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  1. When are you guys going to learn that this is not the same Irma from past stays on RLC.
  2. Looks like it, but she even uses other names on the site as well. Bottom line...she's bee working with all the big names under multiple aliases
  3. Benjamin Moore called...they need someone to watch paint dry
  4. FFS I just told you pretty much how to find them
  5. Um...not to dispute you but she is much more than average soft core. I just did a search on emporium and got 8 very high quality explicit movies. That's without even trying. There are many more, so you may want to adjust your definition. EDIT I found more...over 25 movies...(I had the lesbian box ticked) She uses another name as well...didn't bother to search that
  6. Some people just write shit because they need attention, no matter how bazar it sounds. You "really admire " her for effectively ripping us off including you. Brilliant post! One of your best!
  7. attention everyone the squatter is back again for another do nothing night
  8. Hello....paging Harley?? Do you have an opinion on where she went? After all she's not in the house and it's night and they are in Barcelona you know.
  9. Yeah I saw the video...girl girl too...but from her last stay, you would never know it.
  10. ...well that's the story for this place for the rest of the night.
  11. She was in B2 before and did absolutely nothing. Looks like she is holding in B3 until the pipes and power in B2 get fixed...then she will give us more of the same. Having said that, she is a stunner. ...and red hair is not my type.
  12. maxfactor

    Bonnie & Clyde

    I pay for this...I expect the participants who put so much on the line to be paid as well. Not some con-artist managers.
  13. maxfactor

    Bonnie & Clyde

    So chances are...you never pay most of your tenants to their maximum potential. You are both a fraud. Tenants should be paid from day 1. Clearly you two are not business people.
  14. No RLC has a plan...they will bring in three veteran replacements for these three and everyone will go wild with excitement