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  1. I think that should read was the queen......
  2. Does anyone know what rlc time requirements are for Leora herself or Malia to touch Leora's money maker in each 24 hour period of time?
  3. Leora's money maker is always well groomed however, I never remember seeing her do any grooming. Can someone explain what room this operation is performed and at what frequency. Asking for a friend.
  4. Does anyone know how many hours a day her contract requires her to have her money maker visible to the camera? Asking for a friend.
  5. And that would be why he didn't hug her hello or goodbye, right?
  6. When she is like this she owns that top row left position!!!
  7. She could play a little right now. He is not even interested enough to look back at her.
  8. How can he sit there next to that and not play with it? Don't understand.
  9. Nicely said moos54. Like it when somebody points out that there is a world out there.
  10. The dog is more interested in her pussy than he is and the dog is a girl.
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