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  1. Sorry, Moos. To be more exact here. If Maya leaves, this old apartment from the first generation of RLC apartments will not be restocked with new tenants.
  2. Maya's apartment will be shut down, because it is way too old, I think.
  3. And as always: Hoping for a great & active new couple to come in soon!
  4. Catmaster

    Olivia & Nick Chat Topic 2019 #1

    OK, that explains their names sounded familiar to me. At first, I thought they came from Voyeur House TV.
  5. Catmaster

    Lia&Mia - are back

  6. Catmaster

    Désirée and Raoul

    Thanks for that info!
  7. Catmaster

    Désirée and Raoul

    Tonight the living room was visible for a glimpse via preview. I clicked on it. A barely dressed Spanish looking girl was lying on the sofa. I switched to another apartment and tried to get back to the apartment. it was unavailable. There wasn't the name of the apartment listed either at any time. Maybe a new couple will be online soon.
  8. Who knows the Czech website Droneporn? Is the membership worth the money? http://droneporn.cz
  9. Without saying a word, I do not like too much. RLC should announce in their newsletter, if someone has left the project or if an apartment is closed down...what they normally do. I still hope they are opening another house somewhere someday.
  10. Now B2 has vanished from the listing. Is the the calm before the storm or is this really the end? Why has RLC left for so long UM to shut it eventually down? My suspicion was a big refurbishment and then a reopening.
  11. Now live in Nelly & Bogdan's living room: Some sparring with Bogdan, a friend and the cat as referee. 😹
  12. The question is, who will move into the refurbished B2?
  13. Catmaster


    I just discovered the so called Crazy Menu. I am partly disgusted. What do you think about this new feature?