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  1. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    Goodnight all, another depressing and boring read!
  2. HarleyFatboy

    Girls and their boyfriends

    I was done wrong by RLC in my opinion, but please don't cancel anything because of how negative I am towards RLC. RLC needs to be strung up by the balls and the curtains and have the shit beat out of them in my opinion. It does no good to cancel if you wait a month and rejoin again. They have your numbers and they fishbone that data on a daily basis. If you are going to cancel, make it for good like I did or else nothing will change!! Have a good night Smoke 🙂
  3. What a depressing read!! I don't see how you people can follow this soap opera nite after nite!!!
  4. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    LOL get your eyes checked Fagen, I said shopping cart 🙂
  5. Sounds like all the girls went to their monthly business dinner. Why else would they leave the "boyfriend" behind!!
  6. From all the comments I've read about her, I would have to agree with you.
  7. That's the way it sounds to me Rockin and what do you think the supposed Italian boyfriend of Adri's would say if he found out she was flashing her pussy at some girls boyfriend. When she does for those of you that pay to see it, that't one thing, but when she does it to another girls boy friend over the phone, that's a completely different story. At least in my mind it is! I don't think there is anything that these types of girls do that it's not for their own personal gain. Smoke & Mirrors!!
  8. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    I might have to ask for that video clip then. Thanks for the info!
  9. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    I will say this about Mila though, she is one very attractive young lady. She is the kind of girl that would have an mischievous side to her!
  10. HarleyFatboy

    Caught Up...

    I appreciate the info Milaislove but I've already seen how Mila experiments on her body so if that is all she did there is nothing new there for me. Thanks again for the reply though! PS.....WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!!
  11. Hello Noldy, I had already created a Gen topic #4 and you just created another one!
  12. I don't subscribe to RLC anymore JC and even if I did, I wouldn't pay for instant replay. Thanks for the offer though!
  13. You are probably right Ed but that is not normal behavior where I come from. I realize we southerners are more reserved than most other countries/cultures but I am a firm believer that once you are in a relationship with someone, you are committed to that person no matter what country/culture you are from. I don't believe in the things these girls do to earn a buck and if their real boyfriend new half of what they did, I'm sure he wouldn't like it at all. I'm sure they could find a real job if they wanted to bad enough. The problem is, is they don't want a regular job because they can't party all night and sleep all day with a regular job.
  14. LOL yes sir it is but it didn't come without a price. I fed the buddy of mine clips and pictures of the girls and their shenanigans up until I finally had had enough of their BS. So, it was years of wasting my money for his benefit. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and he is contemplating giving it up...............go figure!! When and if he does, I guess I will have to find somebody else if there is something I really want to see. He will not send me hardly anything unless I ask for it. He knows that I don't want to see every bate that a girl does and he knows I only want something that is special and different. Reading about the girls rubbing in B2, the silly game show of I'll show you mine if you show me yours in B4, I'm not interested in that type of stuff. I was sent a video of Candy peeing in the shower from one of our CC members because he knows I'm in to the different kind of things like he is. You really have to be watching one girl to catch stuff like that!!
  15. or do what I do, don't pay your fees and get the material you want to see for free!!