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  1. You are very right with this comment , i just believe that whoever is contributing here at the forum with either only one post or many , he/she is entitled to a nice exchange of comments and at the end concluding for his/her favorite tenant / tenants . The curiosity that we all have by watching RLC is the one that drives us to questions and if someone can contribute with answers that don’t affect the residency and ultimately the identity of any of the participants , I just don’t find it wrong 😊
  2. The more the days pass by and now that slowly the dust of the sudden leaving of this couple settles down , i start to believe that most probably they must have broken one or more rules of their contract with RLC . I don’t know what it can be since no one has access to the contracts between RLC and the participants ( although recently there have been confirmations that someone has actually seen one ) , but I really can’t thing of anything else ( although it has been developed really well the reason of the noise of the apartment while guests were visiting ) .
  3. You have neither confirmed nor denied that you speak with one or both of the girls plus within the forum talks it hasn’t been any indication that any of the members has contact with the girls , this is why I am wondering . Anyway , it doesn’t really matter of how the info is brought up here , I just believe the more information we have , it is always the best way so we can avoid stupid speculations ( I have done this a lot for example ) and maybe also like this to avoid this endless back and forth comments between admirers and haters of the girls .
  4. Good to know , still the question is how is it possible that this info is revealed ?
  5. Has it been any info anywhere that Malia was on an only visa stay ? I have read many times on that but I haven’t personally seen any indication that she came only for a short stay .. plus , considering the fact that there’s a boyfriend in her life , why investing on possible feelings development if she goes back to Russia eventually ?
  6. Long time viewers know her name since the early days of her appearance at the RLC , I was just surprised to be honest , but then jetlag8 reminded me of the birthday , I don’t remember also with Starbucks cups in the past .. in any case , it is much preferable that real information is kept mystic , it is a weird world and stalkers can always appear when they find the opportunity , you never know 🙄
  7. As I have said , we as viewers don’t know what we want 😊 When friends visit , then there are complains that they don’t respect the rules for the COVID -19 , when they don’t , they are unsocial 😊 When there’s sex , it isn’t enough for an apartment to be interesting 😊 When there’s not , it is a boring apartment . Every tenant , couples , singles , GOV / COV , they are unique individuals and everyone has its own way of participating at this project . I have said it again and I need as it seems to repeat , for whoever isn’t enjoying what it is presented , stop paying and just watch Netfl
  8. I think the biggest achievement that she made was that no one could actually tell if she was more into boys or girls .. all of her so called sexual interactions on my opinion have been shows and for the sake of money . There have been comments in the past that RLC admins were texting her , providing instructions or advice of how she should handle the incidents / shows that were happening in the Barcelona apartments . My opinion is that she is heterosexual but she would experiment with girl / girl action , after all you are presenting a good example . In any case , like in life , it
  9. I think the situation with the virus has affected the way RLC has been working for the Barcelona apartments , decisions had to be made and this is why so many of the girls that they rejoined around February and March stayed for such a long time , actually , there are still people from that time inhabiting apartments ( Alexandra & Lucian )
  10. With all my respect to you Harley , can I ask you why you are keeping up to date when you really dislike and hate RLC and you characterize it with heavy words ? You have explained that you like to still be in the forum for some really cool people and friends you have made over the years , but why you keep up by watching photos or videos distributed to you by friends of something that gives you no interest anymore ? Just a fair question from my side I believe 😇
  11. I think Irma will always be at the TOP-5 of RLC participants , when she first appeared and with the experience she had as a model , it brought this eye candy atmosphere , people always wanted to see if see does something in front of cameras , the proof is that when she was bating , the forum was becoming red hot with the comments . But time consumes everyone and this last presence of her , it was more of a torture for her fans and I believe even for her . You could see that it was just boredom , no passion to be at this project , I even find that her bates were happening because she had
  12. This is also what I have been thinking , I believe it is the first time that an apartment is removed from the main list but there’s no mention as an update at the news section , let’s see how this evolves .
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