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  1. Ive often wondered from time time to time what Martina is doing when shes out all night and why Alberto doesnt seem to mind.I have seen her come strolling in 7-8 oclock the next morning.
  2. The only company Ive seen there since New Years was her mother.That was just before the the pandemic set in. I think there is more going on off camera than on anymore with these two. Martina doesnt mind staying out all night.I expect to see more of that now that restrictions are easing up.
  3. Strange.I Its not like him to take off like that.They were looking at apartment adds just before the pandemic set in. Hes been spending a lot of time on their laptop talking to someone and taking notes.Speaking of laptops I saw him with 4 of them the other day.
  4. Thank you for that.I figured some time back he was a relative.
  5. Im not sure why sometimes but Martina seems pretty commited to Alberto. Ive never seen her fooling around with anyone else at least not on camera.
  6. Ive seem him there before different times. Perhaps I was misinformed but I was told he is one of her brothers.
  7. Now that was strange.Perhaps it has something to do with the last shutdown.Didnt see any other changes.Wasnt that popcorn I saw laying on the table?
  8. Id rather see them do something with the cams inside the apt.They go out on the balcony to smoke and drink and probably play with their phones. Not much to see I wouldn't think.
  9. Id be very surprised if they put a cam out on the balcony. If they do it wont be much of one,
  10. Even before the pandemic these two didn't have a lot of company. They seem to prefer to meet their friends elsewhere. I get the feeling something is in the wind.I have seen them looking at apt. ads of late.
  11. Martina disappeared some where for 24 hours after it came back the last time the apt. was down for two days.I thought that was a little strange. The lockdown was in place if I remember correctly.
  12. I suspect this apartment and its occupants arent to high on RLCs priority list.
  13. Not that we see a lot I have a devil of time getting the living room cam to open.At the very least its needs replacing.
  14. Well I think that rude awakening comes to them all sooner or later when its time to leave.Personally I find them to be very well matched.They seem to do,come and go (all hours of the night at times) as they please.Neither one of them seems to mind.
  15. For a small salary they dont seem to be short of money.I would imagine an aquarium like that is pretty expensive.A couple of weeks ago I watched Alberto unbox another mountain bike.They arent cheap either.Perhaps hes doing something constructive with thoes bikes.We can only hope so.
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