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  1. Dude in the Blue, mate head down to the bedroom you won't be disappointed
  2. Not sure you guys watch Kelly if you don't "do yourself a favour" and check her out she reminds me of Leora.
  3. Something special watching Leora cuddling Eva to her beasts.
  4. The dark cloud appears to be in a bit of a bad mood today.
  5. Guys don't be alarmed because Leora has gone to the bedroom she's texting me. 😜
  6. Good Morning, Leora, I know you wanted the team selection for Round 6. Squad Selection | Round 6 - carltonfc.com.au WWW.CARLTONFC.COM.AU Jacqueline Guldon brings you all the team selection news ahead of our Round 6 clash with Hawthorn, presented by Borg's Pastries.
  7. Australian rules football is pretty much only played in Australia. But considered the hardest toughest and most exciting game of brand football. Of the 9 games a week most games have between 30000 to 85000 people per game. Not bad considering Australia has only approx. 25 million people. Enjoy the last few minutes of Carlton vs West Coast Eagles.
  8. The Rules of Australian (Aussie Rules) Football - EXPLAINED!
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