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  1. haha what? they were wearing fake glasses? 😁
  2. Bev & Hugo was boring this time.. 1st time they were fucking around with others, much more entertaining to watch.. Good luck to them anyway.
  3. Probably until after the party and Henry fixed cams. If people stole things like someone said maybe longer.
  4. So the whole place down, didnt see what made it go down. There was a guy lurking around acting weird. Then it was gone, idk. Maybe too many camera fuck ups.
  5. haha didnt even realise, whats with these guests? different people fucking different cameras
  6. a boy and girl fiddled with it while giving us the finger 😄 Great success
  7. Oh look its the door smasher, they wont stay for long with his temper
  8. Friend likes to flash the camera, hottie
  9. haha you caught me on a lucky day, I've been quite negative lately so me positive is a rare sight 😄 But I think she looks nice, and they are not +7 so all good so far. Just a shame nothing spicy happened during the massage.. I dont think they are into girls.
  10. Idk I think this place has potential. Big titties, real couple I guess, no cam equipment yet?, female guests.. Great success
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