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  1. similar opinion It's a community that serves a purpose (it's an employment relationship) After the knee was broken and Masha passed out in the evening and fell on the edge of the bed and broke her rib, a second person had to be in the apartment quickly The cleaning lady had time and was ready for it My impression is: The cleaning lady is happy when the helper job is done and she can be a normal cleaning lady again
  2. that gives a restless night There are mosquitoes in Masha's bedroom 🦟🦟💤
  3. Summer in the city today 34 °C .... and it is getting hotter ☀️🌡️ cooling only possible with a cold shower.....!?🚿
  4. they just spoke! Masha said: I need water, my drinking bottle is empty; helper said: yes 😐
  5. first masha orgasm after 4 weeks ..... and the action ends abruptly when her helper returns 😳
  6. the white cat now has a pink tail and blue spots on the face. she probably played with the paints🎨🐱
  7. from today Masha with red hair 👩‍🦰
  8. I think the black cat licked cam 9 There is now a blurred area in the door area👅😼
  9. If you do not pay attention to the wheelchair and crutches, Mascha actually has a very pleasant life now, she can concentrate fully on her painting, her helper (good spirit) cares a lot about her (and hopefully will be paid by RLC). Blessing in disguise! The design for the new large picture is finished what will it be? Nirvana, pyramid meditation or Masha's small, big world 😻🗯️👳‍♀️🗯️😹
  10. why this is so is a big question mark Nobody has yet identified a reason for this it's "Nurse-housekeeping-Masha-Apartment-Work-Wear" ...to show the difference between helper and hero?🤷‍♀️
  11. Masha's helper in a new outfit brought a whole bag of new clothes👜💃 however, the work dress is still the same😌
  12. The situation has now improved The pain in the knees and ribs doesn't seem to be as bad anymore, wheelchair works better.... Perhaps healing will go faster than expected After all the old pictures have been revised, Masha now starts painting a huge new picture 🖼️🎨
  13. There was no surgery The knee fracture heals without surgery, the knee is stable due to the splint, but it takes 2-3 months
  14. possibly .... although even top cameras could be controlled🙄
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