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  1. They may be pushing for these parties, but that does not mean they are popular. Nelly and Bogdan have fucked this up for sure.
  2. I guess my point is that...if not for the fact that ALL THREE GOV apartments are EMPTY tonight...(you know the one's that about four people on here are constantly wanting closed) that shitty party would not even make the top 10 cams, save for the three watchers who are endlessly promoting it.
  3. I was joking earlier about a sausage fest...but at least if there was, that would be something...not my cup of tea, but fuck, at least something with an edge. FFS
  4. Ridge...I thought you would have realized by now that you are arguing with a complete idiot.
  5. Never mind..they're all over watching the garbage at Carla's circus ...because, well it's just so enjoyable and fun to watch these young people having such a good time. Then posting in that thread about it over and over .
  6. Just countering the propaganda that has been shit out all day.
  7. Doh...cam popularity is slipping again as something actually begins to stir in the other apartments...Bonnie warming up as well as...well Leora. lol
  8. Well no happy told me actually ...and the rest of us...can you not read?
  9. The gay dude has arrived, go watch your circle jerk already.
  10. Oh okay ..."none of your fucking business" will be happy to see him. Anticipating a sausage fest. Which actually won't happen so I feel sorry for him.
  11. Oh sorry I came in when something else was actually going on...big fuck you
  12. Do a little reading, nobody reported you...RLC even tells you that there are hidden watermarks in their content. NOT sorry for you.
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