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  1. dh2995

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    I couldn't have said better that this, Alt0na. Like many people, I myself can feel sorry for all that I may have (not) said to my parents, once they were gone, and I can understand and thus share your feelings.
  2. dh2995

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    I was also worried during the argument. I see things slightly differently though. Clara dressed when Stas left the bed to lie on the kitchen couch because she refused his kiss aimed at closing the discussion when Clara was still hurt and still had things to say. This was the apex of the discussion. I'm sure the problem is related both to work and the mother. Often phone conversations related to Stas's work include the word "Ma". I think they somehow work together, which may not be comfortable. A mother "indispensable" for everybody, but not necessarily in a couple's life, IMHO. And she may even be felt as interfering with the couple's life; if this is the case it is then understandable for Clara to resent it as this is her home. The nearly usual "rivalry" between wives and mothers-in-law. The mother is of course aware of the cams, so she knows what they are here for and maybe disapproves of C&S's way of life. But it is theirs. I don't share the view of only Clara being ambitious and Stas unhappy. They may be both considered as ambitious in keeping their place here, and during parties with C&A Stas was often the one who organized things. Besides, the way Stas looked at Clara when she was watching Dana and Chris (cf my post on the C&D forum) is not the face of an unhappy man at all, neither was it when Alice and Clara "tenderly" kissed good night when C&S slept there. IMHO Anyway, the Sun seems to be shining again this morning 🙂 with maybe still some light clouds. We can't know everything. Sex or not, we'll see how they'll be this evening but I trust they'll be OK.
  3. dh2995

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    Stas's Mum visiting. Looks like there is tension... "Ma" leaves, crisis again. Stas starting storming, Clara rebelling earlier than last time and dressing, Stas asking her to stay, Clara speaking her mind for a long time, Stas coming back to her trying tenderness. Like the previous time, recurring words: Ma, then work...A link maybe between Stas's job and Ma? Partners? Boss and employee? Whatever, the cause of the crises is external to the couple's love life. Wouldn't be the 1st time a couple argues over one of the partners' mum... Cooling down at last Make-up sex finally and happily 🙂 Please, Clara and Stas, times may be hard, a young couple, however solid, have to discover each other but also to remember that every moment arguing is a precious moment of happiness wasted and lost and can eventually leave scars. Preventing others or circumstances from marring that happiness is a lifelong fight. Glad to see that makeup sex 🙂
  4. dh2995

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    Late paperwork... ... and Stas a bit ill again, with a loving and caring nurse 🙂 Best wishes for a quick recovery, Stas 🙂
  5. dh2995

    Chris & Dana

    End of the party, Clara calls a taxi, Stas must be working tomorrow.
  6. dh2995

    Chris & Dana

    A few other moments.