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  1. et les lampes que l'on voit allumées, les appareils électriques avec une ampoule au bout, ce sont eux aussi des illusions d'optiques??!!! des mirages?!!! croyez ce que vous voulez!! And the lamps that we see lit, the electrical appliances with a bulb at the end, they are also illusions of optics ?? !!! Of mirages? !!! Believe what you want !!
  2. Saisissez du texte ou l'adresse d'un site Web, ou importez un document à traduire. Annuler TRADUIRE DAVANTAGE Dear friend, you must be novice on rlc, not to have noticed that all participants sleep with a light on !!!! It's been more than 3 years that I wonder how they do to be able to sleep with a lamp in full face, and yet they do all !!!! Stop with your led reflections or I do not know what, the light is perfectly visible in most apartments !!!!
  3. All the rooms keep a light so that we can see .... At nicole we see the reflection in the bathroom, the light is next to the guy ....
  4. I spent my evening of yesterday, explained the evidence, that night vision only works when there is a small light source in the room !!! But so many guys did not agree that I gave up !!! I even quoted all the lamps that remain lit at night in all the apartments so that we can see, but nothing to do for some "specialists" of the cam !!!! I hope that tonight, all will have understood!
  5. We see better when nicole leaves a lamp on, no? !!!! The video hardware professionals may find the difference between last night and that night? !!!! This is a question has 10 points !!!!
  6. on touche le fond avec cet appartement!!! de plus en plus affligeant!!! We touch the bottom with this flat !!! More and more distressing !!!
  7. oui, la blonde est la petite sœur de Bogdan. Yes, the blonde is the little sister of Bogdan.
  8. les propres reflets LED IR????!!! ok, comme vous voulez, j'abandonne!!!! The own IR LED reflections ???? !!! Ok, as you want, I give up !!!!
  9. If there are lamps everywhere !!! For irma one does not see his bedside table, but for example for stella, one sees the light to the left of the camera 10. the twins the light is seen in the reflection of the window. Dayana, on cam 14, we see reflections on the bottle and the bowls, there is a lamp out of the field on his dresser !!! She and angelina sleep in addition the open shutters !!! Heidi shutter open and light left cam14, kamila light over the TV, kristy reflection cam 12 in the bottle, so light right. Annabel and efim light above the bed. Stesha, visible light from the hall. Linda light reflection in the wardrobe. Julia, light to the left of the bed cam7. Masha, shadow of light cam6 top left. Nelly light outside. Desired light cam7 right. Adriana visible light cam7. Zoya light to the left of the bed. Nina light next to the bed. Dasha light above the bed. Maya light next to the bed. Leora light everywhere !!!! There is ALWAYS a source of light, otherwise it is the complete black !!!
  10. One day it's a guy, the next day is another !!!! Miguel may be the tomorrow's cock? !!!
  11. comme vous voulez, c'est vous qui décidez!!!! personnellement je n'ai jamais vu aucune vision de nuit dans tous les appartement rlc, sans une source de lumière.... As you wish, it is you who decide !!!! Personally I have never seen any night vision in any apartment rlc, without a source of light ....
  12. Uh, it's not the same guy (miguel), he's the Spanish Moroccan, and personally, apart from seeing him kiss nicole one night in the lobby, I've never seen him sex with she!!!! If you had this chance, share the video !!!!
  13. And not reallifecam cameras !!! After the shower, nicole simply extinguished the candle, to plunge the room immediately in the complete black !!! It's as simple as that!!! Have you noticed that normally, in all apartments, there is always a source of light when they sleep? Do you think this is done to make pretty? When the girls take a bath with candles, if they extinguish the candles, we would only see black !!!!
  14. Estelle has to explain that this is what nicole was doing !!! As she gets blown by several guys, she plays the romantic in front of them, then in their back, she sex with other guys !!! This was what she could no longer bear, for she was appreciative of Miguel.
  15. il n'y a AUCUNE source de lumière dans la pièce, la vision de nuit NE PEUT PAS MARCHER dans ses conditions!!! même les caméras militaires ont besoin d'un minimum de lumière, pour pouvoir voir en vision infra rouge!!! There is NO light source in the room, the night vision CAN NOT WALK in its conditions !!! Even the military cameras need a minimum of light, to see in infrared vision !!!