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  1. Behind the scenes, as you say, bring a little touch of mystery, but no matter what, they at least agree with the proverb: "after the rain, the fine weather". The main thing is that they are positive, I would rather see them laugh than cry.
  2. The painting lessons were exciting, it will remain an unforgettable memory of calm and tranquility.😄 Tonight, it's crying, screaming, a little more lively.😄 There are some who like melodramas, others comedies, others pornos, you need something for everyone. They make a patchwork of all this, and everyone benefits. After all, it is the image of real life. It would require a subtitled version of RLC😊
  3. Actually, it's her regular boyfriend....intermittently.😊 Glasha's romantic relationships never last very long, except with this boyfriend, and have been for at least 2 years, but intermittently.
  4. Living with Nina is no easy task. Nina is like a butterfly, she goes from flower to flower, Kira is a pretty flower, but maybe that's not enough.😊 But it doesn't matter, everything will be all right... as usual the trio will reform, if it can be separated. Have a merry Christmas, all of you.
  5. I don't think there are any disruptive elements in their trio. There are ups and downs like everyone else, arguments, anger, but they are very close together, both professionally and emotionally. Professionally, DE and Kira are very involved in Nina's musical success. Sentimentally, while Kira and Nina are a couple, both have had romantic relationships with DE. It's a complex emotional situation, but they know how to manage. No doubt about it.😊
  6. Criticism of RLC methods did not conflict with the values of our three daughters; They are obviously 3 extraordinary girls, Nina is a very good singer, Kira an exceptionally smart girl, and DE an outstanding organizer. But they are also part of RLC, and as such they are paid to perform. And they're performing. But I repeat, it doesn't take anything away from their intrinsic qualities. On the contrary, it proves that they are also excellent actresses. We see on RLC only a very small part of their life, if there is a true part there is also a part... a little more comfortable for the show.
  7. "To be or not to be" RLC offers above all a show and couples are above all actors, and when real life is not enough to give a show, RLC or the actors make a small scenario showing a good quarrel, and a good part of sex. The quarrel is boosting the audience, and everyone is happy to see the reconciliations on the pillow.😍 The curtain fell, and the sofa quickly returned the king of the apartment, and the ladies resumed their habits as if nothing had happened. Then I admit that the show was of high quality, but this is the hundredth time they have performed this piece, it becomes almost a Pavlovian reflex.😊 But after all, isn't life just a huge theatre? I started with Shakespeare, I will end with Molière: "The theatre is only made to be seen" and RLC understood this perfectly. 😋
  8. I'm a little tired, I have to do it twice to send an post 🙂 I was saying: Answer a little late it was the holidays, but unfortunately all has an end 😒 Don't worry, there was nothing in what you said that would shock me. Sensitive people always have trouble debating, and as I like debating a lot...😊
  9. Réponse un peu tardive, c'était les vacances, mais c'est malheureusement terminé😒 Ne vous insquiétez je n'a
  10. I don't think Nina forced her. Forcing Kira can't be easy. But there is also a fashion phenomenon. On the look side, young people are independent, but often their independence ends where fashion begins 😊
  11. I am very happy with Kira's new look. Changing your look can be very positive. It can boost her self-confidence. But for her, it's still a little leap into the unknown, what will her surroundings think of her new look? She's bound to get into a phrase of uncertainty. For change to be positive, it must be in harmony with its own personality. The future will tell. I have the impression that this change of look is a bit orchestrated by Nina. Maybe Kira wanted to change her look for some time, maybe she didn't dare, Nina made her take the step. If that's the case, Nina was right. It repositions Kira's femininity. I hope they do the same to DE....😊
  12. A little freedom, maybe. The downside is, these cats seem to be locked up all the time. It's the only thing I'm a little upset about. It's a golden prison, but it's still kind of a prison. This reflection only engages me, and takes nothing away from the esteem that I have for our two girls.
  13. je suis plutôt d'expression latine, français et espagnol, et un peu le portugais. Je suis fâché avec les langues anglo-saxonne, pour ça j'utilise Deepl, je n'ai fait que retranscrire le traducteur, et je dois avouer je n'ai pas trop vérifié. Ci j'ai fait une erreur, elle a l'air amusante, tant mieux pour nous tous, ce suis toujours très satisfait quand j'arrive à faire rire, même à mes dépens. Et pour mes amis d'expression anglaise, je continuerai à ne pas trop vérifier mon traducteur 😊
  14. Frankly, I think this new hairdo looks great on her. Anyway she is naturally very beautiful, everything suits her well. What amuses me, and I totally agree with Liki, is that she seems surprised at the effect of this new hairstyle. There are times when it would be nice to be in the cat's shoes.
  15. 100% with you. Only those who care only about themselves do not find empathy in caring for others. I think we all this forum who are interested in our three friends, can simply wish them "good luck". Good night everyone and thank you for this debate.
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