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  1. Funny that nobody has said ANYTHING for the “ indefinite “ time that Paul took “ staring / thinking / being lost “ at the abyss while he woke up in the guest room some tome very early morning hours … Completely lost he looked , I always thought that we have the famous “ the soul of a woman is an abyss “ as we say here but Paul’s absolute “ VOID “ looks is impressive to say the least .
  2. It looks like CamCaps is at the Full Spirit Of Christmas , “ bringing back “ and “ liberating “ people 😂🤣😂 that were out , as it seems , temporarily .. Have fun at the forum , it only gets started to become a place of negativity at its maximum in most of the topics and the centre of ruining opinions in another special one .. That’s what the site wants I guess ..
  3. It is like RLC found OUT OF NOWHERE a person working triple and quad shifts for Esmi and Octavia …😏😁😆
  4. Strange that the long UM hasn’t been mentioned so far ..😏
  5. It is the “ MAGIC “ of this apartment , it is the “ Only At Masha’s “ that , still , 8 years after , this place has a unique “ erotic “ aura … It is incredible , weird , unbelievable , call it as you like but 9 of 10 people entering Masha’s apartment and specially the ones that will at least lay down even for one minute on her bed , will end up one day , sooner or later either having sex , masturbating , running a bath and being nude , THEY WILL 9 out of 10 people will offer a private moment shared on cameras … It is insane that somehow , someway , THE BEST TENANT IN HISTORY OF RLC , Masha , makes them don’t “ see “ the cameras , don’t bother with them , feel comfortable that they are recorded and not guilty , Masha somehow makes her guests feel “ proud “ that they are watched and observed . No other tenant has his/her apartment so much visited , no other tenant offers his/her apartment providing nearly all to her guests like Masha . Roxy , we just got to know her as soon as Babi resurfaced after a period that she and Masha seemed to have kind of misunderstanding . Roxy reached the point without even caring at all about cameras and everything to let her loose and surrender to the “ erotic aura “ of Masha’s bedroom and simply participate in a threesome experience with Masha and Elvis and later she confessed she has never done something like this before and it was great to experience it . The words lose their meaning many times when it comes to speak about and what this apartment has offered . NOBODY KNOWS 8 years later , who , when and what more is to see and watch . No matter who enters this apartment , it can literally and easily DO ALL ON CAMERAS , when other “ Queens “ have fear even to invite people 😂🤣😂 , Masha shows who THE UNDISPUTED BEST TENANT IN HISTORY OF RLC is .
  6. The ONLY people who have negative things to say usually for the guys are the JEALOUS ONES .. they simply don’t accept that these guys CAN DO much more than what they have done in their lives . It is difficult to accept that the guys ( Wolf now in our example ) can on Monday have Margo and Wednesday Ulyana before ending during the weekend with both Margo and Ulyana . In the beginning it was Wolf the gay because he had the shirt lifestyle .. Then Wolf the steroids guy because of his injections , then the annoying guy because he wonders around shirtless and half naked , swims in the nearby villa instead of the one he resides , he enters and breaks the privacy of the girls in B4 , he visits the rooms of the girls without notice , ETC ETC ETC 😂🤣 These previous things are MORE OR LESS the reasons that people categorized him as a jerk , asshole , stupid and whatever else .. ahh yes , I forgot the main one , GIGOLO 😂🤣😂🤣 What more to add , it is easy and simply life psychology , what you can’t have and someone else does , it makes you nuts .. especially when you see him messing with one of your favorite girls and having with them what you always want to but you can’t 😁 … Wolf ( and also the previous guys apart from my preference of his behavior Lacrim and sometimes Tim who I think was strangely controlling Tani ) has done NOTHING wrong to deserve all that . They are just having their fun , NEARLY ALL THE GIRLS seem to have always enjoy their presence and company , the rest is as I always believe .. JEALOUSY 😁
  7. Happy Elli , happy viewers 😉 … And FINALLY having some “ serious “ and “ emotional “ sex ( even not the best quality but let’s not ask for everything so fast , gradually and slowly 😇 ) that this girl DESERVES that a guy “ invests “ and dedicates time to and for her.
  8. And a new position for Elli .. still lots to learn 😇😊
  9. Again the nice pierced titties though stay inside her t-shirt and aren’t getting “ free “ and exposed .. Elli has her reasons I guess 😌
  10. Great night for Elli and how many new things , kissing and cuddling her guy , first timers for Elli , wow wow wow and how great … Elli captivates the audience once again , Elli FINALLY seems happy and enjoying and not “ having to do something “ … Well done Elli ( and guy 😇 )
  11. Wish everyone could simply have the good and fair/reasonable thoughts like you do , what an answer and HOW GREAT ARGUMENTS to support what you say and not just throw words or emojis or whatever😇👏👏👏 It is when you believe that there’s HOPE ON THE FORUM , well done friend 👏👏👏👏🙏🙏
  12. People can pay and have all that plus REAL LIFE happenings , nudism and sex and all is essential but look at Nadia , Esmi , Elli , Venera , the only ones who don’t seem to have any social lives of significance ( however they have been seen at least visiting 1-2 times ) is Esenia and Dima .. EVERYONE ELSE , they try ( either successful or not , ups and downs , smiles and tears ) to live together WITH the cameras and not together FOR the cameras .. There’s REAL LIFE despite lots of sex and oegies and whatever elsewhere because it is simply one thing happening .. PEOPLE INTERACT WITH PEOPLE , exactly as we were made to be as HUMAN BEINGS and to be different than the animals ( with the ability to speak of course which no other species does ) … What is to see watching 2 LONELY PEOPLE with no social life , ABSOLUTELY ZERO INTERACTION with anyone in life .. ahh yes I forget , Leora speaks to her father and Paul to the people back in Russia … ahh yes , ALL NOT FACE TO FACE INTERACTION , this is ignored 😆😆😂🤣
  13. Ready for good times for a second day in a row .. Well done Elli and guy 🙂
  14. Simply GREAT watching FINALLY a guy spending a really great amount of time with “ warming up “ actions to the one and only amazing Elli .. FINALLY hugs and cuddles and kisses and not just wearing her sexy lingerie to get ready for the “ playing “ guy .. And it’s nice watching Elli being happy with that .. Good times to - PERSONAL OPINION - the girl together with Margo with the best ASSES in whole RLC site .. Margo and Elli , Elli and Margo and all is fine 😉
  15. More predictable it can’t be 😂🤣😂🤣 After a thorough check , no competition exists .. Hurray , it’s masturbation time ( which of course comes off prime time in Europe - that’s a change but circumstances have changed lately . 😁 ) .. Enjoy 😄 Let’s see when Paul wakes up 😴😴😴😴
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