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  1. Hopefully Nelly & Bogdan will show up for a visit, too.
  2. The famous guest photo ritual at every party ... originally introduced by Nelly & Bogdan.
  3. Interesting! So their server must be outside of Russia? Otherwise they couldn't be available outside Russia, because of the legal blocking, isn't it?
  4. My impression is this VHTV apartment looks pretty much like the RLC apartment in shape & style. Maybe it is in the same block or even house as the RLC apartment. What do you think?
  5. Yeah, this IS amazing! I hope for more Ex-RLC tenants to come to VHTV soon.
  6. They seem to be on VHTV now. Didn't seen they personally yet, but an apartment with their name is online!
  7. Well, there is one spare apartment in Prague...
  8. Well, one apartment in Prague and near Barcelona are still free!
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