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  1. I cant even connect now,preview images are not even showing up,, WTF RLC?
  2. O/T,Amina and alexa caught a pillow on fire while amina was using a vibe on alexa,pretty HOT stuff.lol.🤣
  3. Gotta give amina credit,she lit up alexa,,,alexa lit up the pillow also credit to amina for quick action taking the pillow into the bathroom..lol.
  4. Many more i could think of who are useless as tits on a bull who could be booted out of RLC,
  5. Not living up to any expectations i had for this apt. being reopened,hopefully in time,,short time,, it will get more interesting.Irma seems more low key,i guess give it time and maybe wait for a big party for the girls to 'let loose'. I am hoping for the best.
  6. Looks like alexa is cooking mussels while valeria is still in bed,poor girl.And amina is ironing her thong 🤔?LOL
  7. Well goddamn, i was expecting a tub party and some broken glasses and someone puking after the pong game,oh well,
  8. Watching the girls chase the ping pong ball reminds me of this,,,lol,
  9. That house has a nice sound system,,sounds great with headphones on,when the girls aren't squawking so loud.🎼🎶📣 Good bass sound.
  10. Valeria is very pretty,that's about it,lol.