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  1. I hope Kristy,s friends are not moving in.... dogs breath.
  2. Obviously not, which is your point. But at least show signs of being alive.
  3. Good riddens to Kamila, and Kaley - Katja can stay away too. we need new cams and girls that are not trifling. Kristy can be okay at times. Otherwise, she is a super tease. Does not show pussy, which usually means it ain’t cute.
  4. I hope and pray the pesident Trump is successful, that you seeem to hope otherwise IS un-American.
  5. You should be afraid of what happens in America if they impeach Trump. Foreign governments, epecially thhe US have been interfering since the beginning of governments.
  6. I assume the Christmas tree is some kind of requirement, but what they did is shameful. They seem to show a lack of respect to the project.
  7. This apartment is. total waste of time. That they are still there is puzzling.
  8. Trump haters are proving themselves ignorant. This persecution of Trump leads me to believe that Watergate was a political hack job. If Trump was guilty of something it would have been uncovered before he took office because Obama’s FBI was watching him the entire time. You should not live in a democracy if you do not respect the results of the election. I did not like Obama, or Bush Jr. I like Trump because China is the biggest threat in the world, and he seems to have accepted the chalenge. Who do you think had Canada arrest the Huawei CEO? However, if you choose to display ignorance, so be it.
  9. I agree, but I can’t be mad at them.... good work if you can get it. There are very few true voyeur apartments. The rest are all fake, in.a very disapponting way. The other similar sites are all porn. RLC is a bit classier .
  10. That does not change my opinion, because I have never seen any of them spend any time with their pet. And I watch often. Apparently RLC encourages hamster and rabbit ownership, and maybe on a rotating basis. Martina actually made a 3 tiered enclosure and put it in the spare bedroom. She often sits in the hallway playng with them. Everybody else welcomes their pet, even Lana plays with her rabbit despite taking .awhile to warmup to it. I guess I missed that one day when Kami and Kaley engaged with their pet. I know they have a big fan base. I have no idea why.
  11. I agre that rum hired Guliani as a distraction. He is useless otherwise.
  12. The fact that they let the Hamster die alone on the outside pretty much sums up my sentiments about ths apartment. Kamila is the wicked witch of the South. Kaley is her sidekick. Kaley was lost without Kami. She missed her so much she slept with her door open every night aftr she returned. She never sleeps with her door open. Tonight is the first night in is closed since Kami’s return. Kristy is okay but she only teases the pussy, like Sophie - never shows.
  13. I agree. Kira seems to be doting, trying to hold on. Nina seems. to be there simply because Kira is familiar. She doesn’t want to start over.
  14. Agreed. But from the sound of things they will be there awhile. That house is a writeoff for me. Unless you like staring a Kaley’s ass.
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