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  1. Wonder why she is separated from her boyfriend, can't think of a single reason 😏
  2. LOL now you say it there was a girl in my college who purposely did that whenever she entered the class
  3. That cleaning from Luna was faster than Usain Bolt's 100m sprint record lmao
  4. It's because she is a mental case, one moment she looks directly at cams and shows her body and next moment she covers the cams or try to. For her it's a game and she is teasing with all these silly adventures.
  5. People talk so much shit about Ken on here and sometimes goes even worse than that but i have to say i admire Ken's temperament, not losing his cool over some stupid comments thrown at him every day and being the person that he likes to be whether someone likes it or not. Ken has got a great attitude.
  6. This apartment deserves more praise, every day something happens here and girls are beautiful af, definitely in top 3 on VHTV
  7. Now compare this party to the ones we had in golden era of VHTV like those in Pablo and Juliet's place with Ruby in it too, miss those times
  8. it's in the archives, i think i saw it weeks ago
  9. So Angel dumped Connor but was happy to be with Harley and Freddy again ?
  10. Nothing to feel embarrassed when i have made my mind that some things are too good to be true and happening in sequence and it's all a show, nevertheless it's entertainment 😉
  11. Good atleast someone conveyed my message to her 😁
  12. RLC must be in dreamland with all these views, they will be like keep up the good work girl 😆
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