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  1. BBsq spamming? Not sure if you even know the meaning of spamming,or if you even know BB, but i'm pretty sure people are not put off by his affection for Belle and i enjoy the updates about her if i miss something,,just as i have written about Jazzy Jasmin,whom i would worship head to sexy toes, so i say only one thing to you Kupcake Kkru,have a nice day
  2. Old geezer naps are great,but a good way to scare family members and get woken by a poke to the side wondering,,, ''is he really sleeping,,or''
  3. To me,, B4 seems empty without Belle floating around.
  4. Ok,maybe they may have modeling jobs or something like that,,but remember,,they are young,in my younger days i would stay out where ever a party took me and sleep was not my main priority,,plus,i'm not a young,good looking,sexy girl (last i checked i wasn't even a girl,,LOL) so i'm sure they get offers for parties and stay overs,but to be fair,, you did say , 'where ever they go for HALF A DAY,'' that's what struck me funny.
  5. Do you ever leave your house and go out??? People don't leave their homes to just go to work.Plus i don't think any of them work. Nice speculation though.
  6. ONCE a year???? wow,i like to kill as many brain cells as i can on a daily (hourly)basis.
  7. Are you kidding? Sofie on phone break while playing with Noami's pussy,,,WTF Sofie??????
  8. Belle's name may be gone,but the many,many memories will remain. For you BB.. kitty included,,lol.
  9. That reminds me of a movie where he is recording a record for the first time and he see's a beautiful girl walk by a window on a ship,, she cannot see him,but he can see her, and she is his inspiration for composing the song he does,''THE LEGEND OF 1900''
  10. That is such a sad comment to read,when it is already a sad time. Well at least we are here to see her off and i wish her all the best, GOOD LUCK TO YOU BELLE-LICIOUS WHERE EVER YOU GO,AND THANK YOU