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  1. Thank you for your answer and honest opinion as always jimbo 😇
  2. There are enough people here way more passionate than me and I KNOW that they are trying to make this forum a much better exchange of opinions and variety of comments and posts place . If the “ good and variety of posting and respect amongst posters “ prevails over the negativity and the toxic people who poison the forum for years , it remains to be seen … after some experienced months , you simply learn how to make your way here and be respectful and respected .. if the majority considers you worthy enough to exchange opinions with you and isn’t considering you indifferent or ignores anything you mention , then it is obvious where you stand .. at the end , anyone should be himself / herself and never fear of any opinion that wants to express it and support it when the time comes with reasonable and logical arguments ☺️
  3. Bluewinner is fine , no worries , we are good always ☺️ Sharing same passion things , he can just describe things we believe the same briefly while I need a whole book 😂🤣😝
  4. Luckily for everyone ( or not 😂🤣 ) I am not a native English speaker , otherwise I would use a much more richer vocabulary than many of the daily repeated posting words . Being Greek and having one of the world’s richest vocabulary languages , if only I knew better English so as to make my sentences and phrases used here so much more emphatic and specialized of what i would like to say and mean with a post . Anyway , I always try my best to “ compete “ the majority “ of the English native speakers and I know i could describe perfectly what I want to say with the depth of the greek language . Still , I try to make my points , right or wrong , I always have an opinion and I am glad that a post last night while watching N&M has contributed to so many interesting posts and comments here and I am sure lots of conclusions can be “ extracted “ of what we think as individuals for the whole situation .
  5. Most probably Chalkidiki as rado07 😉said
  6. It’s been some really good points made at the posts that members have made , very good explaining and for sure a quality and really deeper thinking on what we are watching . That’s some really good CC chats for this topic , the apartment and tenants .
  7. But please now , can you please describe exactly what you want to see more ? What is it that you are expecting more from the girls ?
  8. One incident that isn’t worth it for my taste , isn’t a reason to cancel my sub and stop watching 😂 I like 8 things out of 10 and that’s fine by me .. as I always express my gratitude towards any great thing that according to my taste happens , I will also express with tensed criticism whenever ( like today ) I see something that it doesn’t give me pleasure watching . Perhaps like this though , I can expect things to happen as Karma Is A Bitch 🤓😏😆
  9. Whoever knows my way of posting here , I always try to think open minded and generally not blame , accuse or put down the majority of the tenants as I appreciate their daily exhibition and living their lives in an environment full of cameras , exposed at any minor or major detail that could either make them be praised for their efforts or “ nail “ them when the things they do , don’t apply with what the fans and subscribers they would have wished to watch … Whatever is just happening , I consider it a big parody , totally unacceptable and disrespected from Martina ( first of all ) and then double face Nelly …. I know I have no right to speak about the way both couples have decided to proceed with this “ weird situation “ as it isn’t my life and their feelings and emotions shouldn’t be judged by me , but as a viewer and subscriber I can post my opinion and I consider this a really miserable thing … watching a guy accepting inside his own apartment his almost 10 years girlfriend having sex and him just sitting in the LR clueless with it ( his own responsibility 100% ) , I take it as a big defeat to his character and personality .. I might be completely wrong of my approach on this subject , but I think there are some unwritten life rules which have to do with respect .. Martina and Nelly could simply go to a hotel or hire an apartment , they both have more than enough money to afford whenever it isn’t so easy to make their sexual sessions while the apartments are occupied by their men and they aren’t alone . Maybe being 44 years old I have still some values that say that everything has a limit and even if being a really open minded person , I would have really big difficulties and worries trying to accept that the woman I love is being wild satisfied from her lover and I sit worthless next room doing nothing .. At the end , I would even doubt myself as a guy who can’t obviously satisfy her enough that she seeks satisfaction in the bed that I sleep with my own GF from her female lover , WTF 👿👿.. I think also that the no participation of posts and comments at the forum tonight while M&N having sex in comparison to their previous sessions are also showing a same way of thinking from the majority of this forum , if I am mistaken , it remains to be seen , whoever thinks different, it would be interesting to read the aftermath of this whatever we see tonight. Totally disappointed and painful to watch , no morals or respect , that’s how I see it and I do hope it creates a lot of heat for discussion 😡🤬😡🤬
  10. Nothing strange , that’s what you get on daring to post an opinion which goes against the “ unofficial topic rules “ ( praise the girls by all means necessary ) ..
  11. I am sure if we could ask 100 forum members what they would like most to watch tonight , I believe 90 of the 100 would say for Kitty’s mama to be either naked on camera later with her mister or even more things 😋😋☺️😉🤩 On a side note , you always see peaceful and social relaxing times between K&S when parents visit , it is only then that we know for sure that they aren’t going to argue or let their problems being shown to their families .. this is something that they manage very nice to do , we don’t know what the opinion of their parents for eachother is but for sure , both Smith’s parents and Kitty’s mama seem to approve and encourage always their relationship … and Kitty has always been a great host whoever visits .. I could have even more often this so as to see this couple enjoying more peaceful times and less arguing and fighting😔
  12. She never had a problem with the cameras , a happy mama with her man also not shy on cameras , kind of a big “ Děkuju “ to all of us that we have always been praising and admiring her all these years ☺️😇
  13. That was one of the ultimate moments of being a voyeur 😁
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