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  1. really ?? but the other 2s using every day the same old non stylish clothes... like blue longsleeves no makeup ...allday boring... in that way better change all 3 girls... such a boring apt. if users are paying for this boring shit they do... sry... but not a penny worth !!!
  2. thanks god ... its Amalia new in. ginger n Kelly have absolutely no style. its a no go. always same shirt all day no makeup ... gross I say!!! best way being naked. otherways its a pure scandal ¨¨how can u support that roc '' just wondering ... its a gross !!
  3. rlc pleeeease !!!! kick nicole n estelle out of the game !!! never saw so boring girls in here ? nicole was great in b1 .. not 1 sec. in worth in b2. they use 2 important bedsides for nothing..live ur boring lifes where ever..pls not her !! we pay ur shit...that isnt fair !! kick them far away !!! now !!
  4. ..whats with the 2girls under blaket in the LR? i wonder if they have 4some with 2 other gf's next to them..we will see..
  5. masha is in his arms very close n sasha in hers. she put off her leggins may with panties too..couldnt seen it good. but it looks its gettin hot there anyway. watchout guys !!! love is in the air !!
  6. otherwise they wouldnt stay there or wouldnt be invited..im for sure they wanna do it again. couldnt go long.. bcause both are adiccted ! yessss goood they are back !! one love ❤️
  7. for sure rememba..but that was show only n not for selfish..most love was masturpabition parts n thats all.. in that case my boss is still irma..shes the only one who always has done her things in real .. bad part was with wrong girls. 2nd fave was ana..cause she has the same spirit over all these time.. n 3rd is lola. lovely to watch her but it was more the show part she did.. irma is a queen !! want her back asap !!
  8. thats worst case..nora is so boring.. no nude no lesbian no party no touches..may she fucks a new guy thats all..worst case kiko. oooh gosh rlc..what have u done.. wish alot other chicks back but never nora. thats sooo bad of ya
  9. nicole is waiting but lima understand nothing..a perfect moment to catch her..but limas is as always to far way! poor nicole..come over !! u deserves better treatment ?
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