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  1. Irma and Dan left,10.48 am Dan wearing only what can be described as a belt!!! that dress ended at her ass..lol.. well there's confidence for you..
  2. Great to see Irma and Dan sitting on the bed just chatting... sweeeeeet..
  3. That Famous "walk up the B1 stairs" great to see it again awesome
  4. Karol... creaming and exercising..looks like she is tightening her toned body up...
  5. Irma downward dog position over the bath....ahh sorry she is washing her hair...
  6. Cam 9 agrees with you too lol... like hell yeah..
  7. The nightly creaming sessions by Karol... oh yeah..
  8. I have a little footage too.. so ill take the minimal...
  9. Karol has lost some weight... makes her look older...shame when she was in B4... daaayum she was more curvier...not much.. but it was there..
  10. Karol in the shower again..
  11. Hmmm now what could be a good reason..?
  12. Danaya stroking Irma's tits...."nice tits Irma" Irma..pulling Danaya's panties aside....."Nice pussy Dan.."..lol...
  13. I am looking forward to hearing Irma's song again.... 7 Seconds Away...... I wonder if its still her go to song..
  14. Would you believe I actually cancelled my subs last week..??? lol... unreal...