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  1. Really? Did you not see the massage session a coule of days ago? Granted, not hardcore sex betwen Vivian, Tesla and Evian but it was a very erotic and sensual session. Give Vivian time. Who are we demand she "perform" mosr?
  2. The massage session going on right now is easily one of the most sensually erotic ones I've seen on RLC in a long time. Of course, I do not know how it will end, but it does not matter... the lighting is perfect, the mood is very seductive and sexy but not hardcore.. RLC can learn from this...we don't always need fake lesbian massages. This session, thanks by all three ladies is very high class...very erotic.
  3. This is not Leora. It is a photo of Jennifer Lawrence from the movie Red Sparrow where she did play a Russian agent. Just Google Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow and yoy will finf this photo on multiple sites...hate to burst your bubble.
  4. This is not Leora...it is a photo of Jennifer Lawrence from the movie Red Sparrow where she does play a Russian agent. Just Google Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow and you will find this photo all over the internet.
  5. Just a word of caution about looking for replay videos on Hotscopes.net. It is a very dangerous site in terms of malware/viruses. Many good anti-malware and anti-virus software will automatically block the site from opening. I once got hit with a very mean ransomware that took me hours to finally remove. Be very careful!
  6. a As a first time poster, I'm not sure if I am posting this on the correct thread but I too recognized the woman in military uniform. It is not Leora. It is the actress Jennifer Lawrence in her role as a Russian spy in the movie Red Sparrow. You can google "Jennifer Lawrence in Russian uniform" and the photo submitted will turn up. Because the ZZtop video was live they probably pulled it internet photos.
  7. I do not want to get into the normal speculative banter I see on this thread...there is way too much guessing about the reality of what's really going on. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion if they are a subscribing member with a long history of watching Martina's videos and it sounds like you were during the time-frame we're talking about here. But I kind of think there are many who actually never saw those older videos but still give their opinions. Its my sense that this is the same woman I mentioned...she was skinny then as now, has the same voice and mannerisms, b
  8. New to posting anything on the Marina/Alberto board even though I've had a sub for over 4 years...anyway, the young woman visiting tonight was a close friend of Martina's who used to visit quite often up until maybe a year ago. Her and Martina during these visits clearly drank too much and would put on these teasing, erotic, but non-sexual shows that were actually fun to watch...very amateur and impromtu. Most involved pajama/lingerie changing but clearly for the bedroom camera...her friend knew about the cameras. I have a feeling, but no direct evidence that this is the young woman that Marti
  9. Yes, Katia is also an offender of using the bathroom off the hallway for sex with Dick...never saw Jane following Katia into that bathroom though. I think I caught one of those threesomes in the master bedroom between Jewel, Dick and Jane but I have also seen Jewel go into the no camera bathroom followed by Dick or Jayne who stayed in there with Jewel for at least 15-20 minutes. Just seems like having sex in there is a reasonable assumption but maybe not. Still, there is clear attraction between Jewel and Jane and I would describe their relationship as borderline sensual but not sexual. I gues
  10. Well, the thing that is very frustrating to me with J&D apartment is that, other than one time many months ago, Jewel will not have sex with Dick or Jane on camera. She absolutely has sex with either of them in the small non-camera bathroom in the hallway but never, ever, any hardcore sex in public. I'm almost ready to give up on RLC because I don't like paying for both the subscription and replay points to end up being teased every single night when Jewel is there. Kind of feel its a planned tactic in this apartment by either RLC or Jane or both. I mean how much light kissing and brief fo
  11. Most U.S. banks do not automatically approve international purchases especially from Europe. You need to call your bank and have them "unblock" your card for international purchases. But you have to make your international purchase generally within 24 hours. Every time I need to renew my RLC membership or add new points I have to contact my bank and have them unblock my Visa debit card. Apain in the ass but oh well...those are the rules!
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