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  1. I quite share this feeling, the spell is broken for me too, as one might guess. I have nothing against the other tenants or course, we just all have our own likings, but as far as I am concerned that "spell" doesn't only come from what I think is her beauty and sexiness, but also from what I think is the beauty of this couple's relationship, in the way they progressively experience new things together without going beyond the limits that they have decided would jeopardize their love, making their relationship stronger as time and experiences pass. One of their greatest sins in some people's eyes is that they aren't swingers, so they are considered boring. Not for me. What would bore me would be an impression of soullessness in whichever of their actions, or the impression that they acted solely for ratings. Never was the case in what I saw of them. Such light in their eyes when one cares to look at them. And on top of that they love animals! 😉 I'm using the present tense because surely this is going on out of our sight. Maybe they will come back some day, maybe we won't see them ever again.Probably they don't know themselves, as it may not depend on them now. I just hope and wish that times aren't and won't be hard for them and that nothing will come against that happy relationship, whether we can see them or not. But this isn't C&S's topic so this will be all from me about it. My wishes and support are of course for all the Odessa participants. JMHO, as usual.
  2. Hope so... It took them 2 days before removing all (?) mentions of them from the blog.
  3. Stupid or, worse, cynical. I hope for the 1st option, the lesser of 2 evils. I'd imagine the tenants weren't aware of the illegal aspects.
  4. We don't know if VH are doing things or not. We can only hope so. In such situations - many countries/companies have had to face such situations when some of their citizens/employees were in a predicament - the frustration comes from a certain "diplomatic silence" necessary to get them out of there. And yes, these tenants seem to risk prison and/or heavy fines. A serious situation not to be messed about by whoever can help them. Let's hope VH is up to that task...
  5. ... and add something like "for they own safety please understand everyone has to keep silent"
  6. The tenants seem to be "ok" only in so far as they apparently are not detained and are free to live in their apts. But the legal proceedings must be going on. If I was one of them I would be very cautious not to communicate, in order to avoid any further mention of my activities going public again and be used against me by whoever - probably the legitimate police - was after me. I'd fear that information in a post, a tweet or unwillingly transferred by someone else, or intercepted, might be harmful. What is at stake here is their freedom, the legal penalties facing them, so the tenants' priority is their safety, which may depend on discretion from and about them. I'm afraid the only thing we can do is be patient and supportive. IMO
  7. This would mean 2 things : 1. they are still free 2. they may be looking for cheaper places, not being paid anymore and only relying on the incomes of those who have another job.
  8. I share the same hope, and the hope that their silence is precisely because they are caring about their employees' safety.
  9. In their announcement, VH mentioned that only 1 person, not a participant, had been detained for some time. My guess is that while investigations are on their way the participants are in their houses (till the end of their monthly lease at least or longer if they can afford it), that their computers and phones, etc, have been confiscated, and that they can't or won't communicate for security reasons : the less is said, the less evidence against them. Maybe VH doesn't communicate either for the same reasons. Maybe. VH could at least say if the participants are still fine and explain at what stage they are globally in the proceedings. But if they did, how can we be sure they would or could tell the truth ? Indeed that silence is cause for deep worry about the tenants 😞 But unfortunately we may have no news before long and hope is the only thing left to us. And the expression of our support for them.
  10. Sharing these pictures while the problems were going on, and their silence, may have been part of VHTV's protection strategy. I don't think we'll be told much about the situation, for safety reasons.
  11. These photos were taken at K&M's during a gathering for that purpose, some weeks ago.
  12. I had noticed that too. They logged it about twice in the afternoon, and nothing after that They may also have been told not to use the internet in order not to be spotted. I also try not to be pessimistic...
  13. When I noticed that the logos had disappeared from C&S's cams I checked if it was the case in another Odessa house (it wasn't) and I think that C&D's house was already marked offline, if my memory is ok. I then imagined that there was technical work starting on the whole Odessa VH system. A look at C&S's timeline after lunch time showed the morning had been as usual there, with Clara going out but not in a rush. But those logos disappearing show that something was already going on. VHTV want to be reassuring in their blog, to show that they handle the situation. But the passage about the participants's safety being their priority shows that these participants are quite in a predicament, if their situation implies moving them to other countries, as mentioned in the blog. I'm afraid that even if they are OK, we won't see these people before long, if ever. I do hope I'm wrong and, most important, that they are safe and OK.
  14. I think - but am not sure - C & D's house was marked off line first, before all the other houses disappeared. Don't know if this is relevant with what is happening. Anyway, Clara and Stas, and other Odessa participants, if you can read this, be sure we hope the best for you. Sincerely hoping to see you back in a near future, or at least to have good news from / about you.
  15. At last VHTV gives news here https://voyeur-house.tv/blog/2019/02/14/temporary-apartments-shutdown-announcement/
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