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  1. Me either. And it's probably just as well. Reminds me of when I was in my 20's with live in gf. Arguing over stupid shit. Great sex to come later maybe.
  2. I think he's talking to you guys now.
  3. Damn She's having a meltdown.
  4. When there is no activity the apartments will be hidden. Will reappear when there is activity. New feature. Freaked me out when I thought she was gone too. lol
  5. OK. Had me there for a second.. I thought Maya's sister had moved in here.
  6. Thanks for the photos!!! If you can imagine the photos that she has taken are hotter? That's saying a lot!
  7. I feel like I would have given up at around 10 thousand times. but I'm a quitter I guess!
  8. OK. I though this train wreck was coming to an end. Guess we'll be seeing more of her then. Maybe
  9. This week Maya spent Monday night and Thurdday night at home with Stephan. Friday she got up and took the dog when she left. Stephan hugged and kissed the dog good bye. He didn't have much love for Maya though. The difference in Leora and Maya is. When Leora is unhappy shes not going to bring some guy home a fuck him all over the apt she share with someone else. The little cutie simply takes matters into her own hands. (Love her) :)
  10. Just because shes screwing this guy dosent mean she wants to or can rely on him to maintain a life with. Thus Stephan has been more that reliable over the years. oh and maybe Stephan gone overnight and on weekends because of work? I don't think she has let him in on whats going on with the other guy because honestly Stephan is reliable. I don't think she appreciates him but.. keeps him just in case. Frankly why is she even sleeping in the bed with Stephan? She could spend the nights with bf and not sleep in the same bed with Stefan ever.. unless the other guy doesn't have a place to screw her. Except maybe her sisters place?? Why do they stay there when Stephan is gone for more that one night? She could return to feed and check on the animals. Oh yea. Someone commented on her smelling his pecker. She did after they had sex in the LR then she went and gave his ass a bath. I think she went down on him in the BR after cleaning him up.. wtf is he homeless?
  11. At this point I think that this apartment is recieving enough attention to warrant RLC keeping it as is. Like everyone else, I assume, I can only spectulate as to whats going on here. I can say that I have more than a little experience with a situation like this. Its been my experience that the ladies usually call the shots in a relationship. I believe that Stephan is there because Maya wants him for whatever reason. And she making sure not to do something that would let him know that he doesn't have a chance. I think he's still in love with her. She just refuses to to interact with him. He pretty much being left out in the cold.
  12. It's always great when it's new. Stephan has been with her for years. Lets see how long this guy last. And see how long those laughs last.
  13. Its amazing how people know all the facts about people that they can't even understand. They state their opinions just like they know for sure but offer not evidence to support they THEORY'S. smh
  14. This is like a real marriage. Stephan must be gone for the weekend. I can't imagine that he would be sleeping in the same bed as her if he knew she was screwing some other guy in it. I would like to see this guy visit while Stephan's there. Or maybe he's there when / if Stephan get back.
  15. And that, I'm sorry to tell you, would be your opinion. See how that works