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  1. remember that VH had the same problem within the last week. Came back after about an hour with the base site, other features like the previews took about 24 hours to come back. 502 is generally some form of server failure.
  2. New appartment just came up Malena and Amelia - GMT+5 Realm 63 - some cams in bedroom not working yet. They have an inflatable pool in the middle of the lounge!
  3. new cams are up - loggia cam is now there, new view of the couch and kitchen cam now points towards the fridge - hall cam has gone but you can see whole hall from cams 3 and 5
  4. New appartment Leonie & Barnie - Realm 62 just came online
  5. the free cams are now working but still no of the paid cams as the login is not working correctly.
  6. Suspect that as a result of the prolonged outage they are having to reconstruct the feeds. I eventually got through logon - it shows me as no days left on the front screen but my in my account details it has the correct number of days left. Even logged on the arrow sits firmly in the middle of the screen on the public rooms and shows the subscription movie on the private rooms. Give it a while and I think it will be tack - I think the thumbnails on the left are updating.
  7. when having worked in computer operations - it depends on the nature of the failure - the 502 bad gateway error can be caused by software, hardware or even network errors (its a catch all error) - sometimes a swift restart of the server fixes the problem, however, given the length of this outage already - I think they have a hardware or network issues - for that there can be no definite answer - minutes, hours, days depending on the nature of the problem. Assuming they have multiple servers to service the traffic I think it is possibly a network issue or someone put a change into the service that has screwed everything up and it has to be backed out. after edit - however, its now back to the front screen
  8. The bedroom cam is not up but there is a blonde and a guy in there if you look at cam 8 (2nd loggia cam)
  9. New apartment just appeared Elivs and Wilma - nobody about - some cams not working, looking out of the loggia - could be somewhere warm as there is an awning and the other apartments seem to have external air conditioning units, my guess is spain given the brand of bottled water on the kitchen table - I seem to remember seeing that on sale there.
  10. another new house (or a rather an old one with new tenants) - Andrew & Krista in Sergio & Melissa's old house - in fact Sergio & Melissa and Aaron are there too at the moment.
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