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  1. I'm not going to disagree with you there. In fact I'm pretty bored of watching B4. With the exception of Diane it's the same thing over and over.
  2. Sera is going after the North American viewers now.
  3. Damn you. I was typing out a response saying they all look great on the floor but you beat me to it.
  4. I thought of a better one. Spend more than 10% of your time in the apartment or get out. It may be hard to believe but I was a huge fan of Kami back when Kami and Kristy were a thing. Unfortunately something happened between them and the magic disappeared. Kristy has carried on but Kami all but gave up on RLC. The fact that she wore a mask that said "Fuck off" and directed it at the camera should tell you that. Her time is up. But she will be missed.
  5. Masturbation and nudity I understand. But why would you be looking for beer pong?
  6. That's right Ginger. Wear that crown with pride. 👍
  7. That's not fair. I'm not the only one. 😂 But to be honest that's not really what I wanted or expected. I was just hoping they would get a girl that was more like Ginger not Sera. Ginger has been carrying the load of this apartment ever since she got there and I thought it would be nice if there was someone to take some weight off her shoulders. I'm also getting tired of seeing the same girls over and over. That's probably why I like Ginger so much. She's new.
  8. Or perhaps Kristy isn't moving out and was just getting out of the way so Kamilla and Kaley could.
  9. Ginger is looking a little lost right now. ☹️
  10. Or both at the same time. 😂
  11. But since she was not even in the apartment most of the time we didn't even see that.
  12. This maintenance must really suck for Sera right now. She's missing out on the prime time clickbait slot.