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  1. For me, it was Stas who destroyed the stitution with Stella several times. In the first half hour there were at least 5 to 6 situations where Stella was ready to move on and enjoy. But each time came only the rough grip on her pussy or he just left her alone and did something else. No hug, no tenderness, no admiration for her. Only the handle on her pussy. He treated her like a hooker. That was humiliating. And Carla did not do anything to save the situation. She just wanted to be with Karol. And after Karol pushed Stella away several times, the party for Stella was over and she began to dress. During the following hour she came back several times - and everytime it was the same: no tenderness - no hug - and always when she started to feel fine, Stas went away. Phone, music, dancing or kissing with Carla, hug or fool around with Carol, or he went away for several minutes to the BR. What does this man think? that every woman has to be happy right away just because he takes her pussy? I was astonished that she had stayed that long. Carla and above all Stas still have to learn a lot in order to make such an evening successful.
  2. The archive vidios do not work for me either
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