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  1. They should just get an apartment for anyone who has been on more than twice and keep them away from the rest of the girls.
  2. The Niche porn website nobody knows about loophole. Prior to stumbling upon RLC from another forum I'd never heard about RLC and I've been looking at websites for 20 years
  3. Every girl Hakeem has sex with apparently has low self esteem without anybody knowing anything about them.
  4. Yeah its real hard to understand why girls want a good looking guy who knows how to talk to them🙄
  5. I mean you just spelled out what made them fake. Being a couple means some level of commitment to each other. Barely knowing someone and living together would make them roommates at best.
  6. She could have left and not cashed the checks from the replays of Hakeem banging other women. She bated zero times and did nothing sexual besides the twice a month with Hakeem. At the end of the day Asia signed up to be on cam site to watch TV , sing and sleep.
  7. They literally talked about how they never had sex before they did it on cam for the first time. Ive yet to meet the people who would join a voyeur cam site as a couple before they even had sex for the first time. Plus the convo in the first few weeks was a lot of getting to know you talk that would have already happened if they were a true couple. They were probably at least friends before this started but I can''t see how they would have been a real couple for any length of time,
  8. Asia signed on to be a fake couple what part of that is on the up and up?
  9. Asia was one of the the most boring tenants of all time peoples hatred for Hakeem blinds them to this .
  10. I never considered Asia being asexual but it would actually explain a lot of what is happening in this apartment besides money lol. She never masturbates and when they have sex it always seems like she just wants to be close to him rather than getting off.
  11. Asia is more my cup of tea than most of the women on this site but her routine thus far has been super boring and limited. Something definitely needs to change.
  12. Fair enough on those points. What is your opinion on Asia doing next to nothing to earn her keep in this apt?
  13. Hopefully the people screaming about the "evil" Hakeem can finally come to grips with the reality of this apartment. Babe in the woods Asia knew what she had signed up for.
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