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  1. Cmon people I saw the 1st session of Masha/Nelly in the tub now for the 2nd session this is unfinished business. Please send a pm or put it in the premium section. I tried to reopen my subscription but it kept on being declined. Don't be selfish when I found the old Irma/Jessica tape I put it out there!
  2. Hey Keeper are u posting or using a pm we want to see the tape. My account was closed just before this happened. I saw the one with Masha and Nelly in the tub hot.
  3. When you think about it it's very sad. Leora is in her 20's and trapped in a apt like a prisoner. She's attractive and so talented she really doesn't need them RLC. I remember they were in the apt before the last apt in Russia. She was so young and shy Paul had to convince her to come to bed. Now as a member said she has become a cam girl all alone. I hope she finds a unselfish man that would take her out of this situation.
  4. I was hating some things about Masha in the past but she should have a partner as well. This guy I like they laugh a lot but I think he was camera shy but that's over. They had a nice session together.
  5. This guy was amazing he took control Masha totally enjoyed she's really loving this guy now!! He ate her out then pounded her Masha was moaning it was hot! Most of us thought Masha would smash him this nerdy guy smashed her I hope he stays I like this guy. I checked out the replay. She really connected with this guy. He's not as big as Sasha but he brought the heat it was awesome!!!
  6. Wow I'm shocked in the LR I said nothing will happen here so I went to bed.
  7. I remember the other gay guy he was older than this guy. I got a good look at this one and he's definitely younger. Masha does nothing for free she's getting paid!
  8. Maybe its that gay they brought home for Masha and he had the hots for Sasha. He chased Sasha all night!!
  9. I think Egor was living in the apt before Nina and Kira.
  10. Wow this is gonna be a Hot 3 days make it longer Masha!!!
  11. I accidentally found the Irma and Jessica tape part 2. If interested I'll send it pm
  12. We all know how Masha have to put on her show for the cams!!
  13. That was hilarious Sasha took his shorts off laying naked the gay guy touching him saying why are your balls so white?? Masha was bursting with laughter!! I enjoyed that.
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