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  1. WHAT THE HELL is DE doing at the new place Kira will not be happy.
  2. I like Kira cooking with just a piny on lol
  3. I do like that Kira's bum has filled a little bit
  4. Sleeping next to those lucky girl
  5. Nina really does miss Kira when she's away poor girl.But she shouldn't have DE over to much as Kira can still see whats going on in the house.
  6. Hope DE wont cause trouble between Kira and Nina again
  7. What a gorgeous young lady Kira is.
  8. Hope DE dosn't cause any problems with Nina and Kira things are just right with them.
  9. Is it me but are Kira's boobs getting bigger
  10. What books has Kira written and what are the titles
  11. Has Kira had a change of job or premotion as she dresses beter every time she goes to work.
  12. Well a toy so Nina dosnt have to hoover the flat
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