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  1. I don't think this is the same guy that was spanking Masha in the LR while she crawled to the bedroom??
  2. I can't understand these young men with ED problems!!😒
  3. You never know Stone Leora is now used to having a roommate around
  4. I'm scared for these 2 girls they are extreme and I hope it doesn't end badly seriously! When B tried to take advantage of S she was out cold with her panties down. It was hard to look at.
  5. Well over her career Masha's apt has been the most entertaining in RLC history!! I think that lowlife RLC is desperate for subs its not worth it anymore.
  6. I agree with Honda its not worth it I'll rather pay $20 to CC and see old vids. Recently I was watching Sasha and Jane 51 min. tape it was hot!! The night Masha and Dick took off by themselves. S & J had a great night!😁
  7. Before Leora they tried a old tenant Tommy and his gf but it didn't work out
  8. Masha is a opportunist and the guy in the blue shirt looks like a producer. I'm thinking this might be some audition for porn.
  9. Why would she invite all of these guys and just want one?? Of course somebody will be jealous
  10. I agree Sasha made the right move to get out she has sinked to the bottom!!
  11. It was so cute how Gina was looking out for Stella. When Bruno got up Gina was up with him. Then she went to the living room checking on Stella. These girls really love each other!!🥰
  12. These guys look so fit pathetic.😒
  13. The hairstylist must be with the thug guy
  14. I really don't feel good about the first 2 guys that was in Masha's bedroom and now they're back. One thing about Sasha he had Masha's back so I worry about Masha.
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