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  1. I have no real problem with girls being curious, but it is sad to see how Irma has brought Danya down so low... Danya last time here in B1 was shy but curious, never really showed bottom half... Now......well you know....
  2. IS it me or was Danaya bating standing up bent over....the way she checked door and was hiding.....and backed out of camera when done
  3. Was that a syringe Danaya had? Is she a diabetic ? Looked like giving herself a shot.. second time tonight
  4. I agree, my wife and I got this subscription for the 4th time in 6 months and boy has it changed... We are doing a study for school and degree on why foreign women want out of their perspective countries and hate their men.. well now we know that the men are drunks, abusive and treat them like sex slaves.... and yet there is a big difference between, watching young women exploring their sexuality with one another and the flat out orgies that are now happening more and more... RLC needs to remember that they have boy girl apartments already for people who want porn....so why allow these strange and different men in the girls only apartments for orgies... And a special note for you people who think it is great.... here are just a few categories for this kind of thing (which fits you?) ...#1 You either have no life or a significant other #2 Low self esteem # 3 You have no problem sharing your other half or seeing a family member or friend being treated like that or doing the whole orgy thing.(PS if this is you, you have no chance of learning the true value of a real relationship) What saddens us most is how it effects the girls like Danaya ... She was shy and somewhat innocent months ago, but because of peoples comments and RLC turning this apartment into orgies even girls like Danaya are now becoming more and more sexually aggressive and loosing the value of a relationship. Yes it is nice for some people and or couples to watch this girls but to turn all into basically orgies when there is already a bunch of couple apartments is sad...and after this subscription and if my wife has finished her studies they have lost our business and we will NOT recommend it to anyone in fact we will advise otherwise... sad that so many want orgies... again which category are you. Not to mention you sleep with every person your partner has slept with.... (STD's and all ) Again this could be your kids grand kids nieces or nephews in the future......Is that the way you want them to act or how to be treated.....?
  5. Thanks for the info....Too bad got one of her with her finger in herself in tub and also a few with legs open on bed with tit showing too...LOL oh well private enjoy for me.. LOL
  6. Just took some awesome stills of Danaya and can not upload...I am a member of camcaps.net... do you have to be a paid member?
  7. Houndog5437

    New Girl Karol

    Just took some awesome stills of Danaya and I can not load them on camcaps.net I am a member or do you have to be a paid memeber to upload
  8. I missed it ... What were they reacting too?
  9. What happened to Vika's boy-toy? I have been gone a couple days....he is not there and girls are relaxed....GREAT THING LOL HOPE NOT TEMP .
  10. Well my opinion of Vika went down the drain...First she moves her things into Danaya's room permission or not...(even if asked or not ) before she was even gone... RUDE !!!! (could have waited) RUDE .... Then she has her boy toy over the second she is gone... and puts Elisa in a uncomfortable position by having to be on guard now with a guy in the place.....I feel she is setting herself up to be the Queen Bee (her way or else)...and it is going to get worse.... YES I get this is real life and real people... but just rude so fast in short period....As far as Elissa not helping so much... I can understand to a degree being new girl not knowing her that much...not polite... yeah possibly ....But not as rude as VIka..Just my opinion