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  1. so serj is the one from yesterday in the shower who has a tattoo on right arm, right ??
  2. i just want to see a 3some like Sara, Jeka and Raya in another apartment, one of VHTV brilliant performances
  3. As if having one Eva and Adam apartment wasn't enough and now their disciples too
  4. haven't watched this apartment in like 2 weeks, anything interesting happened in that time ?
  5. I cannot find "Sabrina getting fucked by the guest" in the archives ? How did they miss that one lol!!!
  6. Guest guy missed the most golden opportunity 2 days ago with Sabrina lol, just couldn't get hard 🤦‍♂️
  7. yes he has visited them before, he is just a good friend of them
  8. Something must have happened, it's odd that both girl are sleeping on their own
  9. This place might be the most boring out of all apartments lol, it only becomes worth watching when friends or guests arrives here
  10. There are so many examples, i remember guests messing with bathroom cams in Kirill's apartment, also when the guests totally switched off bedroom cams in leonie's apartment too
  11. Lia has become my favourite girl on vhtv, she is just stunning and has a really cute face lol
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