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  1. adamneve


    I salute him (Cheesehead51) in his bravery and you (NagaC) also for the friendship you created with him. His posts, some of them were witty and direct, and I appreciated his contribution here. Reading what you have posted, I often wondered how Cheesehead51 suddenly appeared but hey, most just do. My thoughts are with him and hope that whatever he does right now he will find peace. My best to you Cheesehead51... NagaC thank you for this, seriously thank you. Cheesehead51..
  2. Ivan cut his hair so short.. it dosen't even look like him..
  3. Yulia and him still having sex, but she was on the phone while he was eating her out....hmm so if they are making up.. or breaking up its involving a lot of sex..
  4. She is stunning and all I can say for him.. is dude you pulled good.. enjoy...
  5. Well Yulia was jumping up and down and up and down..naked of course. one of the finest displays of ass jumping on RLC ever and I mean forever... Yes...
  6. Yes its a huge place ..poor Olivia and Nick literally have the guest room and bedroom space with a broom cupboard..
  7. Diana didn't stay long as I recall.. maybe she is back to carry one where she left off?.
  8. Yes she was, its her tats (no not tits) that I remembered at the back of her thighs...one of the early B4 girls...(got a lot to catch up on here)
  9. Diane just relaxing... daaaayum those globes of fun look amazing..
  10. adamneve

    Olivia & Nick Chat Topic 2019 #1

    Whoooaa! ! i'm thinking Nick is made of the same cloth as Fedor...he just slapped the ass of his girl..threw her around...and...she just sucked his dick...cuddled up and off to sleep...
  11. He will have to be very careful which hand to choose to rub an alternate pussy... one hand is definitely off limits..
  12. i hope the noise which is bound to get louder does not upset the neighbours...
  13. So they will be undertaking Nyotaimori tonight? From Anna?...