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  1. I was going to ask about that. She started that yesterday. Alberto was doing something very similar on his phone at the dining room table yesterday. I thought maybe it was some kind of language program. Just a guess.
  2. I dont think Ive ever had that image of her. In my mind the innocent girl next door doesnt stay out all hours of the night getting drunk/high.
  3. So what happens when or if Nelly and Bogdan get called back to Russia? Theyve been hear before and left.
  4. Ive noticed that too. Maybe her lifestyle is starting to catch up with her some.
  5. From what Ive seen not to many of these tenants do work. much if any. Looks to me like they get paid compensated very well for what theyre doing.
  6. He was working from home for a while from his laptop. I think the pandemic put an end to it. Hopefully not permanently.
  7. She does a "workshop" on Mondays/Tuesdays. Looking to better herself. Get a good job.
  8. She does ride. Not as much as him. Then they have the dogs. They had a pair of rats a while ago. They both obviously like animals.
  9. Well at least we got to see something. They didnt sneak off somewhere and try to hide it. They didnt appear drunk either.
  10. I have seen them recently lying on the couch together watching tv.
  11. Alberto often goes out on his bike on Saturday if thats any help.
  12. I think we only get to see and hear what they want us to see and hear. I figure that why they go out on the balcony or into one of the bathrooms and close the door. No Cams/Mics.
  13. Martina came in limping a bit some time back after last rollerblading outing. Hopefully she wears knee pads when shes blading.
  14. If its any consolation my friend Alberto seems to be handling all this quite well. Strange dont you think? Maybe he know s something we dont.
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