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  1. Do me a favour and put me on your ignore list
  2. I agree that B1 is lost. The Kristy crew which has been imported form their Moscow days could not be further from the Barcelona apartment tradition. I think RLC is desperate.
  3. well that's put a bit of a damper on things hasn't it...
  4. "i think it is best to see more guys in the project." We know, you keep repeating it over and over. By the way...you do understand that there is a "show" constantly going on in the COV Maracuya and Elden apartment. They may be together, but they have been putting on a show since he showed up on RLC in Moscow.
  5. So it's a show if two girls are together...but not if it's a girl and a guy? Your logic gives you away again.
  6. What? He takes screen shots from the free cams. A nice to see, but lets not award an Emmy
  7. yeah it's so much better when they guys are there. Stupid dancing, smacking the girls, playing stupid games, hiding, dopey ball hats. I sure miss it.
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