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  1. Interesting, it puts a mood in the CC topics, 5 pages in 2 Hours. Everybody come with is explanation and imagine some ending and give some criticism, maybe whe have a new form of "Cluedo", one thing is certain guys you make some life here. I follow Maya since more of 3 years she is a very interesting personality and i hope she stay on the project and except that it's is life and she deserves to be happy ^^
  2. Diana & Efim Play Schoolgirl 69
  3. Mini Set Pictures 5/5 Diana & Efim Play Schoolgirl Suite in SR 2015
  4. Stupid gifs

    @Thorhart Just for you, because like that you can open your mouth ^^ Except that, some people like it but you don't and you know what honestly : what you think i don't care
  5. @Alma_BigAss Grrrrrrrrr, are you stupid or you play with me, i have share the video with the bates 1 hours after the first, i don't work for CC i share for the pleasure of the CC members, i have also my IRL (Real life) so here is the end of discussion^^.
  6. @Alma_BigAss The first video... if you have take the time to translate the text include in the first video you know it's only for the fans of Leora and it's the 24min part before the bates (no excuses) , also you have see the tag in the first video, it's more of six months i use the same new tag ([email protected]) if you have download other of my videos you have probably seen it and also on the pictures i sharing, so thanks in the future for not re-posted my work here on CC, have a nice afternoon or evening .
  7. @curious My intro is my sign if you don't like it, like i said before you just need to go 50sec later for start the video ^^, for the re-uploading you think i'm so stupid for not knowing that never happens (see RLC using many way for fight the copying and it never wins). The people here on CC need just to be a little bit respectful with the people who share Pics & Vids & Discuss for give a little live to this good site. Life is so short enjoy it and for the rest, you know what ..... i don't care. End of discussion
  8. @Alma_BigAss This is my video (posted 15 Hours ago) you re-posted, CHUUUT is my Tag label, you change the title and cut the intro but that stay my work, it's bad to use the work and take the credit of other people / Este es mi video que volver a publicar
  9. @ashleyxyz Thanks, you welcome ^^ @tom4301 Thanks for the video Nelly make-up after shower ^^, mine is a little bit short so i don't share it, i don"t have nothing more than you have ^^
  10. 2015 Mini Pics Set 5/5 Diana & Efim Hot BJ & Fuck Mouth
  11. But now I know

    But now I know / Maintenant je sais Old song 1974 from french actor Jean Gabin (Born 1904-05-17 Dead 1976-11-15) Jean Gabin sing this song 2 years before dying he have 70 years. When you advance in the life you realize that what he said it's so true. Jean Gabin chante cette chanson 2 ans avant de mourir Il a 70 ans. Lorsque vous avancez dans la vie, vous vous rendez compte que ce qu'il a dit c'est tellement vrai. English version : English lyrics : When I was young and very sure for everything had a cure I said: I know, I know, I know, I know When I was older and more mature and not so very, very sure I said: I know, at least I think I know But now I know, but know I really know I've only one thing I'm truly very sure That is, I wish I knew, I wish I knew When I was young, love was my right A passing cloud, a pleasant night Love was my right, and love was my delight Then, with the passing of the years Love brought me happiness and tears Love was a pleasure, a priceless treasure But know I know, but know I really know I've only one thing I am truly very sure Love is a gift, love is a gift Now in the September of my life Now I can remember all my life All the joy and sorrows of my life All the fine tomorrows of my life When I was young, I met my memories If thousand memories to live with evermore Then, later on, I had my memories I lived my memories a thousand times or more But know I know, but know I really know In spite of all I've learned or even hoped to learn One simple truth is very, very clear to me: I'll never know, I'll never know! Original French version : Paroles : Quand j'étais gosse, haut comme trois pommes,J'parlais bien fort pour être un hommeJ'disais, JE SAIS, JE SAIS, JE SAIS, JE SAISC'était l'début, c'était l'printempsMais quand j'ai eu mes 18 ansJ'ai dit, JE SAIS, ça y est, cette fois JE SAISEt aujourd'hui, les jours où je m'retourneJ'regarde la terre où j'ai quand même fait les 100 pasEt je n'sais toujours pas comment elle tourne !Vers 25 ans, j'savais tout : l'amour, les roses, la vie, les sousTiens oui l'amour ! J'en avais fait tout le tour !Et heureusement, comme les copains, j'avais pas mangé tout mon pain :Au milieu de ma vie, j'ai encore appris.C'que j'ai appris, ça tient en trois, quatre mots :"Le jour où quelqu'un vous aime, il fait très beau,j'peux pas mieux dire, il fait très beau !C'est encore ce qui m'étonne dans la vie,Moi qui suis à l'automne de ma vieOn oublie tant de soirs de tristesseMais jamais un matin de tendresse !Toute ma jeunesse, j'ai voulu dire JE SAISSeulement, plus je cherchais, et puis moins j' savaisIl y a 60 coups qui ont sonné à l'horlogeJe suis encore à ma fenêtre, je regarde, et j'm'interroge ?Maintenant JE SAIS, JE SAIS QU'ON NE SAIT JAMAIS !La vie, l'amour, l'argent, les amis et les rosesOn ne sait jamais le bruit ni la couleur des chosesC'est tout c'que j'sais ! Mais ça, j'le SAIS... !
  12. Leora is hot, she want play the medecine game with Paul so i think she start on sofa but not eyt, they are going on the SR , They have close the door and that stress doggy, so she play with the pillow lol
  13. Grrrrr I missed that (the bates) Yes FTS you are right but Leora like i said before is not just Goddess it's also the Egeria of RLC in one month it's 4 years she is on the project is not for nothing, without her for me RLC is a closed chapter ^^
  14. Stupid gifs

    @bigbear when you talk like that it's very different ^^ For the conclusion the "liked discuss" are just coming here because Torhart talking about, just for me it's "the Stupid Gif" and "give them their own playroom" who questioned me in your topic. For the number i understand you can find this a lot, i have do that because i don't share anymore some of my videos with all members, after the disaster of the month of March when "stupids idiots" put all my videos from here to porn site, so now i added them in the attachment center (except from the free cams) and i wanted to resume the video with some images.GIF ( i thinking 2 is not enough for 20min of video) for all viewers don't have the premium CC. It's like a test i have doing, so don't worry about it anymore. I'm open to all ideas for the futur (except for the longer of my intro and the tag inside the video, for that i keep my way ^^), you can pm me if you want. Have a nice day ^^