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  1. Masha was shopping A package also came, there was a new dildo, Masha put it in the socket to charge it she will try it out tonight
  2. Sophia has a cold 🤧, she had previously measured fever Masha brought the thermometer
  3. no criticism of Masha It is admirable how Masha does it and what she can do. and I've rarely heard anyone speak Russian so quickly, unlike Sophia, who speaks slowly and emphasizes the words The two are very different and opposites attract?
  4. The girls left, the cats fled into the bedroom because the quick cleaning lady is there. 🏃‍♀️ ......
  5. Piper depilates Nelly's ass and now depilates Taylor Piper. big wax orgy in the LR 😓
  6. What is Sophia's secret? She's been there for 4 weeks. She talks to Masha, she's asleep, but most of the time she's on VK or Instagram on her phone and enjoys the comments there (writing with spectators is now allowed? Not with us, we are the bad guys 👹) She is a pretty, gentle girl, but she has no life of her own (here). Why is not she looking to Rome? There is so much to see. When she goes home, she hasn't seen Italy. Pity for she. Why is she the way she is or is she not the way she is? Sophia is the opposite of Masha. But maybe it's just as possible to live with Masha.👭
  7. very quiet today Masha in bed 😴 Exhausted from yesterday or sick?
  8. Masha sells or gives away her pictures? the gift picture of Eva has kept her, it is still lying on the bed
  9. Masha has explained to the guests their workplace they were very interested, they were in the apartment for the first time Sophia did not understand Italian and retired Finally, the blond Guy got a tatoo, Masha hurt him shaving his arm I do not know where they went and if they come back
  10. talked all night, slept this morning long Now boil borsch?, recipe with Mom discussed on the phone a "normal" day today I believe maybe a guest tomorrow evening?
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