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  1. Good lord hopefully on the weekend when she's out the whole time.
  2. It would be a great time to bate while Malia is sleeping 🐨😘
  3. Must have been Chris's prayers that did the trick in healing her.
  4. Malia 🌟 she would be very tired for sure 🐨😘
  5. Not sure about Leora but I know you would 🤣🐨
  6. I needed a good laugh this morning. If Alladino posted anything different I would fall off my chair in shock.
  7. I agree with you on Amelia a real talent when it comes to g/g or g/g/g. I for one is happy she is back.
  8. I say either move with the times or move on to something else. Don't you agree Howard?
  9. For the life of me if I was him as so terribly unhappy I wouldn't watch and comment. I would move on to something that I enjoy to do and watch. Chris you keeping up with your med's 🤣🤣🤣
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