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  1. Rookie RLC viewers take note...this is the North American west coast click bait show. Platonic as it is, it's repeated frequently on RLC
  2. Laura thinks this is as stupid as the rest of us do and is sitting it out
  3. Click bait everywhere tonight...RLC must be getting desperate.
  4. Not at all...FYI massages and chocolate sauce, twister and pretend strip poker are done on orders from RLC. They are to achieve one thing...click bait to draw in subscriptions...thus the table for a massage in the free cam. NOTHING will happen other than they spread chocolate on each other one at a time in a purely platonic manor. Us vets have seen it dozens of times. They are waiting for the North Americans to finish dinner on the east coast and will move to one of the up stairs room where they will lay around till the west coasters get home.
  5. Sera trying to consolidate her evil power to thwart laura
  6. Sera is desperately trying to talk Laura out of whatever she has planned
  7. The shirt that Rus is wearing (for three days) must be pretty ripe by now.
  8. I get the impression that Laura isn't interested in hanging with the dudes. Good for her.
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