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  1. Great Videos...does anyone have any with Gina and her boyfriend that aren't on HotScopes? Thanks!!!!
  2. I am just curious...how come there are very few pics and vids of Gina having Sex with "the guy"?
  3. He is working hard at breaking her down, unfortunately I believe he will leave a very frustrated guy...sad.
  4. She will probably talk him into going down on her, and then tell him "next time" when it is his turn to be pleased.
  5. Hi All, I can't believe she has this poor guy stuck in her "do nothing" world. I hope he can bring himself to just leave.
  6. I think it would blow most of the girl's minds....they are all talk. This would make them nuts!
  7. I think it would be hilarious if he just whipped out his dick, and waved it at the girls.....
  8. I'm hoping that with the apartment to herself, Monica is going to have her bf over.....she is getting ready for something. Stay Tuned.
  9. i don’t think she puts it inside. she also uses the remote control. i think she rubs it on her clit.
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