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  1. In northern countries it's just hockey...only girls play the other
  2. As a marketer...the title of the apartment being "girls on vacation" is deliberate and pretty much akin to click bait on the part of RLC. It does not say girls and boys. It does not say room mates... as do a couple of other apartments. If you can't see how the marketing of these two apartments is deliberately intended to covey interaction between the girls, then you are just letting your preferences get in the way of your thought process.
  3. couples are couples short or long term
  4. So we already have too many couples apartments...and the few that we have that are girls apartments you want to see couples?
  5. How many couples apartments do we have again?
  6. True, but she chats with her BF too much
  7. Daily? she's been on at least three times that I've seen today
  8. They are too young and inexperienced. I am tired of the near virgins that RLC recruits. I don't want to spend my sub waiting for them to "come around"
  9. while the other two made a mockery of it by giggling and laughing all the way through.
  10. Logged into RLC three times today...Megan camming with her BF on her phone all three times? So far I'm guessing that she has spent at least half of her awake time in her room on the phone with him. NOT GOOD!