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  1. you have to have a good day leora i wish you all good and i need to dentist today to pay 22.000 kroner for the care of teeth and some new teeth i wish you all good leora i hope i soon see you again soon 😊
  2. leora i wish you a happy new year i hope i will be back soon ---------? i wonder how long get banned by rlc before you get the barn to come back i will stop paying rlc ifi`m not back soon
  3. frank i just look like a drug head
  4. LEORA you have to have a nice time leora think the RLC has canceled me and i had paid out the year so i wish you god luck leora hope i see you on free camera sometimes good luck leora ❤️ 🙂
  5. i think i`ve be canceled by RLC now i only get free camera
  6. i think RLC has a job to do with finding a real place where the ladies will stay i think serafima wants to live in B3 then i mean that Daisy should be moved to B1 to the ladies which she thrives with and that amira gets the big sleeping room that`s just my thought
  7. just to try to say it kindly after sevafima had been in B3 today so the ladies have been a lot visit toiled down so i think a bit about last time frank was in B1 i can also be wrong
  8. what about tongue kissing ladies oksi love it
  9. good evening leora i had to go out to shoveling snow has come a lot have a nice evening leora 🙂
  10. we just hope that frank will not come to B1 i do not want any party with frank in B1
  11. Wow leora you are the Best lady in RLC and i love to see you you are a lovely lady ❤️
  12. they were a mistake B1 made it was to release frank into B1 with powder and that the girl to frank lets him be allowed to go to bed with two of the B1 ladies a big mistake of the ladies in B1
  13. kase

    Jane & Dick General Chat #1

    Dick uses to play with girls who sleep and jane likes to look at dick when he tries to have sex with girls who sleep
  14. i think it`s nice that B1 ladies spend time with Daisy i think Daisy has been a lot of alone in B4 so thank you to all B1 ladies and good night ladies
  15. to me, Daisy feels better with B1 ladies and i understand Daisy i think it`s not easy to be with the B4 girls when all the girls have had sex with each other