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  1. not as far as i'm concerned. what i don't understand is how you can profess your love for some girl on your computer screen....that's what boggles my mind the most!!
  2. you are correct, there are those you speak of that try to milk as much money in tokens as they can. there are however, plenty of girls that will show it for free and you can understand what most if not all of them say lol.
  3. what makes the RLC viewers world go around and only for a minimal fee of $45.00 a month! if all you want to see is many shots of pussy and asshole, tune in to Chaturbate or MyFreeCams and you can see all of that for the minimal price of $0.00 or in other words....for frickin free!!
  4. why not...girls have been doing that for years lol i'll catch you later C84, fixing to go with my son to listen to some live music. have a good evening!!
  5. i think you sound like a broken record but it's your money and you have frustration over what you're paying for, just don't keep repeating the same thing when it's guys that are getting paid to come in and service these girls. if i was into hetero sex which by no means i am not, the last thing i would want to see is exactly what happened with Sara & Stella and is now going to happen with B4 with the parasites. the parasites are just what RLC is looking for, guys that aren't afraid to get naked and fuck in front of a large audience. there is no love being shared, it's just fucking and that is something i don't like and never have!! if it was a true relationship like Karol and her guy had, it wouldn't bother me so much but when it's like Sara & Stella had or Holly and fro boy had it bothers the shit out of me. enough said...you either get my point or you don't!!!
  6. i didn't see any of what you are talking about or i would have been all over commenting on it like flies on stink!! Maybe others haven't seen it yet either. Give people that actually have a life, time to see it and that's all i have to say!
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