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  1. Maybe he is being himself. Why do we have to read into everything as if he is doing something. Wishful thinking on everybody part.
  2. Look at her 1303 yesterday. she was changing clothes.
  3. ze81, about the mic. they make mics that can absorb the sound. my headset can. I'm a truck driver and anyone talking to me while i am driving does not hear the truck.
  4. That happened several times with Leora & Paul. Paul became less abusive once they got a dog.
  5. around 0045 l&z was in kitchen and she kept going back to bedroom looking in night stand on zac side.
  6. They could be inside... just somewhere else.
  7. This I say no. If it was a leak that made them leave, it would still be under maintenance.
  8. Here is something to think about. Wouldn't it be funny if Zac forgot his keys and that is why he is not home. Never trust a woman scorned.
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