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  1. Kennedy and Brina were the only interesting people in this apartment. Albert single handedly destroyed the vibes here lmao
  2. Have been saying for ages just give the apartment to Elliot, both of them don't work and have clear differences as what they agreed on or not, atleast Elliot can bring some hotties then
  3. This is the lowest VHTV has ever been, i know it has hit rock bottom since late 2019's but this right now is unrecoverable, how do they get back to the excellent years from 2018 to mid 2019 will never know
  4. I missed this night but it looks like he is fingering her without blankets ?
  5. Amelie's ass is the perfect feature of her body
  6. Why are you posting old images of Karen having sex with Stifler ?
  7. Is this even in the archives ? I can't seem to find it
  8. This apartment has 2k posts and 1.5k posts were done in the first 2 months of this apartment, just shows how it turned to absolute snoozefest after those 2 months
  9. I think Hope for personal reasons couldn't do the full time at VHTV, she already took 2 vacations as a tenant before leaving VHTV. That's why she makes random appearances here and there to make as much money she can as a guest. Yan had to follow the suit because of Hope so his name also got removed instead he is living here as a guest almost permanently.
  10. I just want to see Lyla, don't care who fucks who in this apartment or who is angry or happy lmao
  11. I think people on here bash Elliot unnecessarily sometimes, i don't think he has done anything to upset Leya for over 2 months now, he has been pretty ok with her by his standards. Seems like Leya might be just too emotional over things, some people are like that plus the open relationship is quite accepted by both of them
  12. It all depends in the end how much money he can give from his own pocket to Otto and then he can have Lola for the night
  13. Ken and Barbie were good as guests back in the old Stifler's apartment, this is one of those apartments where nothing happens but loads of comments in here makes you think something must have happened. Reese was the last interesting person who carried this apartment alone and she hasn't come back since April. Before that it was Dylan, Connor and their one night stand gf's
  14. They really need to bring back Lana or the guest girls who have visited this apartment previously
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