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  1. Don't think they are going anywhere. I think Angela is the most beautiful girl in RLC. if the step it a bit, they would be the number 1 couple solely because of her. Has anyone gotten a close look of her eyes. They are intoxicating. You could get lost in their beauty.
  2. very, very nice..... great tribute to a sweet, funny and gorgeous Angela. Thank you for putting it together. I hope that she gets to see it. :)
  3. I'm telling you guys and gals, this apartment in jinxed. Two couples to breakups!
  4. does anyone know exactly what happened? This girl is breaking my heart. Sad to see someone so sweet suffering like she is.
  5. well, my RLC friends, in as much as I hate to say it, I think this is the end of this couple and we will be losing the beautiful and sweet Angela. It looks like the apartment will be looking for new tenants. I tell you, this apartment in jinxed.
  6. Does anyone knows if she has actually been awake at anyone point during the day?
  7. I agree, they are (were. hope not) the best couple in RLC. the rosed to the top because they are normal and fun.
  8. I like her... that apartment is jinxed/ Hope they get back together
  9. good friend who wants a piece of her.....
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