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  1. Hey mate, if you have some great groups or channels for Telegram, i'm in. Thanks

  2. Somebody does not understand that on CC you have to post pictures to another website then put link here. READ!
  3. I know that the current thought trend is that the VP is going to end-up as P. But my instincts tell me that is not how Washington works. His cabinet will run the country like the Borg. Biden will smile, make great speeches, and pat every woman's ass. Karmela will fully assume the role of VP until the next election.
  4. One thing you have to realize about Linda is that her pussy is for Tibor's pleasure only. Or she is, "pussy shy". She does air it out about once or twice per year tho.... (Content No Longer Available)
  5. More fun..... ones. (Content No Longer Available) .flv so, enter at your own risk. Not worth my time to convert.
  6. They will call the election at some point before going off-air, for it to be network profitable. They always know the percentage of votes remaining, once the scale is tipped to a candidate - with under 50% of the vote left to count, they'll call it.
  7. That scene was totally lame, uninspired and obligatory - it was her turn RLC/contract-wise. This is the real deal. (Content No Longer Available)
  8. Hey! nice video

  9. They are wearing the same blouse. Anything is possible, but unless they are twins, sisters probably would not wear matching blouses, besties would. And since women tend to be more educated than men (controversy) - they are probably college room mates. The photos they took were intimate, touching bums.... again, something friends would do.
  10. She's a wet one...... (Content No Longer Available)
  11. From Russia with love. Rare footage of the 2K's - for those who know. https://rapidgator.net/file/58dadcd2211176bdaedfc30e69b335ae/FromRussiaWithLove.flv.html
  12. That is a very good fairy tale. We support each other in attempt to create some form of equality.
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