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  1. So now it's officially confirmed, this apartment is in Barcelona, too.
  2. Recently there were a couple of girls leaving from B1 & B4. These two apartments were overcrowded for a couple of days. Enough for a new apartment. Where have they gone? Really just unsatisfied participants?
  3. Poor Kitty! I hope, she'll get some appropriate help. 😰 And for Smith: go to jail! 😡
  4. Interesting. RLC already had another new apartment up the sleeve...that was quicker filled than thought.
  5. What kind of crazy birds are this? 😡 I want a cool couple!
  6. Nelly is dancing for the cat right meow! 😍
  7. Why are they separating the apartment into the actual apartment and the bedroom for the cam show? 🧐
  8. There is Darth Maul sitting in the living room. 😱😹
  9. This apartments doesn't have a free room to watch anymore. ☹️
  10. The photo in the middle: They blind-folded the teddy bear! 😂
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