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  1. Where I miss Leora, I come home from the business and have an hour to catch up on Leora's day/ night. Now I'm spending that hour watching Youtube / FB bored off my tits. I understand what Leora thinks of us, but there must be deep in her soul a good feeling there were many people interested in her. Really hoping she comes back in some way.
  2. Agree, not so happy go lucky since the RLC big bang happened.
  3. Damn I miss checking up on what's happening in Leora's apartment.
  4. We have been watching for 5-6 years and know a lot of stuff.
  5. Loving the info, I myself am grateful for Leora being Leora.
  6. You might be right but I'm holding on to faith she will again. I totally understand your point of view.
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