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  1. Well we see plenty of Gyno's BF and all we get is the other girls out or hiding in their rooms. So no, we don't need more BFs.
  2. Trump running off at the microphone again...lol Canada has closed the border. The US has no say. In fact Canada has been fining and deporting land travelers to/from Alaska who do not stick to a defined route or time line. Trump claims Canada wants U.S. border reopened WWW.CTVNEWS.CA U.S. President Donald Trump says that Canada wants to see the Canada-U.S. border reopened, but the federal government says it'll make the decision based on public health advice.
  3. They have been told before not to use candles in this bathroom...but I forgot Gyna is involved.
  4. Are you saying that she's not going to get into the tub with the rest of the girls?
  5. lol actually it's from the brothel at Pompeii pompeii+brothel+frescos - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM
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