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  1. You are correct SC, if nothing else they can find out for sure what is wrong with her hopefully.
  2. LOL that's what it sounds like to me only because i've had them and your welcome H1
  3. when i had mine, i was at work and broke out in a cold sweat. they called an ambulance for me and took me to the hospital. i had no idea what was going on. when my son arrived i had already been stripped out of my clothes and i had asked him to put them in a bag for me. he went to put them in a bag and said they were soaking wet. i was in unbelievable pain and couldn't take anything for pain until they made sure what was wrong with me. the pain is excruciating!
  4. i'm sure them doing it on the couch is all for the viewer LOL
  5. i've had them and the pain was on my right side. i never had pain in my lower back from kidney stones.
  6. sounds like all the signs of kidney stones.......it's very painful when you are trying to pass a kidney stone.
  7. so i hear that the new girl is also out of the Serafima stables. before long they will all be out of the Serafima stables!!
  8. sounds like kidney stones to me. was she showing any signs of nausea or throwing up?
  9. i'm sorry, Karla from what i've seen of her, doesn't do a thing for me. Rose on the other hand, now that's a different story!
  10. i know Noldus is right on a lot of things he says but even he can be wrong at times. i believe the guys are still in Barcelona and you can believe what you want to believe. until i see a post from the translator that Noldus used for his theory, i will maintain they are still in Barcelona!
  11. what are you talking about exactly? you lost me on this post lol
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