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  1. hard to say, certainly this also leads to the rooms. in any case it's the same floor as ariela & olya, above the television show
  2. the 2 bedrooms are on the 2nd floor, the door and steps to the right of the lobby cam. the 2 bedrooms are just above the living room, with views of the back garden. one of the rooms has a terrace.😉
  3. there are at least 2 rooms not exploited at b4, but also a large living room😉
  4. this is maybe the opportunity for rlc, to open the hidden rooms at b4 !!!
  5. the only things they read are the labels of the bottles of wine, essential for their work as cam girls !!!
  6. at the time we had a lot about cc, because actually if 1 shooting or 2 every 6 months, could cover you of luxury, spending your life to drink champagne in the most beautiful places of the planet, it does not there would be no vendors, waitresses, nurses or office workers ^^ !!! if it were so simple, all the cute girls would spend their year between koh phi phi, dubai, singapore etc ... but some members refused to admit the evidence, it is better to let them think that this guy is a driver or mila's boyfriend 😂
  7. a lot of questions here, for a very simple thing 😏!!! how do you think these girls live all year in luxury, traveling from paradise to paradise?🙄 this guy is a sugar daddy, he kissed her in the lobby.😒
  8. I would like to say thank you and goodbye to kaley, that we have forgotten here !!! Even if his departure was without any sign for all those who appreciate it for many months, kamila is gone in the same way! I can not imagine that during these last 3 years, nothing touched them !!! maybe they did not know when rlc would put the apartment in maintenance !!! in any case, thank you kalay for your delirium and your presence during these months of happiness, good life to you ...💖
  9. the apartment has disappeared from the list !!!😭
  10. if you talk about the paintings of the lion and the cat that she put in rolls, she painted them for hours !!!
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