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  1. Hoping Leora takes Malia under her wing and looks after her while she settles in to it.
  2. Leora's reading our comments and smiling. Good to see her smile.
  3. Leora ass looks better to be than sleeping in a tree. I think cuddling her ass looks comfortable to me to sleep tonight.
  4. Good idea, you stay tickling Leora, I'm going to snuggle in with Malia and give koala cuddles.
  5. hehehe, naughty I was going to give her a Koala cuddle
  6. I think you understand I very respectful of Leora and any woman in the project/ RLC. Having said that I've like her over many years know and understand she is very sweet and shy she isn't your normal RLC woman. That's what makes her special to avoyeur.
  7. Oh yes, totally understand this. I like Malia, she's funny and interesting. I'm looking forward to watching her go about her life.
  8. I have to be honest here, I've always liked Milia/ Emi.
  9. I don't understand if Malia is in apartment she isn't a civilian. Milia will need to earn her keep. Looking forward to seeing her body.
  10. Hey Leora what about a blue bath with Emi. I'm sure she would love it 😀
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