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  1. ApeApeMan

    Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    It does appear that way. Maybe Sam is having a problem with it. Eva seem to be trying to reassure him.
  2. Some guys think if a girl won't show anything then she's special. So they tip them more. Not me of course. lol
  3. My exact words... c&p "I don't think she wants to be tied down. Shes seems to be doing rather well just the way she is." I didn't say I knew anything. You are the one with all the years of expertise in her.
  4. No. Just don't care for know it all's. Let it go dude. You have the perfect life and have all the answers. And we all should pay for you a ticket to where ever Kami is so you can go there and make all her decisions for her.. of course you will need an interpreter. Next time you talk to her you should check on that.
  5. By the way if you check I have been here since 2013. I usually don't offer my opinion for obvious reasons.
  6. If you dance to the music, you have to pay to the piper. Still waiting to see whats next here.
  7. It seems Sasha went and got permission from Masha and is now fucking Dasha in the bath. Say it with me! "Alpha Male!"
  8. I know that I don't know for sure what she wants. Maybe you are right. The misunderstanding is that you accept your opinion and deductions as facts. it seems and it takes a lot more for me to accept something as a fact. Half of what I see and none of what I hear... something like that.
  9. If you do understand Russian I can't see how you can be SURE you know EXACTLY.
  10. Dasha was giving him head with the door open and Masha was in the shower. When they heard the door. Dasha got up and closed the door. And they continued. Seems like there would have been a threesome by now
  11. Masha is about to get out of the shower.. Lets see what happens now.
  12. Sorry! I'm not trying to compete with the self appointed experts. smh (Really? I can get to know her by what I read on a thread?)
  13. Whenever Masha is not around. Dasha moves in of Sasha.
  14. I don't think she wants to be tied down. Shes seems to be doing rather well just the way she is.
  15. I think Masha has gotten tired of Dasha sampling Sasha's good bar. Might be a little drama ahead.