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  1. I don't understand a woman with a body like Kitty could be a super model and she's wasting her time in a RLC apt!! All she needs is the right connections
  2. Do you think RLC would allow her to stay there by herself like Masha I don't think so.
  3. Wow this couple is toxic they have been through at least 3 apts so I would give that apt to someone else!!
  4. I was thinking if Smith leaves she may bring in her black lover
  5. Piper I'm not talking about just sex there are other things involved in relationships. I was fascinated by Maya she seemed more real than some of the other women. That apt made no changes until after Steph left he accomplished nothing!!
  6. Are you kidding me?? Any old member knows Steph did nothing to move forward he was lazy. The new man comes in and changes start to happen. Like my wife and I work on projects to make things better.
  7. That's right and Maya did better with her new man too!! With that sorry Steph she accomplished nothing. With the new man the apt was transformed.
  8. That's true Ed when Sasha left Masha after years together RLC kept Masha in the program.
  9. Oh yeah this member on CC said he had invested $100's of dollars in Vanessa at the villa and it was shut down. He was furious I don't know if he ever got his money back. Like you said you have to be on the same page for a project to work. I wish Gina the best but I don't feel to strong about Bruno.
  10. Its like Vanessa and Tommy they lost the Czech apt and RLC brought Vanessa back with her gf set her up with the villa. She blew that by bringing animals in there and it was shut down!!
  11. LOL Babi put the 2 lovers on the couch!!😋
  12. I see the 2 guys that stay with Babi a few days ago.
  13. Anybody but Zac he's a animal!! He jerk off right on the floor. If I was landlord I would evict him too!! But I'll keep Luna but Zac sucks.
  14. Just as Masha and her bf he had a lot of issues with the cams but Masha broke him in she's a pro
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