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  1. Cool, Luna likes Natasha Beddingfield. 😍
  2. Luna & Zak just took over. Luna is cleaning the apartment....but where is Zac?
  3. Lina & Zac joined RLC in the separate Barcelona apartment. Luna's face looks a bit familiar. A former guest / friend of Carla & Yanai?
  4. Lina & Zac joined RLC in the separate Barcelona apartment.
  5. Please post some photos of the new apartment. Thanks.
  6. Is Elaine or her friend a Kyokushinkai Karate practitioner? She's wearing a KK shirt in the kitchen right meow.
  7. I heard, they are confident to get the website running well in January 2021...let's see...
  8. What's with the couple that was replaced by Aleksandra? Maybe an opportunity for the vacant Barcelona apartment?
  9. Welcome to VoyeurLife VOYEURLIFE.COM ...but still with a defect! Clara & Stas is the only couple with an apartment yet. Will they survive?
  10. It is said, this apartment is in Barcelona, too. But they don't seem to know the other Barca apartments. Maybe because they are Russian. In B2 there is a new couple. Or even Nelly & Bogdan could move in there in the very near future. Of course; I'd rather like to see a really new couple.
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