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  1. the years go by and I'm still a fan of leora, since all this time it's been a part of my life !!! always beautiful masturbations, real pleasure shared with us! pity leora stopped looking at the camera, it was rather exciting and created an intimate bond between her and us. i guess the request comes from rlc and it's really silly. full of kisses princess leora ^^😘💓
  2. absolutely!!! saw the bites she showed him on his arms and in his back, it is indeed bed bugs !!!! I had it in the past too. the apartment should be several days in maintenance. welcome to hell masha!!!
  3. Oui, leora toujours agi comme ça, elle fait la fille à la hâte et très fréquentée, comme si elle devait courir le matin pour aller au bureau, alors elle a absolument rien à voir avec sa journée !!! ^^ Elle se déplacer rapidement d’une pièce à l’autre comme si elle avait un train à prendre, tandis que sa seule nomination est avec le canapé toute la journée !!! ^^ moi, elle m’amuse ^^
  4. yes, you are right, but i can not imagine that leora have to leave russia to come live in Prague !!! This is impossible because Paul works in Russia. I admit I do not understand why leora is not classified in "vacation", but it is totally impossible that she is here for a long time….
  5. like ulyana, leora is only on vacation in prague, i think she will stay there no more than 1 month. so these next few days are just a small bonus that you have to take advantage of.
  6. frankly with such a long maintenance, we really thought that rlc had finally decided to make money with this apartment, improve the quality of the cams and by adding! but no, nothing, no change in the apartment! so we will continue to distinguish martina in bed, and cut sex sessions because we do not see anything!😫😖😤
  7. I wonder how we can participate in hot evenings on the internet, full of girls nymphomaniac and unethical, with his own sister in the middle! it's beyond me, that's another world !!!!😣
  8. a joke by noting the very low investment rlc for this apartment! it is as abandoned as the apartment that had maya, with cameras of very poor quality, especially in the room, so that the audience is weak even for sex, because we only distinguish! almost no sound on the cam1 of the dining room !!!! this is a shame because martina is able to do a lot of ratings !!!!😤
  9. goodbye dasha, thank you for all these years of sharing, thank you for all the guests of st petersbourg, for all the parties organized in the old apartment !!!! even if the threesome are very risky, you have not lost your best friend, who gives you his guy as a gift !!!! ^^ human relations very weird but I'm not here to judge. good luck for the future, and maybe someday ....😘
  10. Oui, mais il est impossible de s’expatrier les couples russes qui ont un emploi en Russie, et changez le pays n’est pas une petite entreprise, car le rlc aventure peut se terminer en une seconde ! RLC a trouvé la bonne façon de nous permettre de voir les filles russes qui nous aimait tant, ce qui les rend de venir en vacances !!! Nous pouvons imaginer revoir leora, lada, lana, eva, olivia, kristy et les anges et tous les autres !!! et c’est vraiment sympa ^^
  11. yes, carla and mario were a pretty nice couple, but it was a time when no participant was communicating with cams (not like today), but carla often made small signs, like writing to say goodbye ^^. the strong point of carla is that she is rather cheerful, but also that she has many friends, and will be able to bring us guest and nice parties^^^^
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