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  1. I noticed they were talking about who was going to sleep on the couch. Considering there is an empty bedroom I'm assuming there will be a second couple there eventually.
  2. Same here and it's put the cams out of sync as well.
  3. I just said it's nice to understand WTF they are saying. I never said anything about the show.
  4. Well it is nice that they are speaking English.
  5. My thoughts exactly. It's nice to see her finally start to break out of her shell and hopefully the trend continues. 🤞
  6. Well they got Amira completely naked so that's an improvement.
  7. Valerie, Damira and Amalia in the same apartment could get very interesting.
  8. That's not it. https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/26_2?ts=1560117622&from=share
  9. I did watch it. I agree with you about Chris being really aggressive with the girls last night. However I won't speculate as to what Chris said to Ariela.
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