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  1. Hey is there a part 2 to this video???
  2. Like Piper she started shy hanging out and Masha's next step she's sharing a apt with Nelly
  3. My question is if Paul is still in the RLC system??
  4. This is so stupid they have a section for videos and pictures but don't allow them to stay!
  5. The bottom line is RLC gave her a apt plus compensation based on her huge following. She's the star not Malia so if subscribers see her less and less they will start cancelling like now! Its not free RLC want exhibition and sex for there money. Its a contract where you're responsible to do certain duties its business.
  6. I have a question who do you think would be a serious tenant for Hakeem's apt???
  7. I hope she moved on from that punk that hits women that loser!!
  8. Hey Ulysse123 where is the video for these pics!!
  9. that was anal when she lifted her leg on his you could clearly see it. Linda is one of the hottest ladies on RLC I never get enough of her!
  10. I have some Nikon equipment that's for sale its a photographer's camera. Its a Nikon D3x in like new condition.. It comes with 2 CF cards, 2 batteries, strap, battery charger and camera bag. The actuations are low 8666 which is less than 3% shutter use. This camera can get up to 300,000 quality photos. I was asking for $2000 but open for reasonable offers. If interested contact me for more info.
  11. Having a killer virus running wild the guest couple feels what have we got to lose!!
  12. Could someone explain to me when I go to hotscopes.net I keep getting this stupid website saying my computer is infected? I never had this problem before. Did anyone else have this problem?
  13. I did see him in bed with a guy while Carla was out but I didn't think much of it. They do put these shows on but that's mostly between themselves and not guests.
  14. No I think this is real and it would be hard for Carla to trust him again! She must feel like a fool because she was really into this guy. This might be a deal breaker. They had arguments before but this is a bigger deal.
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