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  1. you are right, some here feast on everything, even the pitiful spectacle given to us by these two drug addicted alcoholics, gina and stella, every 2 days !!! I think that even if a girl died on rlc, they would find it great if we see her pussy !!!! gina the alcoholic idiot and stella the follower, show us in a pathetic and dangerous way, how far the madness can go when brainless kids are left to themselves, without a chaperone to tell them "that's enough" !!!! today rlc no longer has any ethics, and lets the participants do whatever they want, even if what they do puts them in great danger !!! i think we will soon have the emergency doctors at gina's place, if she continues to drink alcohol and take drugs so much without sleeping almost every day !!!! anyway these two girls will be wrecks with very worrying health at 35 years old !!!! 🥺
  2. I don't think I have ever seen two wrecks like stella and gina !!! what a distressing and endless spectacle !!! 🤮☹️😫
  3. this should happen to gina in a very short time !!!!😳🥺
  4. another maintenance that could not have come at a better time !!! bravo rlc
  5. what a distressing spectacle !!! 24 hours to see these two alcoholic junkies, making stupid smiles while trying not to hit the walls !!!! and the bruno who waters them with alcohol and flour, and whose only occupation is to try to rub his cock everywhere !!!! almost 9 pm and here are our 2 pitiful stars who continue to have beer !!!! pitiful!!!! 🤥😣😖
  6. elian could even get all the guys from barcelona in a giant gang bang if she wanted !!!! it's not difficult when you get almost naked and heat up all the guys present, for any girl not too ugly, to be able to type anything that has 2 legs and a tail !!!🙄
  7. normally nelly and bogdan should have their own house shortly, maybe that's where nelly is going ....
  8. what interests us the most in this concept is the renewal and discovering new girls, and only the GOV can offer us this !!!! collocations are nice, but when 2 couples stay 6 months, they lose our interest ...
  9. absolutely!!! b4 worked perfectly without a chaperone, long before the installation of nelly and bogdan !!! in fact there was less excess !!! bogdan is perfect in her role, but nelly is the first to encourage girls into alcohol and drugs at parties, we can't say that she is there to regulate anything !!!!
  10. really amazed to see anna and lola again after so many years !!!! I am very surprised by the return of lola that I thought settled, married and far from rlc !!! lola was a bit like the mother of girls by her age and her experience, she knew so many girls and participated in so many parties, including the first lesbian orgies on rlc !!! the last time she left rlc with a man, they had had some sex just before !!! I thought that lola was going to be less in shape after these years, but she is even better made than before, the years have not acted on her !!!! anna hasn't changed either !!! their coming takes us back to rlc's past, and brings back a lot of memories, all that's missing is belle and stella so that the team is complete !!! 😉
  11. this party made me think of 2 couples who bring in 2 prostitutes under cocaine, to do a lesbian show !!!! 🙄😒
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