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  1. Bambi come back with her backpack 🎒
  2. will there be another big round of unbridled passion and sex from the boy?
  3. It does not surprise me, it was something I was expecting. We will see her at some point in exclusive lesbian sex with the girl as well as with Dasha.
  4. A month ago Masha told a Russian friend that she was targeting a young couple. From what I see now, it will be a repeat of M, S, D until she fights with them too.
  5. Rlc let him see the recording from cameras, and let him collect all these jams from the apartments. In a little while they will pull it dust and openly, with the air they took. I just disgusted today with what I saw. Masha is so careful with these things, how did they do her nonsense in the room tonight? They fell very low with these baby bras they carried.
  6. May a new apartment be created in Rome! From what I see the girls are not afraid in the cameras, it would be good staff for rlc, the blonde girl shaved and her pussy in the bathtub!
  7. It will probably be postponed, because Masha is in great need of this trip, I do not see her very sad. The handle of the suitcase looks leaning on the shoe rack at the entrance.
  8. Guy's are some questions I have if anyone knows how to answer me. Masha from days before her birthday, in the various conversations she had talked about this trip, and many times that maybe she combined it with Barcelona, which we do not know yet. Since then she has mentioned to many people (in conversation with Dick with a friend from Russia and with her best friend) the date of the last party. A few days before the party we saw a few mornings Masha coming out with a serving tray with two coffees, and some nights the doorbell rang and on cam9-10 conversation with a man could be heard, and
  9. The data did not change much now that she found a boyfriend. Masha always put her finger on her own! Masha and Leora have the first place in this sport! Better to show us something in lesbian show!
  10. If I understood correctly, what we watched was a small sample for his small sample?🤔 Maybe at some point the dark boy needs to come to satisfy both of them !😉
  11. In 2-3 days that Masha will go on vacation she will take this new boy with her? Or will she find new dicks there that are not shy?🤔
  12. Their effort is very good! Let's hope this young man gets used to the cameras, and we'll see him finish soon! It would also be great if Masha kept him as her love partner and we see such moments regularly. And I hope this young man is not like all the other passers-by once!
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