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  1. Amen brother!!!
  2. IF other newbies are as observant as yourself, then the forum doesn't need you! Who comes to a forum and doesn't read any of the threads for the apartment he's going to post in to see the flow or try to understand the vibe of the forum. Nicole's seizure was talked about at length, had you taken the time to look!!! Apparently there is no education that can help you!!
  3. Sounds like an absolute disappointment by Rosie to me! It's ok to tell the truth Ben!!
  4. Did you actually make your first post on a new thread called "Nicole had a Seizure?" without reading all the existing threads thinking that someone else might have posted something about it???? I'm sorry, but I just don't understand people like yourself.
  5. It was only a poor attempt at a joke on my part.......sorry, didn't mean to imply anything by it.
  6. Very common for people to act this way after a seizure. My son tries to talk after a seizure and you can't make anything out of it. He talks gibberish until after he has had some sleep and allowed the brain to heal. What bothers me is Nicole saying she is scared. That makes me think that this seizure might just be her first one. I don't know for sure but that is the way it sounds to me.
  7. Believe it or not there is a link to seizures from the strobing affect of lights such as emergency vehicles and also with video games. My son will not look at the lights on emergency vehicles to this day because of it.
  8. Hi Noldy, have you looked at a graph of your time lines lately for the amount of time the girls spend out of the apartments vs. inside the apartments where they are actually doing anything other than sleeping? I'm just curious to see what a graph of that nature would look like.
  9. Thanks CowArt, and I hope you never have to gain any experience in the matter. It's a dreadful disease!!
  10. Most people that are Epileptic and that have Grand Mal Seizures, don't have them that frequently if they follow what they are supposed to do. I've seen my son go almost a year without having one, but then again I've seen him have two in 4 months. The difference was him not taking care of himself, not getting the rest he needs, being stressed out at work, and just not eating right. He is tall like I am and what always worries me is when he has one while he is standing up. One night he and I were over at my oldest bros house shooting pool and in between games he was practicing some bank shots and concentrating hard on them and then all of a sudden he started to seize and I recognized it and rushed over to him to try and guide him to the ground. He's 6'1" and weighs about 195 lbs, and even though I was there and trying to guide him to the ground he still managed to rip a 3" hole in has back from the hearth of my brothers fire place. If by chance this was Nicole's first seizure, she definitely needs to see a doctor and not put that off!
  11. I'm a Ford guy so I'm kind of parcel to anything Ford. The Eco Boost models do have some really nice acceleration once those turbo's get spooled up! My son drives a 2013 F150 FX4 Eco Boost and that truck is crazy quick for being a truck. It won't hang with my Raptor but he get's over 1/2 the gas mileage mine gets. I have a feeling there would be quite a few people on here that would give Lyree their registration lol.
  12. I've only seen this car in pictures and really don't know to much about them. Looks like an awesome ride though!!