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  1. I don't think that they care I wish they would mix things up maybe move another couple in with them
  2. Thank you for the pictures I didn't see any of that I am not a subscriber I'm on disability and have no extra money and miss out on all of the good stuff.
  3. I guess that the show is over and from what little that I could see it was a good one.
  4. What a beautiful site wish I had the money to join
  5. The children are acting up again Pablo has decided that if he can' have Sicilia no one is going to and he called in his back-up again. I wish Palo wouls leave ti would be a much better place.
  6. yes she has a very nice body and should show it off. I think that she just hasn't ever lived this kind of life before and is learning something new
  7. I think that she needs to pick a boy and kick the rest out.
  8. They just left the bedroom it was looking promising I guess it was a false alarm. I am not a member so it is hard to follow "sorry"
  9. It looks like that something is going to happen tonight from what I can on the free window
  10. The guitar boy looks unhappy now I wander how things will go when the guest leaves.
  11. Can anyone tell me who the guy in the white shirt is and what is going on I'm so confused.
  12. Indeed however he has been getting around more lately maybe he could go for a make over.
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