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  1. I completely share Parxx's analysis. I had come to this apartment only to follow A&S during their week of presence. Already this presence brought a certain touch of sentimental freshness and their physique was most pleasant to contemplate. I return there from time to time to see Sadie that I find rather nice, and to see if the daily copy-paste has evolved, but it seems that not, neither by the scenario, nor by the girls. Of course the girls are not forced to fuck, they are paid for it, just like the blond guy (who in my country is called a gigolo 😊) Looking at chubby girls has a certain
  2. It is not necessary to try to understand, undoubtedly that the script envisaged a little melodrama😊 It's the blond guy who does the work, everything that passes within his reach is skewered, this guy fucks faster than his shadow😄
  3. The density of a human body is approximately equal to that of water, i.e. 1 kilo = 1 liter. These two luscious creatures weigh approximately 70 kilos each, that is to say a total of 140 kilos, so by attributing the density of water to these two bodies we obtain approximately 140 liters. All this to say that when Sadie takes a bath with her friend, she saves a lot of water. She only needs to fill the bathtub to 1/3. Sadie is a very dedicated environmental activist.😊
  4. Most couples would not exist or be successful without the guests. After that it's a choice, but many prefer to stay invited. Apparently this is the case for A&S, for the moment. For your information, they are back at Elaine's.
  5. If Sadie invites this couple of pretty lesbians it is that she finds there certainly an interest in number of spectators on her apartment. There is for all the tastes, I look at this apartment only because there is the presence of this couple, and I suppose that I am not the only one. But I understand completely that one can find the female homosexuality boring, but to want to fire them because they do not take part in the general party, let us not exaggerate ....🙄 They don't do anything wrong and they don't bother anyone. I must confess that I find Sadie quite boring in her conception
  6. In the street, there are still a few people waiting for their turn
  7. yeah, Sadie the Russian Messalina ...and my dear Noldus the crazy photographer 😂
  8. I totally agree with you. N&K are a solid and faithful couple, RLC was particularly fond of this kind of couple, VH is unfortunately more inclined to robotic sex. As for A&S it is difficult to judge them because they don't have an apartment. The image they give themselves is that of a non-swapping and purely lesbian couple. Where is the truth? Difficult to judge, what is sure is that N&K have never participated in the kind of parties as Sadie or Elaine conceive them
  9. Yes and no, N&K have lost some of their libido as they've gotten older, but in their time on RLC it was still hot. Remember their 3-some with Irena and also with another one whose name I forgot. On the other hand, they have always remained faithful to their homosexuality, I don't know of any affair with men. Moreover, they are married, you will tell me that one does not preclude the other, but for them marriage is an intangible and extremely symbolic value in a country where homosexuality is not particularly well accepted. But on the other hand, you are right, since they switched to VH
  10. I think you are talking about A&S, the pad is a possible hypothesis😄, but I think more about a certain independence to have sex when they feel like it without worrying too much about the rest. They are only there as guests but sometimes they put on a very interesting show full of spontaneity and sincerity. Just look at the replay, especially when they were at Elaine's. But it is sure that they do not conform to the usual laws of most residents. They don't show off like sex robots, and they know how to transmit a bit of real life on the VH planet, but for that you have to follow them
  11. 23 photos on an evening where nothing happens... but the photos are beautiful, it's always that...😄 On the other hand, for the amateurs of the camera, interesting things happen in the bedroom, and it's something else than a little kiss... Fortunately a couple of real lesbians is there to save the evening. And to answer Robwin, there is indeed no sound, but well, we have the visual, we understand what they want to say...😊
  12. It would make a good movie. For once a sex movie would have a story, and moreover a dramatic story ...😄
  13. You are right, we only live once, it is better to enjoy it. But even if we lived several times, it would be just as valid.😊
  14. They actually started their show at Elaine's a few months ago. They present themselves as an exclusively lesbian couple. But on VH the only thing that is true is that nothing is true. It's hard to tell if in real life they are really a couple. Having followed them a bit, I personally don't think so, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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