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  1. I like her also. I can understand why she spends so much time in bed as she doesn't even have a couch to sit in plus her apt. is so small. It would be nice to see her in a bigger apt. It would be fun to be able to watch her when she is out parting and getting drunk.
  2. I'm really taking a dislike to Archi as he has sex with other girls, but he seems obsessed with kataleya's cell phone. In a way I wish that the cell phones had never been invented as how many times do you see people looking at their cell phones while having sex.
  3. I can't believe that Katia slept for almost 24 hours and Teresa almost that long the other day.
  4. Boy did I luck out. A few months ago I tried to join, but my credit card company refused to pay and not because of me. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would join with a different card. Then I noticed that RLC was playing games by turning off many cams so I decided not to join. The site worked good for many years so maybe there are new people running the company thinking that they know the answer.
  5. That episode with :Lauren's friend when she was drunk and sleeping in bed was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.
  6. I agree. It is for the most part very entertaining. She is a joy to watch.
  7. Just love the 3 girls in sadie's apt. Talk about big pairs on those 3 gills
  8. I'm curious about what you find disgusting about that picture.
  9. How do you see them having breakfast outside? I don't see an outside cam.
  10. What may I ask does Stephanie do on her computer for hours on end?
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