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    Jane & Dick

    I came here to see what kind of exciting things happen in this apt. but apparently nothing much happens,and this guy Dick looks like a greasy used car salesman,,LOL. I rarely watch this one along with Desire and useless bf/husband and a few others. I just wanted to say i couldn't agree more about the people getting comfortable in these apts. What it reminds me of is a big time pro athlete who just signed a big money contract for many years, it is like this is what his goal was,now he got it,he has no incentive to play hard and impress teams,, and now he sucks after..lol.
  2. I contacted them a few hours ago and STILL no reply,FUCK THEM !!!!!!
  3. I emailed support,if that will do any good, because i can't even open some cams in B4,like cam 2-1,will not even open.WTF!
  4. If she is the one in the flowered robe,reminds me of Belle.
  5. Whoever the M is that is sitting on the pillow on the floor reminds me so much of Belle from the side view,,wow. And this Bridget,look out,,i think she was ready for anything during the 'massage' in Mary's room,,i'm willing to bet she opens up with Mary and maybe Mila and fun times ensue. (IF THEY CAN STAY OF THEIR DAMN PHONES)
  6. Don't worry abut his comments (maxfactor) he just seems like one of THOSE people who like to irritate others with his negativity,i for one like the all girl apts. but watching good sex between a man & a woman is fine for me,welcome to the forum xtwonine and enjoy.

    Jasmin & Jim General Topic #1

    Very true,but as far as a couples apt. i do watch,it would have to be Eva,she is pretty good looking,athletic build,and as i have seen,very,very sexual,with women,and men.

    Jasmin & Jim General Topic #1

    I'm not Harley,but as far as Kitty goes,she is a pretty girl with big,child like issues,, total turn off no matter how sexy or pretty.
  9. Same here,but i'm glad Adri is there to console her at least. I like Marta,she seems quiet but yet sexy and horny with a nice personality from what i can see.
  10. RAGNAR

    Jasmin & Jim General Topic #1

    I didn't vote,but yes,Jasmin was a favorite of mine,very sexy and she knew how to carry herself,,but in my opinion, Naomi outshines her and most in this RLC project,she is very beautiful and refined,she seems to be a woman who can carry herself in any situation,and any place.If i had some important dinner or event to attend,i would gladly have Naomi by my side dressed to kill. As far as Jasmin coming back,with her big baggage,(bf.& phone,,lol),like many of you,i don't know how it will be this time without the other girls around to have the fun they had before, but i am glad she is back to look at anyways.
  11. All this tampon talk and periods,here ya go,
  12. Sorry to say but,, the same could be said between naomi and sofie. If you are thinking this is all natural,i have a small piece of swamp land,ooops,i meant,prime real estate☺️, you can buy,,cheap.