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  1. and this is exactly what is happening right now, went to bedroom at 1:44:00 and came out exactly at 2:04:00 lmao
  2. Their threesomes aren't exciting, Mia does the bj for 2 minutes and then guest fuck her while she gives bj to Ragnar, she does this sequence with all the guests visited so far, it don't think she let any guest lick her pussy too, it's just feels like a professional thing like they have set a time for bj and then sex and after that everything has to be stopped When they are finished with sex, the guest doesn't even touch her at all in the slightest, the timer was set for the guest and he had to do everything in that time frame, way too professional like a business thing going on
  3. Marcus doesn't look happy for some reason
  4. Maybe you are right, for me the realistic events (where you think that participants aren't doing sex for show and is natural) happen in Martina and Alberto apartment, they don't do it often and looks so natural like what a couple actually does So if i am comparing to that with B/G sex shows here in GOV i personally do not get the same feeling and i also think they keep tabs on everything (either its a solo or B/G show) they know when is the timeline and free space to do that so everyone gets tuned in
  5. All girls have taken their turns of having sex one after another, they do know lmao when to have sex to get more views, first Mimi with bf and when her encounter ended then Olivia and bf and when that ended then Fiora and bf lmao, they all must be keeping tabs of one another sex sessions, now only one left is Ulyana, where the hell she is 🤣
  6. Just give a separate apartment to Bruno alone, different night different girl 🤣
  7. Those two girls were great when they visited this place and i think the ratings of this apartment were on top in VHTV on May 2 and May 4 (i may be wrong), B&H just said they managed to contact with them again and soon they will be back, that's good news atleast!
  8. That's great to hear! Looking forward to seeing the girls again, they were awesome in their previous visits :)
  9. Request for Val and Marcus apartment: May 31(15:15:00) Start of sex Round 1 in LR May 31 (15:44:00) Sex in Kitchen May 31 (15:49:00) Round 2 in LR which finished on (16:00:00) @nack @jabbath1987 Thank you!
  10. He has been like this since coming lol, man hasn't even lifted an eyelid yet
  11. Exactly and i also think that ratio of premium members of VHTV who also use CC is low as compared to the premium members of VHTV who don't visit these forums
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