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  1. There are some in this world that are SOL with technology or without it.
  2. The position I am in, I am required to be nice too everyone even though it's hard to do at times.
  3. Canada has never had trouble during elections that I can ever remember. We're not as big as the USA. We only have 10 Provinces and only 38 Million Canadians and only about 27 Million are eligible to vote. The recent Afghan's they brought in are not eligible to vote since they're not Canadians as of yet.
  4. The election here was only called a month ago so there's not much time for any hanky panky in the background with the postal service. 60% have already voted at advanced polling stations and mail so when the vote comes Monday the line ups should not be that bad. One just has to remember to vote in the between hours when others are at work then they can get in and out quite quickly. The polling station where I vote is only 3 blocks so I have not far to go this time. I got my mobility scooter to get me there and back. The mail in Ballots do not get counted until Monday after 6:00PM and those are heavily guarded by security and the RCMP so there won't be much chance of any wrong doing. At least 60% of Canadians want Trudeau gone so many will vote Conservative regardless just to make it happen.
  5. There was early voting a week ago. They never had Mail in Ballots before but his time they do because of the Pandemic. Every eligible voter gets a card in the mail 2 weeks before vote day. When they go to the polls they must take the card that was mailed to them and show a piece of identification showing your mailing address. For me I just show them my Disability Payment Stub it has my address on it. They usually accept that. Last time I voted I took a free ride to the polling station from the Liberal Party and I voted Progressive Conservative. I highly doubt they'll give me another free ride this time.
  6. Any hope of Trudeau this time is gone. The only thing the liberals will be doing this time around is have a leadership convention to replace Trudeau.
  7. Trudeau is barely treading water this time around. Erin O'Toole will be the next PM of Canada. Trudeau has a one way ticket to Quebec. Obama's support won't mean shit this time around. Canadians are fed up with Trudeau and his scandals.
  8. If they jump out of a car and shoot at Police then they get what they deserve. They'll likely protest and say the cop was racist even though it plainly shows in the video that's not the case.
  9. You'd think they could just make it easy and leave something to click if you forgot your password. The password would be of no use to anyone else as it would send a password reset to the e-Mail address that was registered to the account.
  10. That's just in case she has a wet fart so the shit doesn't start flying everywhere.
  11. When Trump writes a book they put it in the Fairytale & Folklore Section.
  12. I don't mind navigating through the jungle.
  13. It's kind of stupid for girls to shave their pussy. Pubic Hair was put there for a reason. Back in the 50's and 60's girls never shaved their pussy, it was the au natural look.
  14. When you posted it was 2:30 in the morning EST. Not many are online at that time of night. The summer months are always slower on the forum.
  15. That should have the Orange Mussolini flapping his lips when he gets up.
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