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  1. "something to really think about in these trying times". Denied equal opportunity for 300 years, and subject to lynching..... Blacks.
  2. Yes. One day - which has already been determined, you will see her cunt, which simply cannot be that magnificent - because its just a cunt.
  3. She is gonna do the same as Malia to draw viewers: Startout bashful, the breasts are okay - and in about 30 days, vagina is okay, after 45-60 days - viola! Masturbation.
  4. I pay for rapidgator - for other purposes. So it is free to upload. No intention to earn money. It is clean, simple, and easy - and to my knowledge, beyond the reach of US controls.
  5. The odd thing about Curly and Gina is that the last girl Curly was really crazy about (she was juicy - he could screw her 3 times a day and always get hard) occupied the same room Gina is in now.
  6. I tried to find the beginning.... if you are talking about Leora, I 100% agree - though I do not fault her. She is a good business woman. Then she can come here to find out what is working and what is not. Do not hate the player, hate the game.
  7. Never happen, RLC is a dictatorship. Not to mention there would be too many requests.
  8. This video confirms my suspicion that Gina never intended for Curly to penetrate her. He wore her down. He tried to get the Twins but they were adamant, and prevailed - despite everybody being in the bathtub naked. I am certain that Gina is disappointed that he conquered her, while her very good friends (The Twins) prevailed.
  9. Correct, Nina is selfish and intentionally inflicts her selfishness on Kira. Kira just love getting her off though. The one thing Nina does is she will try to get Kira off sometimes, though Kira seems reluctant.
  10. They're porn stars.... orgasms are hard to come by.
  11. Thanks I thought it was something like that, then I ran across a vid from Sophie and got confused.
  12. Does anybody remember her name, I forget? Labia Alert! (Pay Per Click Link Removed)
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