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  1. i think alexa has always used other girls the same did with mila i think alexa just wants se see other girls naked to be able to Bate
  2. amina next time you have to find dildo to alexa i see that alexa uses your room to Bate and you have to be out on the porch to wait next time can you use dildo at alexa maybe alexa will like it
  3. now i hope that B1 and irma get an apartment as girls live a normal life B2 and B4 are totally out of control i think that RLC has lost control of B4 so let`s hope that B1 and irma do better welcome back irma
  4. i think mila should replace alexa because now i think alexa has been long enough and should travel soon HELLO MILA NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN
  5. i`m waiting for excitement who`s going to have sex with others will be anita and mary maybe bridget and tina ???
  6. thank you leora you must be the goddess of all ladies in RLC you are female deity 😍
  7. alexa now must you let amina have their room alone alexa you have your room you do not have to live the room to amina amina needs private life but you are a girl who does not want other girl private life so i think B2 would have been better if you went home alexa
  8. i have seen amina walking around nude the living room and out on the porch nude with high heels and back to the bathroom to puke i hope nora and rlc is happy with her girls for me it`s been a shame of rlc and nora both B2 and B4
  9. B2 is Back and the girls are asleep 3.25
  10. i think alexa has taken the girls at the nightclub to see the girls in the morning
  11. is anyone who remembers the name of the two girls who lived in B2 who got a visit from the suitcase man who gave the girls sexy underwear and sex toys to fuck the girls in the living room ?
  12. i know that miro would have a trip to italy with the skype friend previous conversation between skype friend and miro
  13. leora you have a nice day i`m going out with the boat to fish
  14. kase

    Eva & Sam General #1

    i wonder if eva and sam pay female guests for threesome because i think there`s a new lady i not seen any tattoos on the body that i`ve see before with other ladies
  15. megan already suck rocco`s dicks today rocco is going to travel ?