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  1. have submitted a ticket
  2. ashteaduk1

    Polly & Ray Part #1

    Have raised a ticket for living room 2 cam being obscured by the curtain
  3. anyone else having trouble logging back in? tried a password change but that failed too.
  4. Have raised a ticket - tried over wifi and 4g - can't even log back in.
  5. ashteaduk1

    Bree & Drew, Tara

    camera 3 is now working
  6. ashteaduk1

    Bree & Drew, Tara

    All except camera camera 3
  7. ashteaduk1

    Bree & Drew, Tara

    Ticket already raised and responded to - they are aware of the problem and are working on it.
  8. ashteaduk1

    Bree & Drew, Tara

    have raised a tciket all rooms doing it
  9. Just ran a website availability test on uptrends.com for the VH site - it was unable to reach the site from London, Auckland, Buenos aires, brussels, new York, san diego, seatle, Sydney and a few others - it is available in Netherlands Italy, japan, hong kong, Dublin, Edinburgh, oslo and some others. So it depends on your DNS routing to the servers.
  10. Same thing happening here is the UK for the last 24-48 hours - OK during the day but slows right down in the evening until about midnight GMT. Happens switching between appartments and rooms and moving up and down the timeline. No buffering just takes 5-6 seconds for the site to react to mouse clicks. Have raised a ticket.
  11. I have the same issue. Have logged off, flushed the browser and logged in again - still only seeing past 24 hour above the timeline. I have sent an email to support. There's nothing in the FAQ either.
  12. In the UK getting the same issues this morning - RLC is running fine.