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  1. don't know about you guys but this place is all about CB shows and it's boring and not feel like a voyeur stuff, they don't do anything else other than just the show everyday, tired of it now
  2. ok thanks, then barney is definitely bringing another girl behind her back i think lol
  3. is she upset with something or just going for a holiday ?
  4. Tell you what, this apartment is the definition of what real sex is, i really like this apartment because there is nothing fake and it's pure, they are honest and they do all these swaps so brilliantly
  5. That was an act put by D&D and L&B in my opinion, no way their attention was for the swap from the start, just a tease so people get interested and when they do then start the usual not doing anything show, i would not have any problem even if they do with their own partners if it's real and not staged, but this nah
  6. Did joel really did anal with nadia ? i missed it last night and the pics don't clearly show whether he did it or not, if anyone can tell that ? but that was such a good arrangement by anica and joel to invite her
  7. Thank you for the pics as usual, Katrin really revived this apartment last night, she actually did like 4 rounds with that guy, just WOW
  8. yeah i just caught up with this party just now and she is sitting quite far alone and her facial expressions doesn't seem right too
  9. and if they unfortunately leave i wouldn't mind if dana stays and starts living permanently, every day new boy in that house lol
  10. whatever they did, won't be bad enough than what Kirill does in his realm so i think Malena and Amelia will be good and all be right
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