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  1. Trump Will be Impeached

    It surprises me how many people think that one government trying to do something to another country’s government is something new. The Internet simply gave everybody a nw angle on spying and overthrow. But it has been going on since day 1. As an American I do not fear Russia meddling. They are simply trying to do to us, what we would like to do to them. Besides, I think China is better at hacking. The difference is what each is trying to accomplish. China _is stealing industrial secrets and infringements to grow their economy, which is what Trump is trying to address - the bigger threat. What Russia is trying to do is simply par for the course.
  2. Jasmin cannot stop masturbating. 2 or 3 times a day for past two days. Period n the horizon.
  3. Yeah, I think Jasmin has makeup free days in her bedroom. I have seen several girls iin there without makeup a certain times.
  4. Hasanybody ever seen Kamilla have an orgasm?
  5. Jasmin rubbing her tits on Rosemarys pussy in the bath. Funny dynamic there. Rosemary tried to get Jasmin off and could not. And since then Jasmin has taken over agressor role(Rosemarys role). That is called flipping the script.
  6. Super lesbian Rosemary already has her hands oon the new girl, Cerena. Rosemary is like Kira, she likes to get girls off. So far my impression of Cerena is another Sophie, Super fine but no money shot.
  7. Trump Will be Impeached

    Trump is too smart to fire Mueller or Sessions,it is a trap. That is why everybody keeps talking about it - they are trying to make him do it. Another year of wasted taxpayers dollars and Muellers career will be permanently ended. Sessions apparently took the job to help the senators take down the business man. If an outsider is sucessful congress loses all their corrupt money making schemes. The biggest mistake Trump will make is Syria. Americans do not care about Syria. Any actions there will cast a shadow of doubt, which is also why that is what the news media is hoping for. I hope they do impeach Trump, and then find out that Pence is even more extreme.
  8. High and dry. Gotta watch the typos.
  9. Lately it has been as hard for Sasha to get off, as t always is for Martina. Alberto is about to bust one and leave her high ad try.
  10. Thanks. That makes things a lot easier.
  11. Thank you, It is difficult when you do not understand the language. RLC just posts the names. What movie did they make?
  12. Okay, I am assuming that Masha is the male, Sasha is the blonde, and Dasha is the addition.