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  1. There is someone in the apartment to clean and tidy up
  2. I do not want to scold, everyone lives his own life as he wants it. But it is also a fact that at the moment it is quite boring in the appartment
  3. The new boy has left, it starts a new boring evening
  4. It looks as if some things for Mika will be picked up for hospital
  5. looks as if a replacement for mika had moved in
  6. unbelievable, Layne and two girls in the apartment and nothing happens. The whorst thing is, that Layne nothing try. Maybe he now accepts the coming father role
  7. Rotes Haar ist wieder zurück. Mika ist nicht da.
  8. Mika & Layne are in the Bedroom, and Redhead is on the Sofa.
  9. I am just a few days offline and than im back and all is changed. I Hope Mika is ok so far. Also i Hop of some Information from Admin. Thanks
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