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  1. I'm quite disappointed to see Gina in this kind of scenario. but you have to fill the bowl, right?
  2. Bonsoir Le Grand Robert, j'irai plus vite en français : il me semble que l'accès au Replay fonctionne à partir de la de souscription ou de renouvellement, mais il ne permet pas de visualiser des actions antérieures, même de la veille, si c'est de cela que vous écrivez. Good evening Le Grand Robert, I will go faster in French: it seems to me that access to Replay works from the subscription or renewal date, but it does not allow viewing previous actions, even the day before, if that's what you write about.
  3. the news undoubtedly disturbed the renewals, for me Olya deserves better roommates.
  4. I was also intrigued by the shower, so I watched the bathroom replay. Their next showers on thursday I guess. I prefer to admire Olya and ignore these two.
  5. at noon, natural light was enough to see amelie's back (she had turned off the lighting anyway). At 11:00 p.m. Assol kept the light on and we admired ... her back.
  6. Good evening everyone, assol and amelie 24 days of presence, do they arrive at the end of the stay? they have not emptied their suitcases.
  7. Going down to the mine is swallowing a lot of dust, among other things☺️
  8. please K, take your marks in this room without the memory of the former occupant and the view you offer will be perfect. (the green thing on the table). Пожалуйста, K, оставьте свои отметки в этой комнате без памяти бывшего пассажира, и вид, который вы предлагаете, будет идеальным. (зеленая вещь на столе)
  9. It would be a nice injustice, given the small contribution from K. unless Adelita is announced.
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