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  1. Your not wrong, I understand grown men don't cry. But I'm man enough to say this morning it all got to much. But back on track now. I expect there will be many more but when this happens I'll remember your comments which will straighten me up.
  2. Thank you all, all your comments they mean the world to me!!!
  3. I really hoping Leora will take koala out of the cupboard it would mean the world to me.
  4. Hi Guys, l thought you would like an update on injuries. Recap. My bitch of a neighbour had been writing notes about my line of trees long my fence line being over her property. So to keep the peace l set out remove any branches causing issues. Not l had been a tree cutter for 10 years so it’s nothing new to me hard work. I had been approximately 4 hours when my accident happened, l made a basic mistake not having a head rope. Between the fence and the tree line only enough room for a ladder. The ladder slipped off the tree, l was standing on the top of a four metre/ 16 foot ladder. I fell straight down, just missing a fence post by not much which would have killed me. My right foot hit the ground first then bent back 90 degs. My wife in the house was working with her headphones on l kept yelling hoping she would hear me between songs. Thank she did after 5 very long minutes. The Ambulance women turned up omg they just had to be blonde 10’s. They couldn’t believe l was alive, or the trauma team at the hospital. I was in hospital mainly to keep an eye on me that was going to die. They sent me home Tuesday, back to hospital today to discuss what surgeries they need to do. Basically heel.needs a plate/screws, ankle rebuild, knee operation too. There’s a 40% chance l might lose the leg. If all goes ok 12 months before l can walk again. 18 to 24 months until full recovery. I’m in a wheelchair with my leg up. The swelling needs to come down before any surgeries. You have no idea how much pain I’m in. I can do nothing for myself, god l miss being to go to the toilet on my own. I was lucky to be still alive so l price l have to pay is being currently in a living hell. I chose life over death any day. I was lucky to marry the most amazing woman whom is my soulmate. She is being amazing job looking after me. l won’t be around much but if you see me online please say hello. Please take care and remember to tie the bloody head rope!!!
  5. Guys, l’m very lucky to be alive. I in the Box Hill Hospital waiting for the team of surgeons to reconstruct my right leg and ankle after falling 4 metres cutting trees. I’m in terrible pain and not a happy camper. I won’t be around much for a while. It would greatly assist me if you said a prayer or two. Leora if you read this a wanted to show some support please put the Koala out for a few hours while l’m having surgery. I understand jimbo won’t be happy but it’s just a few hours. Please wish me all the best, l’m a little concerned about not making it. They have put together to cover off those it. The Endo is kicking in and I’m falling to sleep. please be good to each other.
  6. Has anyone noticed Leora gets sinus issues when she goes to bed?
  7. I don't understand why Leora likes the Guest room to be a junk room instead of having the Panda and Koala there?
  8. What's happened to the Guest Room, very messy now that the Panda and Koala aren't there.
  9. Leora's awake reading looking at her phone in bed.
  10. That's amazing how did you hear what she speaks in the shops?
  11. You're not turning into Chris, are you? 🤣
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