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  1. I honestly do not know how they eat so much at such late hours Amanda has a full on meal on the go..
  2. I think you are right NagaC... skipped my mind... thanks for the correction.. of course they did..
  3. Jenn and Frank away in B1 tonight....looks like they are returning the visit..
  4. Amazing Amanda looks stunning in her black lingerie...looking like she is ready to go...
  5. Amanda upset .. must have been told something in the phone call she had.... aww cheer up Amanda...
  6. Hmm you would think with all the subs.. toilet paper would not be an issue...
  7. Jenn and Frank going very slowly...probably getting use to the cms...
  8. No but they are warming up.. looks like they like neo soul too
  9. Missed it but she's pretty clued up about all that I'm sure lol...
  10. Ah well... right now I guess the jury is out on the newbies.. they may come good..
  11. lol...makes Amanda and Pablo look awesome..
  12. Amanda... its never too late for her to get her sexy on... bj for pablo
  13. 23.07 Amanda updating the passports..online..
  14. Looks like the power is out again in B4 all darkness again!!..