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  1. well if you ask Harley...they will be off to fuck a room full of guys and each other as part of an off camera orgy set up by RLC...but yeah, to the club
  2. Whoar Paint and body armour going on at B4, so I'm say the club is on for tonight
  3. Not giving them any more money for this shit
  4. Was she speaking English? I had the sound down.
  5. Closer than B4 further inland. About 45 minutes away by public transit. 20 minutes by car.
  6. Okay I'm taking bets on the following... How early Valeria goes to bed The power goes out Neighbor bangs on the door due to noise Police at the door Danaya and Karol leave with nothing happening
  7. Jennifer Lawrence is hot too, but she would be a disaster for this project. Just because some are hot, does not mean they will be accepted. They are paid to work, not just show up.
  8. These new girls seem to have a better demeanour and attitude than we have seen lately. Fingers crossed...no boyfriends to fuck things up!
  9. maxfactor

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Those night Edda spent seducing her friend on the couch were gold for me...a home run never to be repeated.