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  1. I think he is doing video-editing and photography (professional)... So then you spend several hours behind a pc.
  2. I´m confused... Is this just a sexual attraction or real love between you an Kitty :-) BTW why are you so convinced you could me her happy. What would you do different then all the other guys? Tell us please, so we (and Smith) can learn.
  3. OK, let´s have a vote... Smith out & Aussie_oi_oi in. We will see how he handles her... We will learn so much :-)
  4. I think Aussie_oi_oi has a crush ;-) I think we all like Kitty as an attractive women (except for the tattoos)... But as someone to live with... no thanx. BTW, someone has replied he understood their discussion was about ´facebook´/´friendship´... I think social media has a negative impact on many relationships...
  5. Well put... It´s a deal with the devil. But living together with the devil gives us a nice spectacle... but it will be devistating for the relation of Smith and Kitty... So maybe it´s better they split, and give her an appartment for her own at RLC. She proved many times that she can give us a show without Smith.
  6. Well... I think she´s impossible to live with... She a stunner, sexy and whatever... but she´s also a nutcase (sorry for my expression). I do not know that many people who can change so suddenly of her mood. Everyones looking at her... her smile, her boobs, her body... She´s a sex addict... for sure... but impossible to live with... Smith seems a lazy boy... but he doing almost whatever she wants, and even then... it´s still not enough for her. OK, we are al jealous because he get to f*ck her. And, considering all the comments, WE can do better.... I do not see the love between those
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