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  1. another sensual and classy evening, far from the millions of vulgar and moral-laden "sukas" who overflow pornographic sites !!!! thank you rlc for this "enlightened" casting !!!!😫
  2. milena welcome back, you are a bomb, and each appearance is a pleasure, you are class !! nothing to do with EDITED, like ginger, babi, irma, gina !!! thank you for showing us something other than this kind of stupid junkies !!!!
  3. je ne porte pas de plainte, mais fais un simple constat, et même si la faute peut être mise sur les participantes, il y a aussi une responsabilité juridique de rlc de contrôler ce qui se passe sur son site internet et surtout de se conformer à la loi!!! rlc peut être poursuivi car c'est elle qui mets à disposition le matériel de diffusion des images, et c'est aussi elle qui les diffuse!!! toutes les participantes signent un contrat, car c'est une prestation rémunérée. en période de déconfinement, il y a une énorme différence entre un couple qui reçoit une personne, et 3 barca qui se réunissent à 16 personnes, qui en plus se touchent à longueur de nuit!!! mais au delà des lois, le simple bon sens et la sécurité devrait primer, mais on s'aperçoit que sans le coup de bâton de la police, les gens et certaines société font n'importe quoi!!!
  4. tout dépend ce que l'on appelle faire n'importe quoi. dans la plupart des cas l'employé se fait simplement virer, mais si par exemple un employé vole de la marchandise chez un client, c'est l'entreprise qui devra en répondre, si un participant sniffait de la drogue devant les caméras, c'est sur l'entreprise que la loi agirait. on sait que rlc surveille et peut agir rapidement en cas de problème, interrompre rapidement le live et retirer le replay, par contre rlc autorise 3 barca à se réunir pour faire la fête toute la nuit, ce qui est anormal.
  5. dear moos, i'm sorry, but rlc is a company, and the participants its employees, since they are paid !!! all that is broadcast on the rlc company website is the responsibility of rlc. it is therefore up to rlc to set rules according to the legislation, and to act in the event of non-compliance with the laws in force !!!! especially when we have as employees, naughty girls who have no limits, and whose goal is to gang up as much money as possible !!! if we do not impose a framework on them, they do absolutely anything, and that is what is happening now !!! rlc has already lost many apartments, and they should be more careful if they don't want to lose more !!!!
  6. it looks like rlc continues to be on the borderline of the law, since after filming invited people, without notifying them, here is just the deconfinement started, always sensitive period, with bans on assemblies and strict barrier measures to adopt, we have whole groups of stupid girls, alcoholics and drug addicts, who run to the other apartments, to gather in large numbers, and participate in depraved parties, orgies or some girls are fucked in the chain, by all the guys present !!!! evenings where even unknown guys appear, who arrive from who knows or, without any precaution in the face of possible contamination !!!! I hope that all these girls who have half the intelligence of an oyster will not contaminate their loved ones and their families in the coming weeks, but money and porn seem more important to them! !!!! So, a big congratulations to rlc, which fully demonstrates our implication and seriousness in the face of the pandemic, by regulating by hand the nymphomania of its participants !!!!😡
  7. you ask me if I saw their birth certificates, is that it? !!! no but are you kidding or what?😂 maybe you want a certificate on the honor of the doctor who gave birth to them, too ??🤣
  8. en fait, pour couper court à cette discussion, sachez que lorsque vous avez identifié les filles, que vous connaissez leurs réseaux sociaux et leur vie depuis des années, vous êtes sûr de ce que vous dites à leur sujet !!! donc pour résumer, olivia et ulyana sont des sœurs, quoi qu’ils disent dans leurs discussions sur rlc ^^😉
  9. yes, this in addition to sinking anal plugs and masturbating her sister's pussy !!!🤨
  10. that's why I participate very little in the forum, there are always big mouths who come to make the moralizing dads !!! this is a forum where everyone has the right to say what they think about a party on rlc !!! I don't need you to know how many apartments there are on rlc, and you can keep your bar pillar tips !!!
  11. these girls are more and more trash and disgusting !!!😷
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