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  1. And that's exactly the problem. I think, most of the people here don't want your often repeated, and imho ridiculous opinion. Of course, everyone can have and say their opinion. But if I remember, one of the forum rules was "treat the tenants with respect". I cannot see yours. Maybe you should go to Rants&Flame Wars? I think this would be a better place for you.
  2. I hope the whining doesn't start again. It was enough last time. Please don't spam this thread with your complains. Детский сад.
  3. Okay, the mixing of homosexuality and pedophile: I think I read this only on Wikipedia, so no first hand information. The rest: yes, it was in English, on purpose. Yes, they said this before. This *is* first hand. I know you live in SPb. But I know what I heard.
  4. It wasn't exactly a discussion, more like a casual talk with friends on the couch. Not only about difficulties, but about language, their jobs, Russian ice cream, their likes regarding food and coffee. Very relaxed. It ended with tea, spilled over Nina's new pants, and laughters.
  5. Yes it's true. Over the past few years, new laws were made in Russia in many cities. Against the gay and lesbian people. They even mixed homosexuality with paedophily. That's so incredibly stupid. You can check the topic on Wikipedia e.g. Very brave and good they talked about it.
  6. Yes, there are people. Do you still don't understand? This is not a show scripted to please you. No one promised you there will be sex every night. This is life. And sometimes boring. But you have the choice to look elsewhere. Instead of whining...
  7. Unlike some other apartments, this one is real life. It's strange to blame these lovely young women for living their lives as they want.
  8. К сожалению нет. Мой русский очень плохо. Но я знаю, когда празднование дня рождения было в прошлом году.
  9. She's one of their close friends and visited them several times in the past (she doesn't live in SPb). And definitely, there will be no threesome . Btw., Yury thank you for the insights. Then the birthday party will take place in late september.
  10. Smashing eggs... (The Video Content is No Longer Accessible and has been Removed)
  11. This Sunday, Orthodox Easter Day is celebrated in Russia and many other countries. Nina & Kira painted eggs last night, today they smashed them. Happy Easter!
  12. Yes, I know. But with cam 8 you can capture audio of the bathroom when the door isn't closed. Adding this as an underlying audio track in the video software, you could "restore" the sound. That's what I meant.
  13. Nina & Kira bathe together early Friday morning 2016-03-25. Split screen showing both camera angles simultaneously. @Chip2020 Very well done! Should you need a cam8 audio track... pm me.
  14. I didn't see it, but I think that will not going to happen. They're hugging each other when they say спокойной ночи, so does Kira. They're just close friends. You could see that they're hiding from each other when they're naked. They pay attention to close the bathroom door when one of them is in. No matter if Kira is around or not. I could find more examples.
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