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  1. Hi someone wrote in the forum ?? (can;t remember who ) that he tried to message me and suggested my mailbox may be full. Does that happen ? thanks 

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    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      I also want to keep the contacts to repay them with pic I have but just got mab and no time to figure it out or sort my screengrabs ... If I could just delet certain convos ...the 3 dots in corner just say report ???  you know what I mean right ?

    3. StnCld316


      The whole PM Topic would have to be removed in order to free the space.

      The only way to get unlimited storage is to get a Premium Membership.  

    4. StnCld316


      You have it down enough now where you should be fine.

      A little note:  You collect points for posts made.  Once you reach 2,500 points those points can be cashed in for a 10 Day Premium Account. Then all you have to do is make sure to accumulate 2,500 every 10 days and repeat the process. That's one way of getting unlimited usage or you can purchase a Premium Membership for $20 which lasts for a full year.  Staying as regular member you'll always have to delete things in order to keep the PM's flowing.

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