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  1. I miss Danaya .......................................


  2. danaya the first, you're right (but danaya before she lost weight) ; for me she's the one (before and after 😉 ) Irma sould be always in a good place in ths compettition 😉
  3. good idea realifecam ! welcome back kristy !!!! yes nice to see you !!!!
  4. absolutely !! it is cool all of us have different view ; no problem for me 😉
  5. yes she was ever a mother the last time she came. So she can come one more time... the power of money !!!
  6. Dayana is not like these girls, but she had a lot and lot of dead fish moments, you're right, but compared the girls you say, it is nothing (for me these girls gives us boring uninteresting moments, itis worst) . And now she is one of the more experiment so she know when do dead fish moment and when do other moments. At the begining she react impulsive (sometimes crazy moments, sometimes cry moments sometimes dead fish moments sometimes funny moments). I think theseimpulsive moments is over for her, but i hope always and always. I know i m ridiculus, but all of us here have a favorite and don
  7. Lia and Mia.... pfff .... If RLC want to invite old tenants, that could be nice idea, but the twins.....they can be invite Dayana and i will suscribe but never for these 2 girls.
  8. lia mia ??? seriously ????????? beurrrkkkk........ i will never come suscription on rlc with these girls .... except if i need to sleep
  9. RLC try to invite old tenants in barcelona,as nelly & bogdan, since that is difficult in russia ; most of them have contribute to the popularity of rlc, and nelly & bogdan were popular ; so see in the archives to see the next tenants of rlc. I think that can be a good idea, even if i understand lot of viewers want new. But old tenants know the lore of rlc. So we can bet for the future tenants : anabel&elfim , kristy and his bf, perhaps nina&kira , and for sure one day dayana, perhaps irma in couple, ilona and his bf or alone...
  10. thanks RLC to this new appart !!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so happppppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! My Dayana is perfect : more fit, perfect body , and seem so happy Yeah ! Irma ah Irma.........And Karol too ofc. Thanks to the 3 girls for the return ! i've so dream of that ! Youpi !!!!!!
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