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  1. Joy looks like she's making pizza dough (a comment about the masseur as opposed to the massaged)
  2. No I hope they run away. I'm not interested in seeing either of them with their guys...or any other for that matter, after that Bonobo fest in B1 last night. The boyfriend was here last weekend. Then five days or more of nothing, assuming he shows up this weekend. Yeah they are both very good looking, but for my sub, they actually need to do more than lay in bed.
  3. Seems like Joy has been in her bed chatting with her BF for hours. How the fuck does RLC let them get away with it?
  4. This is for the west coast crowd. RLC trying to drum up some subs from them. I'm done for tonight. This is getting old. Pretty sure there will be a certain member of this forum on here tomorrow complaining that it's fake...or their cocks re too small or whatever.
  5. Oh you mean the boyfriends and RLC stooges. Fucking gullible you are as well.
  6. Man you have the thickest head of anyone on here ever. No guy is just going to come in and fuck without questioning the presence of cameras. YOU KNOW... VIDEO CAMERAS THAT RECORD STUFF THAT SOMEONE DOES AND MAY NOT WANT ON THE INTERNET. YOU DO UNDERSTAND THAT RIGHT...OR ARE YOU REALLY THAT THICK?
  7. I guess it's a multi dwelling affair, since B4 is getting ready for something as well.
  8. I must be hallucinating? Weren't you the one who spammed the shit out of this forum demanding girls in the GOV apartments be allowed to have their boyfriends? Didn't I TELL YOU what you would get? Stop your fucking complaining, because it is very irritating to listen to someone so irrational and out of touch day after day.
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