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  1. Milena is still my favorite, that's why I'm wondering if she's going home with her boyfriend this time or is she going to wait until she gets a lot bigger?
  2. I'm quite pleased with the way B#2 has turned out. Hopefully Amira doesn't have a bf. Don't need cocks sniffing around.
  3. I stumbled onto this site with a bunch of empty apartments. What a great place to start a voyeur site.😉
  4. I realize that. I was just wondering if someone could tell me who Milena talks to in Spanish. Didn't mean to make trouble.
  5. Still think she might be pregnant...but I never said she was cheating!!! FFS...people go to the beach and talk without fucking. Don't make me out to be the bad guy.
  6. Real sure she video chatted with him two days after the fuckfest and possibly could be talking with him ever since. Can't say for sure...I only speak English.
  7. Just curious...is she on a hike with Olya's guy?
  8. I love watching Milena but I find it hard to believe she's the only one to survive the B4 purge.
  9. She stopped going in the pool..stopped laying in the sun..and now her fiance spent half an hour in the Jacuzzi and she never got in.
  10. I'm glad Milena decided to go with the fucked up lighting in her bedroom at night. It's going to make cancelling tomorrow real easy.
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