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  1. Is hakeem the first black man as a tenant on rlc?
  2. Daaayum everytime I see mama se mama sa Maracuya,, she is either bent double, giving a bj having sex... she relentless...
  3. Salma and her art of seduction continues.. nipple sucking,,,licking the prelude..very seductive..
  4. Unpack in the haste to use....somehow pre-packed plastic items do not react well with flesh unless thoroughly cleaned...
  5. Salma.. looks like she is in charge of the pussy... wherever she goes....
  6. Marat no mates no girl ....well if he brought this on himself...gotta eat that pie dude.. and its not the best tasting thing to swallow..
  7. They could always fly in Ludmilla Olga the Cleaner in her starched pressed whites and her obligatory thong...
  8. Gotta say no for that.. i like the 3 rooms she Confined too (lol) easy to follow..
  9. All knowing Noldus.. probably correct dude..
  10. I said earlier.."something about Salma".. not been watching in a while but wasn't she the one who came earlier for less than a week but had to leave quickly?..
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