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  1. Well aren't the milf's the life of the party. Not, both asleep.
  2. Crikey Radislava don't you ever feel a little bit sexy? You must be a Monk/ Sister not to ever feel horny.
  3. Leora said that Paul lives with his parents/ and the little doggie Eva and yes he has a girlfriend.
  4. Maybe someone can explain why women love a bad boy? Now this guy Dusty Martin makes women wet. I don't get it.
  5. If the women needed something to get them in the mood. Nothing better than Aussie footballers. (note no crowds due to COVID)
  6. I'm wondering if RLC paired up Aleksandra and Radislava if Aleksandra would be able to loosen up the ice maiden Radislava?
  7. Trust me, she has a low fever. She needs to drink more water but like any woman try telling her to do it and she will do the opposite as that's what women do 🤣
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