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  1. heard from Masha today: yesterday's photo shoot was about the presentation of evening dresses Masha was allowed to show an elegant long red evening dress 💃 Today the cleaning lady is back in her "work clothes", but she is not working
  2. Long pink make-up at noon today. Masha left the apartment at 5:00 p.m., probably for a photo shoot Now the cleaning lady has come so that someone can be in the apartment It will be late before Masha comes back.
  3. was that now the long-awaited change no more flash player?
  4. system change at RLC I can now see Masha's apartment as a live stream on the iPhone ! 😃
  5. he knows, has been there before I don't know if he knows we can see with infrared
  6. on October 13th it was 5 years 😉
  7. rope man must sleep on the sofa
  8. Usually Masha is the focus of the guests but on the sofa today
  9. rope man should do more advertising for his passion Masha is not very suitable because of the broken leg the guest girls rather
  10. the boy who is now in the apartment I haven't seen here yet
  11. His last visit was not received with such enthusiasm I had also criticized. Ropes and knots and the depiction of tying is seen by various people as an art, and the rope man knows how to tie. so i accept his passion....and hope there is big session😉
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