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  1. Yeah they said the same thing...lol Alabama Anti-vaccine Alabama YouTubers die of COVID-19 weeks apart NYPOST.COM An Alabama couple known on YouTube for reselling vintage items and their staunch anti-vaccine stance have both died from COVID-19, relatives said.
  2. I don't know that we can speculate on specific aspects of the changes in attitude we have seen. Mila being the most blaring. (Though I'm not convinced that it's not her new boyfriend calling the shots from outside). Anyway, something is up and a pay decrease could be the result. But... RLC having little option other than to use these girls is perhaps leading those with past experience to be complacent and hold back because they know it they have RLC by the short ones. Or, as mentioned above, because these girls want to stay in Barcelona so bad, they are willing to put up with less pay...but are also inclined to put out less.
  3. Hey all you non vaccinated Covid deniers have a look at this and party on! Your reservation for guaranteed upcoming good time fun at the local hospital and a preview here...
  4. Why don't you be Nelly's friend, since you seem to have none either and loads of time to write endlessly on here about he lives of people you don't even know.
  5. Word is that Nana has invited him to B4 for a special event.
  6. I just had a thought...Masha needs to come by my place for the next pool party...to blow up a float
  7. Does she troll the local zoo looking for her "special friends"/
  8. Well at least we know his own dick won't be involved...clearly he is never gonna find it. 😏
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