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  1. I wish motormouth would go back to her own apartment
  2. She might have more class but I bet he has more money
  3. I live in uk and have found girls talk about 3 things sex, fashion, alcohol.
  4. I for one don't have a clue about this new format and am to old to change so won't be renewing my subscription and judging by the poll result so far I am not alone As the old saying goes 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'
  5. i've been away so not up to date what's up with Malia's legs
  6. I take it the 3 moderators and 1 forum administrator work for RLC and Voyeur House if not who died and put them in charge
  7. Don't know about you but I miss Hakeem he bought us more new girls in a month than RLC did in 3 months
  8. don't know who lover boy is but he is not doing her any good she is beginning to look tired for tired read rough as guts and miserable to boot definitely time to go for go read retire. and before I get a load of abuse save your time because I don't give a toss
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