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  1. Caught up....another boring read! Have a good night all and a better tomorrow, that is unless you are watching RLC!!!
  2. Took the words right out of my mouth........thank you Ed!!!! Take into account thy own words that are spoken!!
  3. Caught up.....it's so easy to do these days. Goodnight all......sleep well :)
  4. LOL......just stay on your side and everybody will be fine!!
  5. I will agree and stand behind you on the drugs part......the roof thing is the first I've heard of it. The girls are coke heads and that's a fact, the roof part I'm not so sure. Have a great night Ed :)
  6. Why would I??? Because I don't give a damn for the girl. I think she is cheap as the day is long, I don't care for the way she acted when I was a member, she's fake as a 3 dollar bill. She has a lot of people fooled on this forum, but that's easy to do when you keep trying to stay positive. Have a great night :)
  7. Top of the evening to everyone :) So I read that the perverted photographer is back once again and this time he brought his trusty sidekick supposedly. I'm sure even though people (other than a couple of them) are not saying it, I'm sure they are thinking that they are tired of the photographer showing up day after day. I read that someone said he is mentoring Anna and that's great, but if I was a paying member of RLC I would want him mentoring her outside the apartment just like he has done thousands of times before. From what I've been reading he shows up and camps out for hours and hours. Aren't you all tired of seeing his ugly mug? I hope I haven't said anything bad to cause any of you to report me. I'm caught up, have a great night everyone :)
  8. You are how you feel.....I'm happy for you Rose!
  9. I totally understand. The language barrier can be very tough at times. I'm thinking about learning how to speak French and possibly German, that should be fun lol. My son found a website where you can learn different languages for free. I've been thinking about trying it. He is currently learning French and is doing quite well at it.
  10. This is the last thing I'm going to say about this.............enough has been seen and enough has been heard to know that these girls are not just normal girls. You can choose to believe that all you want, but myself and others I'm sure would have to disagree with you. Have a great day :)
  11. Goodnight everyone.....I hope you all's evening was full of joy and pleasure :)
  12. They love animals....................don't be so sure about that :)