member of the chosen few club on this forum, you can not say what you think or believe or speculate about the tenants (Barca girls, I could care less about any of the other tenants) of RLC without getting bashed and harassed by the mods and the people that control them. This is STRICTLY a one way forum, it's either the mods and the people that control them's way or it's the banned way. The girls of Barca are pretty to look at but you all know what they do when they leave the apartment!! I won't miss reading positive post after positive post on those girls with the sole purpose of hoping that they will show you just how big of sluts they can be. I won't miss reading positive post after positive post on these girls so that they build tents in your camping area. It's all because you fucking idiots believe that it buys you something, that they will do more because lord knows they don't do shit 95% (and I'm being nice with that percentage) of the time they are in the apartments and when they do, they laugh in you all's poor pathetic faces!! I will miss very few of you on this forum. The euromike's, happyone's, snakeaters, vlkvlk's, and so on, I could care less about!! StnCld316 all I ask is that I be given the time to go through my PM's and keep the things that I want to keep, and after that I will be asking you to delete my profile. Thank You!
  8. I looked at the pictures of how Rose was dressed to go to yet ANOTHER birthday party LMAO. She could have used some safety pins or something to keep her tits in. I've lost all respect for her (didn't have much in the first place) that I ever had. She could have picked something more concealing and Legrand was right, with that outfit her tits would have been out every time she changed positions. Yes Ed, I know what the girls of today wear to parties and even though they might show the cleavage and open backs or the short dresses, they don't wear clothes where their tits will be hanging out of them more than they are in them!!
  9. Legrand, I'll check out those pictures later. I'm getting off now. Take care!!
  10. Why can a person not have an opinion on this forum without getting harassed? Why is it your primary goal to shelter what people read of these girls? Do you not see the folly in all of that? I guess I will just have to be quiet and bite my tongue before I get sent to time out again. Strangest forum I've ever been a member of!
  11. This is the first post I've read of how Rosie was dressed. You are telling me she went out to wherever in a dress that would not contain her tits? If this is the case, I hope they went to a lesbian club because I just lost all respect for Rosie. I did read that she borrowed some clothes but I'm sure she could have picked something else that was not as revealing. It kind of says a lot about what kind of girl she is doesn't it!!
  12. I don't watch the circus anymore but I can bet you that the girls still turn their cellphones away from the cameras or position their bodies so that you can't see them. As for what they talk about on the streams you speak of, that will never change because it would hurt RLC's outside business!!
  13. The fun outside the house is all RLC!!!