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  1. I was expecting such answer. That's why I ask it. No surprise at all but I want to be sure.
  2. I only read this post now. I confirm what you wrote. Thanks
  3. Thanks! Indeed they arrived at 14:53 and it was a normal moment. But Dasha wasn't normal because she spent all the day and the next one always in the couch, She even didn't help Masha and Sasha to prepare the apartment for the guests. She stand up to receive the guests, smoke or going to the bathroom!
  4. Even that isn't a good reason to close the cameras. Maybe RLC read some posts here and decided to respect those posts.. I've seen that, at 20:00 on the 1st of March, Dasha received a voice message/phone call and started crying and screaming. At home only she (in the couch) and Masha (in the bedroom). Masha came and tried to help her. At 20:04 she prepared some medecine to help Dasha. At 20:13 the other 3 arrived and Dasha was in the small bedroom with Masha. When they close the cameras, at 20:22:26 on the 2nd of March, Sasha was in the bedroom with Dasha and she looked "normal". The other 3 were in the living room.
  5. I've asked another member of this forum about the the hour when N & B arrived. If the hour I refer is correct, it is very strange the N & B behavior towards Dasha. B touched Dasha back but they didn't say "hello". N coming from the bedroom, ignored Dasha.
  6. Thanks! Can you confirm me that N & B arrived at M & S, D apartment around13:47 on the 1st of March? Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks. What a coincidence that ruined N & B holidays. They are Dasha close friends.
  8. Thanks. As I can remember this is the 1st time this happens. I tried, but nobody answered one question: N & B are there because they are in holidays or they are there to solve some problem on the behalf of RLC?
  9. As you wrote, to contact them is a waste of time and I must save it and my money too.
  10. Thanks. One more reason for RLC act correctly with their clients. In previous situations, RLC only closed the cameras when people not working for RLC appeared (Police/Emergency) and anormal behaviors from tenants.
  11. Thanks for your comment. First, of all, I don't know what really happened to Dasha. People guess. If I'm wrong, let me know the why. Second, RLC doesn't explain what is happening there. And I think that it's its obligation to do that. This isn't a normal situation, you must agree. And all of us paid for a service that they don't offer. Besides, that, if someone of her Familiy died, perhaps she should travel or leave the project for a while. That's what everybody do in their jobs. Perhaps not in all countries but, in Europe, workers are aloud to stay at home when one relative die. I use to see RCL because I like to see Dasha and some others women. I stay in Dasha side, when she is attacked here. But business is business. RLC apartments aren't tenants home. RLC is a job for all of them. Thanks again
  12. I canceled my automatic renewal at RLC, because I consider inadmissible that M & S, D apartment is under maintenance for so many days. I may reconsider if RLC compensates subscribers with an extension of their subscription for the same days that the apartment is under maintenance. This apartment is one of the reasons why I am a subscriber.
  13. So N & B are there by coincidence and not because they brought bad news - someone expelled from RLC or preparing Dasha for what happened with her.
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